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Hezb Allah Terminates a US Asset in East Lebanon

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A leader of Nusra Front has been killed with 3 of his companions in a special operation by a Hizbullah group in East Lebanon.

Abu Firas al-Jubba‘ identified as a leader in Jabhat Nusra or Nusra Front (aka al-Qaeda Levant) was killed in his car with a missile fired by a group of Hizbullah fighters in al-Khail Valley, Arsal Plains earlier today.

The Lebanese militia uploaded a video clip showing what it says is the operation its group carried out to eliminate the leader in the terrorist group with 3 of his men. 5 other terrorists were also killed when trying to pull the bodies of their colleagues.

The Lebanese security managed to release a number of kidnapped Lebanese Army soldiers earlier this month from the same Nusra Front group in exchange to a number of detainees with the Syrian and Lebanese authorities. Qatar and NATO member state Turkey were the stars of the negotiations on behalf of the Nusra Front terrorist organization. Nusra Front itself was working under the FSA ‘Free Syrian Army’ umbrella in Syria and is responsible for the most horrific terrorist crimes before its rival ISIS stole the lights in this regards.

Nusra Front although designated by the regime of Barack Hussein Obama as a terrorist group, it receives most of its support from the closest allies of the US regime in the region especially Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Its fighters are treated in Israeli hospitals and it keeps on recycled under different names to keep it useful for the ‘humanitarian intervention’ and ‘spreading democracy’ by the West.

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  1. miri


    Ce prétendu hôpital a été installé sans la permission du gouvernement syrien par le soi-disant réseau français appelé Médecins sans frontières qui est une branche des services de renseignement français opérant en Syrie…Ils assument toutes les conséquences de cet acte parce qu’il n’ont pas consulté le gouvernement syrien* — H.E. al Ja’afari


    The Lebanese clinic mentioned in the MSF’s website, is most likely in Arsal, Lebanon, one of the first nearby ‘Syrian refugee camps‘ to be set up. “MSF (Doctors without borders) opened a clinic in Arsal for the exclusive purpose of treating FSA fighters and sending them back to the battle fields.”


    It was important to have a refugee camp in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. To show the world that there are civilians who are fearful for their lives inside Syria. The MSM does not like to show the Syrian internally displaced people living inside Syria. That is not so interesting. They prefer to support the propaganda that people are leaving Syria because it is unsafe for them. Another case in question is Gazientap refugee camp in Turkey where the inmates (whose passports have been confiscated) wish to return to Idlib but are being kept in Turkey to add fuel to the Interventionist propaganda

    Right away I saw #Arsal as a very big problem, because they were all FSA and the women and children and old folks of the FSA fighters. #MSF (Doctors without borders) opened a clinic in Arsal for the exclusive purpose of treating FSA fighters and sending them back to the battle fields. Of course they treated the FSA families as well, and I feel very strongly that women and kids should not suffer because of their father/husband having been a terrorist.


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