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Guide to Understanding How ‘Unhospitals’ Cannot Be Bombed

Guide to Understanding How Unhospitals Cannot Be Bombed

by Miri Wood, RNc

This article being updated to include videos of FSA takfiri bombings of Syrian hospitals.  Hospitals have names.

Again, this report is updated to include a report quoting Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, emphatically stating that MSF has no legal right to be in his country, and that it is there acting as operatives of French intelligence. 

Author’s Note:  This article was begun in November.  It is now being published in response to the NGO MSF new onset of malicious propaganda against Syria, in response to the Syrian Arab Army’s recent liberation of towns in Aleppo governate, which had been under terrorist siege for 3-1/2 years.  MSF is not in Syria, and has never been in Syria.

A thief can always be trusted to steal, but a liar can never be trusted.  — Proverb

On 21 November, NGO Nobel Laureate, Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) issued a statement suggesting that its hospital, near Damascus, had been bombed by aerial strikes, on 19 November, mid-afternoon, by an unknown number of staccato-dropped missiles.  MSF alleged two fatalities, 13 injuries.  The wishing-to-remain-anonymous director of the “Erbin” makeshift/hospital is quoted about the chaos, drama, and double drama of the event, including that two medics had been injured, one requiring a miraculously successful “open chest surgery,” amidst the rubble-infused disarray.

MSF’s impressive sleight of legalese makes its legal team worth at least double whatever it may have been paid, forcing the exclusion of any discussion of the International Committee of the Red Cross Convention (IV), Geneva 12 August 1949, regarding protocol of humanitarian organizations in  war zones.   This NGO’s hostility toward the Syrian Arabic Republic, is noted in a generic statement on its website:  “To date, MSF has also been unable to receive permission from the government of Syria to work in areas of its control…”, suggesting it does not recognize the sovereignty of Syria’s borders, and that it may be ‘reserving the right’ to illegally enter the country, and set up shop in areas occupied by the takfiri “moderate terrorists.”

The statement notes:  “MSF had recently provided to Erbin Hospital [sic, as its existence is uncorroborated] as part of its regular support programme, an anaesthesia kit, an Operating Theatre drugs kit, and a diarrhea treatment kit.”

Startlingly omitted from this list, are the essentials for providing successful open heart surgery:

[1] Trained cardio-thoracic surgeons, in a sterile environment

[2] A special saw to cut through the sternum, breaking the chest open

[3] Several clean hands, to pull back the rib cage, carefully, so as not to break any ribs

[4] A trained CT surgeon, to stop the heart

[5] A heart-lung machine to keep the body perfused, while the heart is stopped

[6] Skilled perfusion technologists, to work the machine

[7] A skilled CT surgeon, to put the heart back

[8] A fibrillator to restart the heart

[9] Skilled surgeons to put back the rib cage, properly align the sternum, and staple it together

[10] Bandages, antibiotics, narcotics, and a team to carefully monitor the patient, in case the heart stops, of its own accord, because of the trauma

Below its statement of being appalled by the uncorroborated missiles attack, the Laureate adds an interesting plausible deniability disclaimer:  “MSF operates six medical facilities in the north of Syria and directly supports more than 100 health posts and field hospitals throughout the country…These are mostly makeshift facilities with no MSF staff present, where MSF provides both material support and distance training to help the Syrian medics cope…”.

The medical implications of this statement are nothing less than staggering:  Has there been a medical breakthrough in quantum physics, the knowledge of which the MSF is hording?   Is the MSF engaging in psychic surgeries?  Has the MSF learned the application of the Vulcan mind meld, distance-ly?

(A slightly more serious question might be to ask how the MSF gets past the US/EU illegal sanctions, to make any deliveries of anti-diarrhea kits.)

Though this news has not [yet?] become that which dominates, the inference to be made from such a story, is that the Syrian Arab Airforce is flying around the country, bombing MSF hospitals, hither, and yon, and thoughtful persons should be mindful of another potential onslaught of psyops propaganda:

Fullscreen capture 11222015 113411 PM.bmp
Fullscreen capture 11222015 113521 PM.bmp
Fullscreen capture 11222015 113916 PM.bmp
Fullscreen capture 11232015 20742 AM.bmp

Considering MSF’s vast concern over hospitals that no one can prove exist, this Peace Prize winner was not “appalled,” when the al Kindi Oncology Hospital of Aleppo, which definitively existed, and was definitively destroyed, by the moderate terrorists of the “fsa,” who documented this atrocity, almost two years ago:

Fullscreen capture 11232015 21817 AM.bmp

MSF also  was not “appalled” when, on 13 August, a vehicle was detonated near the al Assad Hospital, in Latakia, with the intention of destroying it.

MSF further incites propagandistic inference, by the fact that in a statement of 30 October, condemning uncorroborated bombings of hospitals and clinics, it did not engage in any ‘plausible deniability’:

Fullscreen capture 11232015 22244 AM.bmp
MSF operates six medical facilities inside Syria and directly supports more than 150 clinics, health posts and field hospitals…

The Lebanese clinic mentioned in the MSF’s website, is most likely in Arsal,  Lebanon, one of the first nearby ‘Syrian refugee camps‘ to be set up.  MSF (Doctors without borders) opened a clinic in Arsal for the exclusive purpose of treating FSA fighters and sending them back to the battle fields.”

Too many US Americans have become inured to our politicians lying to us.  We settle into our comfort zones, and sometimes choose our partisan teams.  When State Department press liaison, Jen Psaki, admitted that Syria’s UN ambassador, H.E. al Ja’afari, had been censored from his Town Hall Meetings, via restriction of his movements, there was no public outrage, nor media condemnation of the hypocrisy of the country bombing the world into democracy.   Few are concerned by US government sponsored media propaganda that the RuAF is now, also,flying around, bombing hospitals whose existence is not proven.  Fewer still, become concerned when the new State Department liaison, John Kirby, publicly — and in hissy-fit fashion — refuses to cite a single source — though one may justifiably conclude one of the sources to be the physician the State Department has Aladdin’s magic carpet on speed dial, ready to smuggle him out of the SAR, and into secret meetings of the UNSC  (see the section, “Abracadabra”).

 Please do flunk the gullibility test.

FSA bombing al Watani Hospital, Qusayr, Homs 2012:

FSA bombing al Kindi University Cancer Center, Aleppo 2013 [Update August 2017:  This video that was on YouTube since December 2013 was abruptly censored by YT last month.  It  was then censored by Vidme.]:

image-Al-Kindi Hospital Destruction by Terrorists uploaded to Google Drive
Al-Kindi Hospital Destruction by Terrorists uploaded to Google Drive

Report from CCTV includes video of FSA bombing of Jisr al Shughur National Hospital, Idlib 2015:

17 February 2016:  Syria’s UN Ambassador, Bashar al Ja’afari “lashed out…against Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) accusing the French NGO of working for French intelligence services”:

Ce prétendu hôpital a été installé sans la permission du gouvernement syrien par le soi-disant réseau français appelé Médecins sans frontières qui est une branche des services de renseignement français opérant en Syrie…Ils assument toutes les conséquences de cet acte parce qu’il n’ont pas consulté le gouvernement syrien* — H.E. al Ja’afari

*This reputed hospital was installed without permission of the Syrian government by the French so-called Doctors without Borders, which is a branch of French intelligence services operating in Syria.  They assume all consequences of this act because they did not consult with the Syrian government.

NB :   This author is a professional nurse, whose apartment contains a stethoscope, a small first aid kit, some hydrogen peroxide, and enough Chlorox bleach to mix a Dakin’s Solution.  This apartment remains an apartment, nonetheless, and could not be transformed into a “hospital” even if MSF were to send some gauze bandages.

The author also continues to ask the State Department’s favorite, affluent, NGO, SAMS, to please release the video that was secretly shown to a select few, at a secret UNSC meeting, 16 April 2015.

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