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SAA Restores Aleppo Power Station from ISIS

image- aleppo power station

Syrian Arab Army restored today, Tuesday 16 February 2016, the Aleppo Power Station from the Turkish backed ISIS terrorist group. The station is one of the main power stations in the north of Syria.

Aleppo power station fell in the hands of the NATO and regional stooges sponsored terrorist group in 2014 and the whole northern region of Syria faced heavy shortages in electricity power, despite a desperate attempt by Qatari main news station Al-Jazeera reporting of deals struck between the Syrian government and the terrorist group to resume the work in the station to whitewash the group and justify dealing with it by Syria’s enemies.

image- aleppo power station on the map
Aleppo Power Station – Map

ISIS/ ISIL, whatever emerged of the former al-Qaeda in Iraq, the CIA created Mujahideen, turned the power station to a detention center where it held the kidnapped Syrians before executing them.

The restoration of the power station by the SAA came after heavy fights with ISIS (un-Islamic non-State of non-Iraqis and non-Syrians) which the Syrian Arab Army restored a number of villages and towns on its way in eastern Aleppo. The SAA is the only army effectively fighting terror in the region since 5 years and earlier on and capable to fight the terrorists until elimination if Turkey stops its official and non-official sponsoring of the terrorist groups and if Saudi Arabia and Qatar -all these are United States of America’s main allies in the region- stop funding the terror groups with money and augmenting them with fighters.

This additional victory by the unstoppable Syrian heroes and their allies delivers another heavy slap to the ugly faces of all evil powers in the world, especially in our region.

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