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The ‘Transitional Government’ and the Agenda behind it

Afraa Dagher

Transitional government is the common phrase we have been hearing all the time, as a demand from the opposition who live outside of Syria, yet are in every conference held for Syria’s political solution!

Syria is a sovereign state.  Moreover, it is the mother for all of its people, the ones who are pro-government, and the others who  have been brainwashed by the West and the Arab Gulf.  Thus, since the beginning of the crisis there have always been chances (“amnesty”) for those to throw down their jihadist weapons, and go back to the lap of their homeland.

Syria has its duty toward its people.  Many of the sectors in Syria are governmental.  Most Syrian work in these sectors, and they continue to get paid their salaries in return.

The Syrian government supplies its people by all kinds of facilities, in addition to maintaining its duty towards the families of martyrs, those who sacrificed their fathers, sons, and husbands, and who need the promise of the government to provide their kids a good future.

Our martyrs are true martyrs.  They are the Syrian great fence,those who have died to protect the whole body of this country; they are not related to the ideology of the Western and Saudi backed “oppositions” who blow themselves up to kill us!

This Syrian great fence which has been protecting all of the citizens of this country since the proxy global war on Syria started in 2011, is the Syrian Arab Army, our mandatory conscripted armed forces.

The foreign “oppositions” who wish to impose an external transitional government do not understand the value of our army, as a country in the Middle East with borders to threatening entities such as Israel and Turkey, countries that have inflicted terror against Syria, with whom most of the so-called moderate rebels have good relationships!



‘Turkmen’ with flags of Turkey and French Mandate occupation of Syria, used by FSA, in background

Two days ago, 14/February/2016, President Bashar Al-Assad — the adorable personality for his people in Syria — spoke before the member of the Central Bar Association and the affiliated councils in the Syrian cities.  He discussed the foreign-demanded call for “transition” as the attempt to destroy Syria:

[t]he so-called “transitional governing body [is] a structure for an inner political conflict that reaches all social levels, which means a state of utter paralysis.  This structure disassembles all basic structures, particularly the armed forces, leaving us with one choice:  a sectarian constitution.  This encourages recourse to the sect.  When this happens, sects are pitting against each other.  Each sect seeks to strengthen its own position by seeking external support until the homeland becomes depended on external sides.


Syria’s beloved President Al-Assad at the Damascus Opera House 6/January/2013:





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