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Moderate Terrorists Kill More Syrians, in Damascus

Afraa Dagher

[Updated to include video of aftermath of moderate bombing.]

A terrorists car bomb attack, hit Damascus this morning, 9/February/ 2016. claiming the lives of five residents, and leaving twelve wounded.

Moderate terrorists again and their traditional way in expressing their peaceful revolution:  It is not a new scene, unfortunately.  This is their way in which we have experienced it, since the beginning of this proxy war on Syria in 2011.

The target was where the families of Syrians soldier live.  By the help of our great security guards and security fencing , we prevented the advance of this car/suicide bomber from blowing up these families.

This moderate terrorist chose to then blow himself up in the food market, near to the Police Officers Club.  In addition to the martyrs, much material damage was inflicted on buildings of the Masaken Barzeh neighborhood.

Again I say:  We will defeat terrorists and secure our borders to stop those foreign fighters illegally entering our country.  My questions are how to eliminate the Wahhabi mentality for those who affected by Saudi ideology who live among us, how to stop traitors from using those brainwashed people?

Peace for Syria and all the world.


Editor’s addendum:   Today’s attack comes one day after the fatal missiles attack in al Qardaha.

The population of Damascus has almost doubled, since the onset of the Syrian crisis This populace expansion is the result of the ignored refugee, those Syrians internally displaced (IDPs), fleeing the foreign terrorists who have invaded their country.

Damascus was last moderately bombed by moderate terrorists, on 6 January 2016, who martyred 10 Syrians.  A previous reign of terror was a two-day period, in August 2015, when more than 200 mortars were exploded against the people of Damascus, within a two-day period.


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