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Five Missiles Hit al Qardaha Lattakia: Martyrs and Injured

Afraa Dagher

Five missiles hit al Qardaha town in Lattakia province, and its surrounding area, this morning,  8 February 2016.

Two young men were killed, and more than six injured.  Some of them are critical cases.   Western media is again silent.

While the eyes of world are staring at Geneva peace talks for Syria, no peace will be brought back to Syria without eliminating every source of terrorism on the ground, especially along Syria’s borders with Turkey , Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq.

The real conference table should be in the battlefield, to secure the lives of Syrians.

The Geneva coordinators, though, point to the “opposition” delegations, who demand the halt of ground operations so that the terrorists they support can claim the lives of more Syrians.

However, for Lattakia its Turkish border the first station for smuggling and sponsoring terrorists.  It is noted that the Syrian Arab Army (backed by Russian aerial cover) has liberated most of the countryside of the city like Rabiaa and Salma. However there remain other areas in Lattakia, like Kensebba, which are still infested with terrorists such as those who fired fatal missiles at al Qardaha .

A bloody morning.   The terrorists hands still bomb our lives.

Names of the martyrs, and injured as it published by the information office of Lattakia governor.

Martyrs of the moderate terrorists missiles on Lattakia’ town al Qardaha today:

  1. Feda’a Al Khatib
  2. Ahmad Ismae’l

Injured names, and some of them in critical situations:

  1. Nasila Ismae’l
  2. Zien Ismae’l
  3. Mohammad Ismae’l
  4. Areige Ala’joz
  5. Amer khier Beik
  6. Rana Khier Beik.

Moreover, such kinds of terrorism, is not a new issue, it has been conducting by the west backed moderate rebels , since the very beginning of the called Arab Spring in Syria, in all Syrian provinces against the life of those innocent people.

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Editor’s addendum:  War-mongering western media appears to be using a two point guideline for reporting on terrorist acts, against the Syrian people:  [1] If the terrorists called terrorists by NATO, claim the terrorism, affording cover story for the war criminal bombing of the SAR  [2] If enough damage has been done, via deaths, catastrophic injury, and infrastructural damage, by “moderate terrorists,” for purpose of demoralization propaganda.  On 13 August 2015, a car filled with explosives was remotely detonated, near the al Assad Hospital, in Lattakia city.  This was an unsuccessful bombing, and did not pass the guidelines.  On 17 August and 10 November 2015, western msm gleefully reported on the multiple deaths of Syrians killed by missiles.  On 31 January, western media ignored the most recent round of massacre, in al Sayyed Zainab, until it was able to scream “ISIS.”

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