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Syrian Woman’s Appreciation for Her Syria’s Beloved Foreign Minister

Afraa Dagher
Syrian foreign minister our beloved personality Mr Walid Al Moallem, in a press conference which was held in Damascus today, 6/February/ 2016, about Syria peace talks in Geneva:

Walid Al- Moallem started by a significant introduction, wondering, where is the opposition delegations list?  We are not going to negotiate with ghosts — pointing out, to the absence of most of the opposition delegations, which have not committed to the Geneva date.

“Mr Moallem [said] … UN envoy to Syria de Mistura has met with delegations like Saudi Riyadh one, and the Egyptian one, but not with Syrian opposition delegation the local one whose members never left Syria.”

And in a response to some journalists questions about the Saudi intent to send boots to Syria, Mr Moallem said:  Oh, don’t be kidding me! Anyway The US and its coalition refused to coordinate with our Syrian Army, in fighting against terrorists groups in Syria, it could be a certain cooked [meal] prepared by Saudi and American side.


However any involvement in Syria from any Country (like Saudi or Turkey) without our government authorization, would cause those troops to be sent back to their countries in wooden boxes!

Nothing is excluded from the Saudi side:   When reviewing its position towards Yemen, do they use the language of reason or the language of madness, and in all cases we are ready to let the aggression troops be back in wooden boxes.

Another important question, was, is the Syrian government going to ask the direct support from its ally Iran, in case of any Saudi or Turkey aggression, as Syria asked the direct support from Russia before?

Mr Moallem stated that it is early to talk about this; “however we have many great friends, and as I said we will defeat our enemy.”

Mr Moallem, mentioned the great progress of the Syrian Arab Army, in particular breaking the three and half siege on Nubbol and Zahraa the northern countryside of Aleppo.  This important victory confused the Riyadh delegation, for some reason, referencing Saudi support to those terrorists and the effect of this victory of cutting the Turkish supply lines to them.

Mr. Moallem mentioned also the great victory in the country side of Lattakia as well, he said breaking the siege on countries like Zahra and Nubbol and liberating more than 70,000 Syrian people who were under terrorists siege did not please those delegations of Riyadh, instead confusing and demoralizing them!

Mr Wallid  Moallem , in a response to a question, about an end in sight for the Syrian crisis,  answered that as there are traitors funding and financing terrorists, the war is ongoing.  However with the great progress of our army backed by our allies as Russia, which our people greeting it, the good is coming

Finally, Mr Moallem, in a message to those who carry weapons against their own people, advised them:  Throw your weapons [down] and join your people in our war against terrorists. 

Editor’s note:  The Saudis have had ‘boots on the ground,’ since the very beginning of the Syrian crisis.  The only difference in their upcoming request to the war criminal coalition illegally bombing the SAR, would be to have their terrorist intruders actually in military garb.

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