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Halloween Comes Early as SAMS Ghouls Drink Rivers of Syrian Blood


SAMS is the acronym for the Syrian American Medical Society, reputedly founded in the US, in 1998, as a “nonpolitical, nonprofit, medical relief organization.”  Its acronym needs correcting, as it spends most of its time in Erdoganstan, better known as Turkey.  It does not offer any evidence of medical licensure.  It is completely political, used as a money-making, anti-Syria propaganda mouthpiece for the US State Department and the P3 mafioso clique running the United Nations.  

SAMS gloats with impunity, of breaching the standards of Geneva 1949 Treaties on health care, brags about fake hospitals, lies about training physicians and nurses. SAMS breaks every legal standard with shameless impunity because NATO media supports them in their crimes against peace anti-Syria propaganda.


SAMS’ most recent, ghoulish and gluttonous devouring of Syrian blood — and massive fund-raising — came via its two-day 17th Annual International Conference in Istanbul (which is not in Syria) that overlapped with its 7-day Medical Mission in Jordan (the monarchy which is not the Syrian Arab Republic).

SAMS did not mention the cost of attendance, but Istanbul fotos showed a full house.  Its May two-day “Medical Training”  in Gaziantep (not Syria) also a scam. Check out health care professional studies requirements in your countries.

SAMS advertisements did not mention the price to attend this meeting, which would have been more accurately titled, How to Make a Killing in Fake NPs & NGOs.

Full house for non-Syrian event in Istanbul; how much did each person pay to attend?


Chapter III, Article 23 notes “…the Parties concerned may conclude agreements on mutual recognition of the hospital zones and localities they have created.”  This means that no safe zone hospital may be created in any country without the explicit permission of the host country.  Article 26 reinforces this point, which is ignored by SAMS and the MSM journalists paid to pimp war propaganda.

The Geneva Conventions are in pdf form, available to all to read.

Simply put, SAMS has no more legal right to claim it has hospitals in Syria, than this author has the legal right to claim her apartment as a hospital, a clinic, or a school to train health care professionals.


In most US states, maintenance of medical licensure requires a minimum of 40 continuing medical education (CME) credits per year. Yet SAMS huge, double ‘medical affair’ did not offer a single CME unit, despite its Twitter account reporting it was “focusing on primary health care and specialized surgeries.”

Might SAMS explain the lack of CME’s?  Might a paid journalist ask about it?

For efficiency, SyriaNews uses Wikipedia, as this information is correct.


Bathos is a literary device which moves the sublime to the trivial, the ridiculous, and the absurd.  Edgar Allen Poe did a superb job in trashing such pitiful nonsense masquerading as journalism, in his “Blackwood” piece, which seems to be the source  of plagiarism involving most media reports against Syria. In small doses, though, bathos can be an effective tool in provoking genuine empathy in an audience.

Human compassion is the reason so many were willing to eat the incubator lies that were perfectly spewed by the daughter of a Kuwaiti ambassador.  It  is why an alleged SCAMS doctor spoke of not one, but two “dear” friends — one killed in his car, the other in one of the many underground hospitals this gang claims to have dug.

“Dr” Darwish did not mention another “doctor” Darwish.
This speaker alleges that he treated children with ‘chemical burns’ who made it from Syria into Lebanon, apparently knowing he is a specialist.

According to this humanitarian NP/NGO, its phenomenal engineers build secret hospitals inside caves — complete with fully equipped operating theaters.  They do this with impunity, yet afterward the Syrian government bombs them with chlorinated, flying IEDs, tossed from helicopters hovering about.


Oddly, the “Dr.” Darwish shedding a few tears for his two, dear friends, did not mention the other “Dr.” Darwish, Ali, the orthopedic surgeon.  “One of the few medics” in a “cave hospital” that was providing “1,600 medical consultations, admitting 176 patients, and performing 150 major surgeries on a monthly basis,” Ali Darwish continued performing a surgery on a patient in the cave hospital until collapsing onto the patient when overcome by chlorine because of poor ventilation system, after which he was rushed out of the cave and into another hospital, when he succumbed, despite the video showing his respiratory rate being regular.

Mercifully, the video of “Dr” Ali Darwish looking healthy and with RRR was omitted from SAMS bathetic obituary. Still, the other “Dr.'” Darwish could have mentioned him.

Exclusive to SyriaNews: Insider look at a SCAMS “cave hospital.”  There were no awards nor applause for the mole engineers who built operating  theaters inside of mountains.

Also ignored at the gala festivities was a Mamoun Morad, the chain-smoking, cane-leaning “surgeon” who appeared out of nowhere after the murderous Khan Sheikhoun hoax, and had been momentarily embraced as “one of our own,” by the SAMS public relations department (of note: All Syrian American Medical Society positions in not Syria Turkey have been filled).

Why wasn’t Morad a guest of honor?
No tribute given to hero ‘Uncle Fester” at SAMS gala event. Perhaps because he does not have a bulb in his mouth?
Morad’s doppelganger?

The tweets of the Syrian American Medical Society — from Jordan — were so frenetic as to cause one to wonder if the PR tweeter had ingested a bit of Captagon. On Day 1 four hundred thirty consultations and 19 surgeries were reported.  On Day 2, four hundred forty persons were seen, and 23 surgeries were reported, though not reported was if Day 2 was cumulative or all brand new.

The miracle of SAMS: The photographer was worth every penny.
Does anyone know where Nida’a Alkhair clinic is?

Also on Day 2, SAMS took an inexplicable quantum leap, partnering with an unnamed clinic in Madaba, Jordan.

Excellent photography

Madaba is an ancient city; perhaps the 71 Syrians, Jordanians, and Egyptians sneaked off for a tour, and pretended they were being medically treated in a clinic 1200 km from Istanbul?



SAMS was tickled pink to tweet introduce us to “Dr. Bilal Safadi!” and told us to “Watch to find out more about what drives his work.”

Watching this ‘pulmonary specialist’ was a tad anti-climactic

We were quite relieved, though, that there was no mention of him performing a single Lung Volume Reduction Surgery (LVRS) in any of the “cave hospitals.” LVRS removes diseased, emphysematous lung tissue, and is a procedure requiring skills far beyond those of the professional photographer hired by SAMS.



On this 3rd, exciting day, SAMS bragged that its “cardio team is hard at work with catheterizations” at  Gardens Hospital, in Amman.


Either SAMS is outright lying or it has a team of un-doctors Mengele’s being unleashed on at risk populations. A cardiac catheterization (“cc”) is not some simple finger stick to check blood glucose levels in a diabetic patient. Among its potential side effects are bleeding at insertion site, cardiac perforation, cerebral vascular accident (“stroke”) and infection.  In a cardiac cath, a thin tube is inserted through the femoral artery (in the groin) or occasionally the femoral vein. The catheter is fed through the heart to diagnose cardiac diseases, or to perform angioplasty (ballooning to open up a narrow blood vessel) or for placement of stents to keep the vessels opened.

The heart & vessels

Cardiac caths are not done because SAMS is on a “medical mission” in Jordan.  CC’s are done for the following reasons:

  • To diagnose the cause of chest pain unrelieved by medication
  • To rule out heart defects
  • To rule out a cardiac infection or tumor
  • To check the function of cardiac vessels and valves after a heart attack
  • After a negative stress test, a negative EKG, or poor ejection fraction visualized by ultrasound

Gardens Hospital is a private facility in Amman, which opened in 2014. This past May it held a free medical consultation day.

Website of The Gardens Hospital, a private facility in Amman.

According to this website, in June 2017, Dr. Hazem Groub performed two successful catheterization surgeries.

Dr. Groub performed two successful cath surgeries in June 2017

One of these surgeries was the repair of a brain aneurysm.   An aneurysm is an excessive, localized enlargement of an artery caused by the weakening of its walls.

Brain aneurysm from Gardens Hospital website

The second successful surgery involved portal hypertension of a liver:

Portal hypertension likely repaired with stent placement

While these successful surgical breakthrough procedures are cause for much celebration, in no way do they prepare this hospital for the “over 36 cardiac surgeries” that SAMS bragged about its “medical mission” having performed.

11 July, SCAMS bragged about performing over 36 cardiac surgeries. This NGO-NP did not explain how they diagnosed the need, or what the surgeries were.


“Dr”s Weil & Steele prepped unknown numbers of kids for eye surgeries

Again, the Syrian American Medical Society in Jordan (which is not America and not Syria) did not offer an explanation as to why these children needed eye surgeries.  This is an urgent question.  Between 2-4% of the child population is in need of eye surgery, and comprehensive examinations are required to decide if they are needed. With rare exceptions, most pediatric ophthalmology surgery is to repair strabismus, any variation of crossed eyes.

Have SAMS ‘doctors’ followed the Journal of American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus?


According to the National Center for Health Statistics US studies between 1965-1996, a pediatric ophthalmologist performs ~ 114 strabismus procedures annually.


What surgeries, and how many are these SAMS “doctors” performing? Are they lying to bolster their fundraising, or is something more malignant going on?

Was the hyper-excited tweeter considering money, or human vivisection, when exclaiming on opening night We’re focusing on primary health care & specialized surgeries?



The actual founder of the terrorist gang White Helmets is a British intelligence officer, James Le Mesurier. Being a man of great humility, he gives the stage to Raed Saleh.  Saleh is a fascinating character, a former electronics sales guy who “fled” to Turkey — where the Helmets are headquartered — and magically returned as a “first responder.” His gang of non-political paramedic types are unique for so many reasons:  They are funded by the CIA and MI6. They were nominated for a Nobel award. They received an Oscar from the 5th column Hollywood elite.  They do not know how to perform CPR. They have never used spinal precautions in any of their videos.  Not a single one of them owns a stethoscope.

Littman makes the highest quality stethoscopes. Perhaps the CIA or SAMS can purchase a few to give a look of credibility to these death squads?

We frequently see the Helmets with all kinds of weapons:

Not enough weapons for the White Helmets

We do not see them with stethoscopes, nor with essential equipment to preserve the spinal cord.  Spinal precautions and their orthotics do not create the needed drama of scam rescues, for malignant anti-Syria propaganda.

This ‘Philly collar’ even has a hole, in case an emergency tracheostomy needs to be performed. Perhaps the remarkable Helmets have invisible ones?
No sign of essential spinal boards. Odd that this “medical society” does not provide the fake reponders with these tools.

Accused of organ trafficking by Syrians in a liberated Aleppo, most recently this gang was involved in the slaughter of more than 50 Syrian soldiers, and the beheadings of their corpses, in Dara’a.

Which won the Oscar for fraudumentary?

Like SAMS, they are exclusively embedded with all the armed terrorist gangs in Syria.  Like SAMS, no paid journalist ever asks them obviously simple questions.  Saleh was a keynote speaker at this scam fundraiser; his numbers of rescues — which grow exponentially, and are never documented — were received as a gospel.


Like the Syrian American Medical Society in Turkey, the White Helmets in Turkey bray incessantly about fake hospitals being bombed, yet have never acknowledged that their terrorist friends destroyed al Kindi University Cancer Hospital, bombed al Watani Hospital, destroyed a wing of al Shughur National Hospital. Nor have they condemned the many assassinations of Syrian physicians, professors, and scientists.


The White Helmets were also involved in the war crimes against al Fijah spring, in Wadi Barada; but what medical professional would possibly think poisoning water and depriving 5.5 million Syrians is a bad thing?


What kind of humanitarian medical practitioner is not revulsed by the slaughter of soldiers defending their country within its borders, whose bodies have been mutilated by their murderers?

Savage supported by the monsters of Congress. What American would cheer seeing a US soldier so brutalized?
Severed head of Syrian soldier proudly held for camera by White Helmets humanitarians in Daraa. SAMS mute over this horror.

Harvard’s Jennifer Leaning also made an appearance, to sing the praises of SAMS.


Leaning is a co-author of a paper cheering the unholy alliance of the discredited Lancet with the evangelical American University of Beirut, in formation of a commission to propagandize against Syria, and to try to destroy its national sovereignty.

UK’s discredited Lancet joins the global anti-Syria conspiracy

The UN — that “place to demolish peace and security, to destabilize societies” — dispatched UNICEF’s Lana Wrikat to help with the fundraising.  She bleated the lies that “95% of the humanitarian aid in Syria is facilitated by Syrian NGOs operating on the ground.”  The Syrian American Medical Society is not Syrian.  It is illegally in the SAR. Had Wrikat any semblance of human decency, she would have noted there would be no crisis in Syria were it not for the P3 mafiosi of the UN shipping weapons to terrorists, were these savage countries not imposing draconian sanctions against the Syrian people.

Immoral, genocidal lies

SAMS showed its gratitude to terror sponsor Turkey (whose list of war crimes against Syria are too numerous to note, here) by giving the podium to “Dr” Ceren, who announced that the Turkish Ministry of Health was “looking into building a new medical facility in Bab el Hawa.”

“Syrian” American thugs invited state sponsor of terrorism against Syria to speak at their fundraiser.  Patriotism at its finest.

Bab el Hawa is, of course, in Syria.  SAMS must be thrilled by Turkey’s invasion and occupation of Jarabulus — Syria — also.  No need to be concerned about silly things such as national sovereignty.


Professionals in health care — physicians, nurses, paramedics, et al. — must pass licensing tests to be permitted to practice in their fields. Their licenses are only good in the states in which they have passed these examinations. Massive paperwork is required to be given licensure in other states and countries.  This job is generally done by international companies which sub-contract their employees to foreign countries, or other states.

Anyone who dares to practice any licensed field without explicit permission from another state or another country engages in criminal activity.  Most countries will revoke the licenses of such criminals.  The US is among such countries.

Though it is impossible to verify any of SAMS’ claims, one thing is certain:  If it is doing any of the things it says it does, SAMS is admitting to criminal behavior.

To date, SyriaNews has been able to verify the license of only one SAMS physician.  Considering his flagrant hatred of the Syrian Arab Republic — the country he chose to leave, decades ago — it is unlikely that he is licensed to practice medicine there.  Without such licensure, he is a criminal.  The state of Illinois has a legal and ethical mandate to ascertain his legal status in Syria, and if his activities there are outside the law, Illinois — by law — is supposed to revoke his license there.  Instead of Illinois verifying adherence to law, three physicians were named among Chicagoans of the Year.

14 November 2016

Such things should be considered by individuals who get moist when reading the propaganda of this Syria-hating State Department mouthpiece.  Before opening their checkbooks to support criminals and terrorists abroad, these folk should consider how they would perceive foreigners illegally entering their countries, and illegally practicing medicine. If they are ok with one and not the other, their sleeze colonialism is inherent, and beyond redemption.

“It’s not necessary to be an agent of the enemy to help them; it’s enough to be a fool.” ~ Imam Ghazali


Had anyone heard of the Syrian American Medical Society before CNN‘s Christiane Amanpour introduced Dr. Zaher Sahloul to its 4 million + international audience? Sahloul’s debut performance interview was 29 April 2013, just days after Israel launched the GB hoax, from Jerusalem, in a successful campaign to divert attention from the SAR requesting a UN investigation into the use of ‘chemical substances’ in Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013. NYT’s David Sanger later complained to Amanpour that Brig. Gen. Bruin offered no evidence for his bold claim (Sanger’s complaint came after he wrote a missive on the evidence-less Jerusalem briefing, by the way).  Forty days after the Khan al Asal attack — which murdered 19 Syrian soldiers —  Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN gave an extensive report on lack of investigation, to the media, all of which neglected to report on it.

Part 1
Part 2

Sahloul reported from Erdoganstan, where he lied about GB and other chemical weapons used by Syria, against Syria.  He offered no evidence, but bleated about verbal reports from Idlib, controlled by al Nusra takfiri, and pee pee, blood, clothing, and hair samples handed to SAMS office in Gaziantep (not in Syria. The ‘Syrian Americans’ are stationed in the country  from which most of the 350,000 foreign killers, human garbage, have entered the SAR) by terrorists, with no chain of custodial evidence.  If this has a scent of deja vu, it is because CNN also broke the GB hoax of Khan Sheikhoun, given by an illegal Brit in Syria, whose medical license had been revoked, and also because the OPCW’s report to the UN was also  based on lies from terrorists, and no chain of custody evidence.

Brit illegal was source of GB hoax. No matter his license was revoked in UK either, nor that he spent the day of fake bombings raising $$$ and giving interviews.

CNN has made this interview difficult to find; it is now missing from its website:

Godot’s arrival will be sooner than CNN’s upload.

The interview has been found, though CNN did some editing, blurring the ridiculous visuals of actors and shaving cream as ‘uncorroborated’ ‘corroboration’ that GB  had been used by Syria, against Syria. [UPDATE: Even the edited shaving cream interview was too absurd to keep, and it was also removed.]

CNN’s Amanpour used this absurdity as evidence.
Shaving cream as uncorroborated corroboration of GB use, April 2013

For the record, BBC was also so enamored of its terrorist citizen spewing lies from Khan Sheikhoun, that it had no problem posting a propaganda photo in which a fake patient was ridiculously bagged:

Crushing a kid’s face while using a fake ambu bag as the child is in the wrong position, is infinitely more dramatic than proper use, especially with a pretty blue shirt to add sweet color.

On 16 April 2015, SCAMS “Dr” Mohamed Tennari was magically smuggled from his unhospital in Sarmeen, Idlib, to show a secret video to the  UN — the one that made Samantha Power cry.  Despite Syrian Embassies being closed in the  US and EU, despite travel restrictions, murderous propagandists manage to get into and out of the SAR with more ease than most have in getting into and out of a shower. Tennari then showed his propaganda video in a secret meeting on Capitol Hill.  Despite  Power’s claim that “…this [uncorroborated] documentary [sic] will be used at some point in a court of law,” it has never been released for public viewing.  A request to SAMS for it was met with a Twitter block by Sahloul.

SAMS rep Twitter blocked author for asking to see the Tennari fraudumentary

Syria-hating SAMS and armed terrorist White Helmets have been guests of the UN and Capitol Hill, under both Obama and Trump administrations.  When considering the importance of war propaganda, it becomes of no consequence that those who lie about chemical weapons have never uttered complaints of actual CW use, and threats, by terrorists against Syria, which began 5 December 2012.  The unleashed, rabid dogs of war do not get paid to speak the truth.


Though most of the unhospitals constantly claimed as getting bombed by Syria, are fake,  suspension of disbelief “cave hospitals” are fake, many homes of Syrians have been stolen by the various takfiri gangs.  These homes have been used by armed terrorists to hide from the SAA, they have been used to stage fraudulent hospital settings, and, in some cases, they have been used as clinics, to treat wounded terrorists (who cannot get to the occupied Golan, to receive free state of art medical care from Israeli  occupiers).   Much of American mercenary VanDyke’s award-winning fraudumentary was videoed in stolen homes, used by FSA snipers, homes with holes blown through walls, homes whose owners were either slaughtered, or forced to escape to the security of government controlled regions of Syria (not SAMS related, the short-lived 40 second fake report on Ain Tarma appears also to have used an occupied home as fake clinic).


It is likely that the M10 ”hospital” that SAMS brays about was someone’s stolen home.  It was located next to Nusra’s headquarters in Sakhour neighborhood of Aleppo, before its reunification. As SAMS payroll stubs were found there, M10 was likely to have been a clinic to treat injured killers of children.


SAMS used this home stolen by the White Helmets and other terrorists, to support the criminal lies about Khan Sheikhoun, on its website.  The photo is a still from the Helmet’s video, which is included in Minions of Iblis report. Several stills taken from the video demonstrate that this place was someone’s home, and that no medical care was given there (again, no stethoscopes, and much fake busy-ness).

SAMS was shameless in using a stolen home to promote anti-Syria propaganda

UPDATE:  The video of the White Helmets engaged in fake emergency healthcare was immediately removed after SAMS was asked to show any bit of evidence of any emergency services being shown in it.  Multiple screenshots can be found in the Minions report, which dissects the WH video. [UPDATE: Below is the replacement video, with approximately two minutes edited out.]

Even when not hosting gala fundraisers with punch bowls of Syrian blood, the Syrian American Medical Society always pimps the terrorists, promotes al Qaeda against the SAR.  In this screenshot from its website’s most popular news, we see side-by-sides:  One, on 4 April, SAMS repeats al Nusra’s chemical weapons scam.  The other is a photo of al Qaeda/al Nusra/FSA linked terrorist, Abd al Kader, the magician who was in Aleppo during a fake chemical attack, was in Khan Sheikhoun during the GB hoax, and now was in al Rashidin, when 130 Syrians were slaughtered.

SAMS used Rashin massacre as occasion to lie about ‘forced displacement.’ In fact the deal was to exchange terrorists for their civilian hostages.


When a fake non-political, fake non-profit has the full backing of the USA, there are no limits to fund-raising, no limits to never-ending lies, no end to impunity, no laws to halt its admitted criminality.

Despite the fake bombings of SAMS fake hospitals, it claims to have built a huge eye clinic in northern Syria, and that it serves 10-12k Syrian IDPs.  Take a photo of a child forced into an adult examination, and that is the only evidence required to be believed (pssst! Give us more money so we can build more unhospitals!)

How did the chlorinated, flying IEDs tossed from helicopters miss this one?

Though scams SAMS has not divulged the numbers of licensed/unlicensed/illegal practitioners engaged in its money-making humanitarian work, it claims to have provided health services to over 300k migratory refugees, and over 3 million Syrians in Syria.


These are extraordinary statistics.  Syria’s pre-crisis population was 23 million.  The UNHRC reports that 5.5 million Syrians are external refugees (over 9 million Syrians are internally displaced persons, forced to flee foreign funded and armed takfiri, moving  to the relative safety of government run areas).


SAMS has named  a whopping 8,969 Syrians as “dialysis beneficiaries” (like bin Laden, with the dialyzing bat caves of Afghanistan?), in a world whose total dialyzed population is 2 million, according to the National Kidney Foundation.

Two million people with chronic renal failure are on dialysis, around the world, yet SAMS has 8,968 of them as patients in Syria?

SAMS reports that its inner elite whose numbers remain unknown, have supported 2,300 Syrian health care workers (we are not privy to which types), all — or some — of whom magically provided 3 million medical services in Syria, in 2016, including over 900,000 intensive care unit services. SAMS claims it has trained 1,093 physicians, nurses, and technicians, though it offers no explanation of how — though again, such a claim is an admission of criminal behavior.  These statistics are impossible.

2k health care whatever’s cannot provide 3 million health care ‘services.’ This is impossible.

The shameless lies of the Syrian American Medical Society are an outrageous affront to every health care practitioner on the planet. Shame on them! Shame! — an outraged, licensed health care professional.

SAMS also reported “establishing” a nursing school in Aleppo, in 2014, and that it created 78 professional nurses in 4-8 months. In lieu of a lengthy explanation of this impossibility, the author simply notes that this claim is a disgusting lie.

No, you can not establish a nursing school and train 78 professional nurses in 4-8 months. No, you can not.

There is one thing that SAMS has proven:  Crime pays.

Postscript:  SyriaNews is in search of SAMS’ financials from pre-crisis Syria. Though its statements show a huge jump in income between 2013 and 2015, we would like to see exactly how much this gang has been enriched by its ghoulish drinking of Syrian blood. SAMS freely — and with impunity — admits its criminal activities in the SAR, and overtly supports the terrorist White Helmets death squads in the SAR. Its final numbers — “2948 patients in 6 days” — suggests that the Syrian American Medical Society suffers from former US Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara Vietnam Body Count Syndrome.

McNamara pulled body bag numbers out of a hat, to pimp war crimes in Vietnam, for nightly news.

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Some background reading on the beloved White Helmets, only deployed in terrorist controlled areas of the Syrian Arab Republic, hyperlinked:

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UPDATE:  As SAMS has been bragging that a WWE star is fundraising for them, when I finished this article I thought it fair to ask him if he knew what he is raising money for. His answer was to Twit-ter block me:

@miriwood now blocked by WWE Sami Zayn.

Such blocking suggests he does know.

Question remains, what is in it for him?

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