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Syria: Crushing al Jazeera’s Latest Propaganda Video

by Miri Wood, RNc

In 2011, Libyan patriots renamed the medium of the absolute monarchy of Qatar, “the pigsty,” for its massive, NATO-driven, propaganda campaign.  In 2013, Qatar bragged of having spent more than 3 billion USD toward the heinous final solution campaign against the Syrian Arab Republic.  The following screen shots, captured for purposes of applied forensic analyses, are taken from a two-minute video clip of an al Jazeera Arabic propaganda report.*

All ‘news’ secreting from takfiri sources occupying eastern Aleppo complain of the lack of ambulances to care for wounded terrorists; early this month, native New Yorker mercenary ”Bilal Kareem” was dramatically forced to drive a man screaming he could not breathe, to  a ‘hospital,’ because the ambulances were all busy.

despite the surrounding rubble, ambulance is spotlessly clean

Take a look at this ambulance, in front of which the al Khanzeera reporter begins his story.  It appears to have been newly detailed, and quite pristine, considering the surrounding area appears bombed out.  Its inside is also meticulous, showing no signs of having been inhabited by any trauma patients.

The cleanliness of this litter, given the reputed situation, is also nothing short of miraculous, and one might also ask the purpose of it being empty, yet headed toward the ‘makeshift facility’:

purpose of pristine litter

The ABC‘s of triage are “airway, breathing, and cardiovascular perfusion.”  Patients suffering in any of the ABC’s are seen first, and stabilized, immediately, to prevent their deaths.  In such a terrible situation as claimed by al Khanzeera, at least one health care worker would be outside, to decide who would be admitted for trauma care.

Instead, we have pure mayhem, inside, which actually makes it impossible to treat anyone properly.  Alas, this mayhem incites a sense of urgency, in viewers.

too crowded to do anything

Another irregularity in the video is the lack of stethoscopes among the health care saviors — though most are seen wearing unnecessary surgical caps.  While surgical caps are a requirement of viewing audiences of television and movies involving trauma, in real life it is actually the stethoscope which is essential in the triage process, as traumas such as cardiac tamponade and pneumothorax are internal.  Surely with the massive funding of the takfiri White Helmets, and SAMS gangs, a few could be afforded.

the purpose is what

A closer look at the above screen capture is needed.  Despite its intense sense of urgency, it contains several anomalies — besides the guy in the surgical cap not having a stethoscope.  To where, and why, is this child being carried?  The guy in the hoodie is squeezing the air in the ambu bag, into the child’s lungs, the child who appears to have been intubated.  Though an ambu bag not connected to a source of flowing oxygen might be used for a few moments, until the connection is made, this patient should be on a flat, hard surface, in order to do chest compressions.  Air, or oxygen, forced into the lungs, is useless, unless efforts are made to perfuse the oxygen throughout vital organs, via essential cardiac compressions.

trifecta of wtf's

In the video, the fleeting face of the child appears to have the masque of death, which begs other questions:  To where — and why? — is this child being rushed? What is the purpose of this ‘scene,’ except to be used as emotional war porn (does the difficult ergonomics in holding the child’s legs in this position, actually increase the drama?).  If this Syrian child is dead, was he or she murdered for this report?  These savages have a long history of kidnappings and subsequent murders, to heinously use corpses in anti-Syria propaganda.  Such demonic work was noted in August 2013, when many children and women kidnapped in Latakia countryside, had their bodies — so shamelessly violated — identified in the propaganda related to the al Ghouta chemical weapons reports. **

Here, we have a man who did not expect to be caught in mirth (perhaps it is his first on-screen performance), while awaiting his urgent medical needs.

"Say 'cheese'!"
“Say ‘cheese’!”

He quickly made a sad face, and demonstrated his bilateral manual dexterity, by touching both head and stomach, simultaneously.

No time for a re-take.  Besides, even some Oscar winning movies contain "bloopers."
No time for a re-take. Besides, even some Oscar winning movies contain “bloopers.”

This seemingly unconscious man admirably keeps his head fully erect, despite being both unconscious, and carried in such a painful position.

were he dead, his head would succumb to gravity

Despite the critical surroundings, someone has managed to find a beautiful and clean cover, to lovingly wrap a body.

despite mayhem 'corpse' immaculately wrapped
mayham, and there's time to lay a body outside 'hospital'

Contrast the above, to this poor gentleman (showing no signs of external trauma, despite being injured in a reported bombing), below, given a rude slap on the chest to see if his heart still beats.  Who placed him outside the ‘facility’?

Mahmoud Rslan, adorer of the savages who cut off the head of 12 year old Abdullah Issa,*** in July — and probable Captogan meth freak**** — arrives on the scene.

rslan has changed out of his favorite shirt
Rslan in right upper corner

He has changed out of his favorite shirt, and enters sans camera.  Cameras are of the essence in “iconic” war porn propaganda.

shall we expect another 'iconic' photo from takfiri rslan

Perhaps, having been forced to shut down his social medium account, he has resigned himself to no Pultizer in his future.

This al Khanzeera propaganda piece is, in turn, used by the leading countries of genocide — US/UK/France — to orwellianly, and kafkaesquely, accuse Syria and its allies war crimes.

NATO msm runs with it, saturates and drowns its audiences in it.

Let it be exposed.

Let it be crushed.

*In May 2015, al Khanzeera Arabic ran an extensive ‘debate’ on  the urgency of the need to commit genocide against a minority population of Syria.  The call for extermination included children, and the necessity to torture these people before annihilating them.  There was no condemnation from western media, nor from the P3 degenerates controlling the UN.

**SyriaNews continues to call upon Ambassador Power, and SAMS, to release the video shown in a never-ending UNSC “closed door briefing,” which Power  threatened would “be used at some point in a court of law.”

*** Syrian activist and patriot, Lina Arabi, used her Twitter account to note the stunning friendship among these savages:

terrorist rslan c child beheaders
Mahmoud Rslan, WH humanitarian who took "iconic" photo, poses with terrorists who beheaded 12 year old Abdullah Issa
Mahmoud Rslan, WH humanitarian who took “iconic” photo, poses with terrorists who beheaded 12 year old Abdullah Issa

SyrianGirlPartisan followed up with this video, which defines honesty in journalism.

Though Rslan’s exposure of devotion to sadistic monsters who cut off the heads of children, forced him to shut down his Facebook account, no msm has retracted a single laurel tossed at his feet.

**** Rslan has shared videos of him cheering various terrorist gangs, including Jabhat al Nusra, which still remains on the US “terror list” (though anticipated to soon be removed).  Some of his photos show hypermania.

rslan with armed takfiri
takfiri rslan

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  1. miri

    Captagon is basically methamphetamine (“speed”) to which has been added the bronchodilator, theophylline, which potentiates the effects of the speed. These savages, called “human beasts,” “human garbage” by Syria’s UN Ambassador al Ja’afari, were already malignant sociopaths. This drug potentiates the deviant characters that already existed.


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