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Colvin Judge Sets Precedent for Syria to Sue US for Trillions in Compensation


In one of the most corrupt rulings in recent history, a US District Kangaroo Court judge has found the Syrian Arab Republic Kafkaesquely guilty in the death of Marie Colvin. She has awarded Colvin’s sister and her two children more than three million dollars, with “compensatory damages” yet to be announced.

Best known for her pirate-like eye patch, there are slightly conflicting reports on how she came to wear it. While embedded with “rebels” (a.k.a. “armed terrorists”) while illegally in Sri Lanka, Colvin was either the recipient of an RPG or a grenade, which blinded her (though did not enucleate her), made her deaf in one ear, and collapsed one of her lungs. There is also a slight discrepancy on whether she walked 30 miles with one functioning eye, ear, and lung, in order to make her 3,000-word deadline before collapsing.

Colvin’s mom did report that in 1999, she got lost in Chechnya & walked 40 miles to safe Georgia.

Marie Colvin was illegally in Syria. She embedded herself with terrorists armed against Syria, with the world’s human garbage dumped into this country, and that has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Syrians. As an illegal living with armed savages, Colvin created her own risk.

13 July 2016, Dr. Assad attempted to explain “contributory negligence” to NBC’s colonialist moron: “She came illegally to Syria. She worked with the terrorists & because she came illegally, she’s responsible…”.

Normally, any amount of “contributory negligence” by the plaintiff gets a lawsuit tossed out. Regarding Syria, however, nothing is “normal.” Instead, we have the western world supporting the criminally insane, including rapists, kidnappers, pedonecrophiliacs, and perpetrators of femicide.

We should not have expected sanity in this fantastic ruling, nor should we have marveled that the “heirs-in-law” — including at least one minor — of Marie Colvin to have any knowledge of the “Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act,” which permits alleged victims to sue US designated state sponsors of terror. In these Orwellian times, there is no one to notice that it is NATO countries and their Gulfies underlings to have dumped their takfiri into the SAR.

Amy Berman Jackson was appointed to the US District Court in 2010, by then President Barack Obama. She was among many unknown judges, despite her March 2012 anti-labor and anti-environment rulings, when she ruled against the NLRB and reversed a decision of the EPA.

In May 2017, Jackson dismissed the wrongful death and defamation suit brought against Hillary Clinton by “heirs-in-law” of two men killed in the Benghazi attack (let us never forget Clinton’s admission that the US created al Qaeda, and that it was good.)


She was illegally in the country and embedded with terrorist groups in unmarked media designated location. Even if marked, the terrorists used ambulances as booby-trapped vehicles to target SAA positions; that would be a norm for them to mark a place for media. She should have expected to receive the same treatment as the terrorists she was living with and supporting . — a Syrian’s thoughts on Marie Colvin

Jackson’s 36 page “Amended Memorandum Opinion” for Colvin’s “heirs-in-law” sounds more like a sub-par script treatment for another perpetual war Hollywood propaganda flick, than it does a legal brief. She sings praises for NATO’s “Arab Spring,” supports western journalists supporting terrorism, and uses the club of geopolitical “conjugal meeting” western intelligence operatives, Given that Milosevics was posthumously exonerated, the “UN International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia” as “expert” is really shoddy salesmanship. Likewise, “defectors” are the cheapest form of criminal liars, and covering up their names does not diminish their filthy whoredom.

Does a judge whose ruling states that “factual background” “is based on allegations” deserve to be kept on the bench? While adding more than $11,000 for Marie Colvin’s cremation, Jackson’s “opinion” sounds more like she is the defense attorney for the FSA, the original al-Qaeda terrorists against Syria, armed by the US, UK, France, Germany, and their underlings, Saudi occupied Arabia and the dirty gas station toilet, Qatar (the Saudi and Qatari terrorists spent over $137 billion to help destroy the SAR as per the former Prime Minister of Qatar himself).

Jackson writes about the FSA helping smuggle in the illegal Marie Colvin, from Turkey, through illegal tunnels, and into the fake “media house” in Homs. The rancid judge spews her colonialist impunity in her ruling, and feigns oblivion that the FSA were cannibals, savages who threw mailmen from a rooftop in Aleppo, dismantled factories and sent them to Turkey, blew up Sheikh al Bouti in mosque, kidnapped women from Lattakia — and had al Jazeera video the abductees — and involved CNN and al Jazeera in the bombings of the Homs Refinery, in 2012.

If a filthy, US federal judge can demand that Syria pay over three million dollars because the criminal journalist Marie Colvin chose to illegally enter the country and live with killers, what does the United States owe Syria for the many Syrian journalists murdered by thugs armed by NATO and its rabid dogs?

When do the “heirs-in-law” of Yara Abbas, Khaled al Khatib, and Maya Nasser get their compensation? Unlike the criminal Colvin, these were Syrian journalists, reporting in Syria, when they were murdered by US hitmen.

Where are the actuaries to figure out how much the good old US of A owes Syria for the crimes of its junkie Eric Harroun, and its human garbage Brace Belden?

How much will the US and Qatar pay to Syria for the massacre in al Rashidin, 15 April 2017?

This is what a terrorist bombing looks like.

In July 2014, an al Qaeda insider gave an interview to al Mayadeen, in which he stated that Obama always knew he was arming terrorists against Syria.

In September 2016, a ”hot mic” caught John Kerry admitting that the US was funding terrorists against Syria:

In May 2017, takfiri savages of the Maghaweer al Thawra faction of al Qaeda thanked the Trump regime for weapons with which to slaughter Syrian soldiers in Deir Ezzor, defending Syrian citizens from foreign terrorists. Months later, General Issam Zahreddine was martyred there.

It is estimated that more than 100,000 Syrians have been slaughtered in this foreign-imposed war of terror, millions have been displaced, and vital infrastructure has been destroyed.

There is no end in sight to the US bipartisan campaign to destroy Syria.

Let no civilized person cheer the abomination of the filthy judge’s decision that Syria must also pay for the death of the American criminal, Marie Colvin.

Miri Wood

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