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Trump’s al Qaeda Troops Create another Cowardly Bloodbath, in Rashidin, Syria

Trump’s al Qaeda troops continue to be more gluttonous in their Syrian blood lust.  Emboldened by the support they got from  the housebroken US president attacking the Syrian Air Force, terrorists from al Qaeda blew up buses loaded mostly with women and children refugees, today, 15 April, the savages funded with US/EU taxes set off another cowardly remote detonation of a car filled with explosives in al Rashidin.  They were being transported from Kefraya and Foua’a villages, which have been under terrorist control for more than two years.  Kefraya, Foua’a, Madaya, and Zabadani were part of a hostage-terrorist exchange that was supposed to have begun on 4 April (the exchange was delayed because the Syria hoax was launched on that date).

The convoy of buses was stalled in al Rashidin — west of Aleppo —  for 30 hours, while reported factional fighting among takfiri gangs was sorted out. Trump’s al Qaeda troops, and Qatar‘s al Qaeda troops were most likely fighting over which savage would remotely detonate the food truck filled with explosives.

More than 100 Syrians have been reported massacred.  Most of the dead are women and their children, who had been held hostage by western funded and armed moderately malignant sociopaths.

In al Rashidin, waiting for the terrorist factions to decide who would hit the remote detonator.

Today’s horrific blood bath answers the question of Syria-hating, wahhabi Qatar’s intentions, in the Iran brokered deal with the Gulfie toilet, to exchange civilian hostages for terrorists.  A similar evacuation plan, in December, also resulted in similar devastation, when 8 buses were set on fire by the western-backed “moderate rebel opposition.” Erdoganstan ran that murderous operation.

The asymmetry of ghastly carnage. No cynical White Helmet & affiliates’ FX productions

Trump’s al Qaeda troops then took a page from Obama’s moderate rebels, via a double tap of unleashing rocket shells upon the ambulances and other medical staff as they came for the wounded.

We will support our government until the very last drop of our blood!  We are with you Bashar no matter what they do to us!  For you, Syria!  For you, Syria!

Western media has reported on this latest atrocity, in their typical, anti-Syria Newspeak, to which has been added colonialist sectarianism. Following the near sexual frenzy in non-stop reporting on the biggest non-nuclear bomb being dropped on a CIA-built tunnel in Afghanistan, scriptwriters engaged in subtle brainwashing, by saying a big bomb had been exploded.

Big bomb in Syria, following the biggest of big bombs in Afghanistan, affords a quiet incitement that the victims were the perpetrators. Bush’s infamous passive tense was used, and, of course, no reported dared to use the word terrorism. For the west (and assorted Levantine and Gulfie underlings).  A machete-wielding nut job is shot by French police, outside the Louvre, and NATO media screams “terrorism.”  One hundred Syrians are slaughtered, and msm reports “big bomb.” A man with a significant history of violent criminal activity commits vehicular homicide on Westminster, and the world screams “terrorism,” and the UN immediately holds a “moment of silence.”

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN requested a moment of silence for Syrian martyrs, on 5 May 2012. The UN was unable to comply, as  terrorists have been funded by the P3, and all but two member states have helped dump their human garbage into the SAR

It is important to insert, here, a reminder that in June 2016, President Bashar al Assad told the world that every inch of Syria would be liberated from terrorism. In December, much to the lamentations of the west, the Syrian Arab Army reunified its second capital, Aleppo.

During the next three months, the Syrian Arab Republic announced various rebuilding projects:  The Dry Dock in Aleppo; the building of a new, free university hospital in Homs; a rebuilt Aleppo airport; the reopening of an auto manufacturing plant in Hama; 30,000 rebuilt and new housing units throughout the country. The Syrian Reconciliation process was gaining momentum as the western and Gulfie backed moderate savages were being crushed by the Syrian Arab Army; in March, an SAA unit captured two trucks filled with British-made NATO weapons.

The sense of optimism in Syria was unbearable for the new pro-death and destruction occupant of the White House, so much so that he felt the urgent need to be flexible when CNN — terrorists most trusted name in news, whose terrorist friends cheer alliances with child beheaders — broke the fraudulent reports  from Jabhat al Nusra occupied Khan Sheikhoun. It was of no matter that fake news! CNN’s source was a British terrorist illegal in the SAR, a man who had been charged with kidnapping, and whose medical license had been yanked by British authoritiesThe Donald‘s sudden onset of being flexible sprang into murderous action.

Using hoax reports from an unlicensed illegal in Syria, via fake news CNN, Trump’s al Qaeda troops were almost immediately given the green light to not surrender. That there was no legitimate source of information, that the terrorist source of information were obviously lying, was of no consequence.  Without even the pretense of a fake investigation, three days after criminally lying news outrageously reported on that which did not happen, Trump bombed the Syrian air base of Ash Sha’irat.  The man who pledged to “make America great again,” instead decided to make al Qaeda great again, by intentionally targeting Syrian soldiers (and who cares about the collateral damage of 7 civilians, 4 of whom were children?).  Trump’s al Qaeda troops were revitalized, in Egypt, almost in Sweden, and today, in Syria.

Ghanea Hammoud, the epitome of the noble Syrian soul. In her new grief, she describes what must be the unbearable pain of her husband’s mother.

Though too many still believe that the US president suddenly made an abrupt turn, the satanic writing was on the wall, when a mere 13 days after taking the oath of office, Trump accelerated American carnage against Syria, by bombing two bridges in al Raqqa.  Less than one month later, sociopath UN ambassador Nikki Haley launched an anti-Syria tirade, based on the fraudulent [word of mouth] JIM fake evidence of chemical weapons, a “mechanism” unprecedented in UN history.  That the ‘fix was in,’ the remoralization and reinforcement of Trump’s al Qaeda troops,  was further bolstered by Press Secretary Spicer’s Bush-like parapraxis, telling the media that Trump’s goal is to destabilize Syria:

Buses began arriving in Aleppo around 2100, met by Syrian soldiers at the first checkpoint.

Windows of this bus were blown out by the massive explosives remotely detonated in the food truck
Lucky babies were only injured by Trump’s al Qaeda troops, not called “terrorists” by western media
CNN does not call this baby a victim of terrorism.

The election of Donald J. Trump came as a shock to many.  His unprecedented acceptance speech also came as a shock, filled with unexpected words of statesmanship and the offer of entente, to a perpetual war-weary world. He could have become a president among presidents.  Instead, he has chosen to accelerate the American carnage of Obama, who accelerated the American carnage of Bush/Cheneyac.

Instead of aligning with humanity’s oldest civilization, against the world’s human garbage dumped into that civilization, Trump has chosen to sink deep into a virulent swamp of his own making, and become commander of grotesque al Qaeda troops. This “animal” who forfeited the unique opportunity to be a true peacemaker in order to become an ordinary war criminal, need be reminded of the words of Mark Twain:

She measures time not by days and months and years, but by the empires she has seen rise and prosper and crumble into ruin.  She is a type of immortality.  She saw the foundations of Baalbek and Thebes and Ephesus laid; she saw these villages grow into mighty cities and amaze the world with their grandeur — and she has lived to see them desolate, deserted, and given over to the owls and the bats.  She saw the Israelitish empire exalted, and she saw it annihilated.  She saw Greece rise and flourish two thousand years and die.  In her old age she saw Rome built; she saw it overshadow the world with its power; she saw it perish.  The few hundreds of years of Genoese and Venetian might and splendour were, to grave old Damascus, only a trifling and scintillation hardly worth remembering.  Damascus has seen all that has ever occurred on earth, and still she lives.  She has looked upon the dry bones of a thousand empires, and will see the tombs of a thousand more before she dies.

— Miri Wood, RNc

Heinous updates:

The death toll is up to 118, with more than 220 injuries.  Indictable under Nuremberg Statutes msm are increasing their reporting, they continue to refuse to use the word terrorism, are feigning their stupidity on who committed the massacre, while simultaneously suggesting that the Syrian government is responsible.  These same pristine journalists did not report on the women and children kidnapped from Latakia villages, in 2013, and also did not report on their recent releases, also in exchange for jailed terrorists.

Such fake stupidity is almost as bad as their criminal lies:  Sixty buses carrying more than 2,300 terrorist gunmen, some with families, were transported from al Zabadani and Madaya.  The buses of these takfiri were not bombed.

SAMS, the US State Department’s favorite fake NGO, is wading through the blood of the martyrs, fundraising, feigning stupidity, and also blaming the Syrian government for the slaughter.  SAMS is the gang that showed the idiotic shaving cream video as evidence of GB use, in April 2013 (CNN’s Amanwour — of course — stated that the video could not be confirmed, while she prompted the mouthpiece).

In the following video, a woman whose nephew is still missing, describes the problems of harassment, gunshots, and baiting young children with potato chips to lure them closer to the van before remotely detonating it.

Samer Hasan Yousef Khareeta, below, has been named as the monster who detonated the explosives.

Perhaps George Clooney will made a feature film on this beast with two legs.

From January 2016, SyrianGirl Partisan explains Maday, Kefraya, Foua’a:

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