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On Tuesday’s Massive Criminal Chemical Weapons Lies against Syria


On Tuesday, 4 April, the heinous chemical weapons mantra of criminal lies against Syria was re-launched.

At 0637, CNN added another ugly refrain to the chemical weapons fraud against the SAR.  This time, Idlib, home of international human garbage terrorist invasion, got to play fake victim.  Despite CNN’s disclaimer that its propaganda had “not been confirmed,” terrorists most trusted name in news website was been updated on the average of every 10 minutes, since its original “breaking” story.   Though the trashy dramatic upgrades continued, throughout the day, CNN’s website kept  a firm foundation with war criminal Senator John McQaeda McCain demanding the destruction of Syria (and Russia, and Iran, and Hizbullah).

UPDATE 5/April:  US media is increasing the pressure on President Trump, demanding the annihilation of the Syrian Arab Republic. Tuesday’s videos showed corpses. Wednesday’s nightly news added videos of children suffering their last breaths (being murdered by poisoning, not from GB). The terrible agonal breathing is similar to that of the rabbit forced to ingest a lethal poison. The  FSA terrorists 21 December 2012 who called themselves Screaming Wind Battalion demonstrated the efficiency of “Sunnah 2,” and threatened to unleash this poison into the Alsinn spring, Latakia’s main water supply. The UN refused Syria’s request to investigate. The media which lied about the Kuwaiti incubator babies and the non-existent WMDs, is committed to similar success against Syria.

21 December 2012: FSA terrorist demonstrated the ugly efficiency of a new poison and threatened to use it to murder Syrians in Latakia with it. Video, below.
Sen. McCain spends more time with terrorists in Libya, terrorists in Syria, and Nazimaidans in Kiev, than he does in Arizona.

The gods of cyberspace may have been perturbed, though, as the streaming of the original CNN report choked upon one of its co-liars using the words, “the truth.”  When the streaming finally returned, the anchor was spewing propaganda as though all future raises were pegged to his lies.  He, his colleague, and McQaeda McCain all challenged POTUS Trump to take more genocidal action against Syria’s not confirmed un-use of chemical weapons.

CNN’s endless supply of criminal propaganda against Syria.

CNN’s original source for its “not been confirmed” “reports” on chemical weapons (or “gases” or unconfirmed ”poisonous substances”) was the CIA, French and British intelligence fronted “Aleppo Media Center.”  A lowly paid assistant to the script writer, trying to move up the food chain, might have reminded the honcho that the Aleppo Media Center was moved prior to the liberation of Syria’s second capital, via the Dulles-like Rat Lines. Subsequent reporting cited the Idlib Media Center, of course ignoring logistical problems such as the sporadic internet and electricity in the middle of a chemical weapons attack.

Last week, terrorists kidnapped 250 civilians from Majal and Khattab.

The second major source used is the EU funded, UK intelligence run “SOHR,” the one-man band who sneaked out of Syria about 15 years ago, in order to avoid yet another felony conviction incarceration.

Assad has nothing to gain from chemical weapons use.  He is already winning the war. — American terrorist Matthew VanDyke, from Aleppo, 2013

UPDATE. As Fact Checkers have been deployed to censor as many as quickly as possible, we add the US and UN definitions of terrorism:

Terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as ‘the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives’ (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85).“ — (another reminder that what the USA defines as terrorism, is also terrorism in Syria). UNSCR 1566 (2004) describes terrorism.

CNN indecently, shamelessly, continues to lie that “Idlib province is largely controlled by an alliance of Syrian rebel forces.”  The following graphic video is of beheadings in Idlib, committed by not Syrian Chechens, while an audience of not Syrian Uighars records, and an assortment of unidentified not Syrians blaspheme…in early 2013.

CNN’s not been confirmed earliest report included a quick pan of a standard, stage, overcrowded for dramatic inference.  SyriaNews has previously exposed the choreography of criminal video fake news against Syria, in “Crushing al Khanzeera’s Latest Propaganda Video.”

CNN report from Reuters Social Media news. Emergency crowd shows no stethoscopes, but several useless surgical masks.
Cutie-petutie Babycakes so happy, one can almost see happy legs kicking.

CNN’s updates (“3 min ago,” “57 sec ago”) have dramatically increased the numbers of reported mortality and morbidity, and have also pimped out the CIA funded death squads, the al Qaeda White Helmets.  Despite having received $23 million from the CIA, and millions more from the intelligence agencies of the EU, the gang still does not own a stethoscope, still does not utilize spinal precautions, still has not learned CPR.  They do, however, know how to get nominated for a Nobel, win an Oscar, abuse corpses, and be friends with terrorists who cut off the head of a 12 year old child.

Paper surgical masks are used to keep spittle from infecting others. Used for dramatic scenes, they are ineffective against chemical weapons gases.
When the gray victim is not being dug from rubble, he wears a military uniform, sporting the flag of French Mandate occupation of Syria
Death squads al Qaeda masked and unmasked, all without skin protection

I saw a quick video clip. Victims lying down and for whatever reason, health care person was yanking and twisting one man’s head. — US-based health care professional who specializes in emergency care, on watching today’s fake news.

If today’s malignantly sociopathic news on the not been confirmed chemical weapons scam gives a sense of deja-vu, it is because CNN did the same thing in April 2013 when  Christiane Amanpour interviewed a SAMS spokesman, stationed in Turkey.  Amanpour had to coach Zaher Sahloul, new to being a mouthpiece.  As background, CNN’s Vichy urinalist whose net worth is $12 million, showed an also not been confirmed video of those afflicted with shaving cream, as evidence of chemical weapons attack.

CNN’s Amanpour used this absurdity as evidence.

Sahloul Twitter-blocked this journalist for having asked for the Tennari fraudumentary shown in UN secrecy, April 2015.  SAMS has a $15 million annual budget, and a “staff of 60 in five different countries.”  Why does a group of reputed Syrian Americans need to be in “five different countries”?  What are they doing in them? Should they not change their name?

Blocked for asking to see the Tennari fraudumentary.
Neither SAMS nor Power has released the fraudumentary shown at a secret meeting at the UN, April 2015

Tuesday’s criminal lies against Syria, regarding the not been confirmed non-evidence of chemical weapons, neatly dovetailed into the two day Brussels conference on Syria — which, like the colonialist ISSG — does not include Syrians, only globalists who hate Syrians.  It is called Supporting the future of Syria and the region.

Halliburton and Betchel have been patient enough.

This meeting, better called Halliburton and Betchel have waited long enough, is the brainchild of Syria-hater, High Representative Of European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Morgherini, who plotted it in January (her husband, of note, is an official of the anti-Syria Save the Children NGO, whose many officials have impressive relationships with war criminal politicians).  Today she went full Kafka, decreeing that the “primary responsibility” for the suspected chemical weapons use belongs to the Syrian government (no concern that the EU countries have armed and funded terrorists against Syria, of course).

Conviction for suspected atrocity new thoughtcrime

At 11:45, five hours after CNN launched the chemical weapons propaganda attack against Syria — and repeatedly condemning the Trump administration’s colonialist announcement that ‘removing’ Syria’s president was no longer a goal — Press Secretary Sean Spicer had a prepared statement demonstrating that Trump is now amenable to be cowered by the fake news he has frequently berated, the many MSM who have given humanity nothing but words of mass destruction, mass propaganda for the military-industrial complex.  Ignoring all facts, including the obvious one, that Idlib has been under terrorist control for four years, Spicer read:

Today’s chemical attack in Syria against innocent people, including women and children, is reprehensible and cannot be ignored by the civilized world.  These heinous actions by the Bashar al-Assad regime are a consequence of the past administration’s weakness and irresolution.  President Obama said in 2012 that he would establish a “red line” against the use of chemical weapons, and then did nothing.  The United States stands with our allies across the globe to condemn this intolerable act.

Before continuing to expose CNN et al.’s anti-Syria chemical weapons propaganda, SyriaNews points out some highlights of the actions of the fake civilized world and media propagandists:

  • UK used the chemical weapon, mustard gas on Iraqi tribes
  • France tested nuclear weapons on human beings in Algeria and the Philippines
  • Belgium’s Leopold massacred millions of human beings of the Congo
  • US and UK massacred a minimum of 35,000 civilians with their firebombings of Dresden
  • US used its only two nuclear bombs to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • US used napalm against the Vietnamese, in their own country
  • US immoral sanctions against Iraq caused the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children
  • UK and US committed genocide in Iraq.
  • US used the chemical weapon P4 (white phosphorus) in Fallujah
  • Msm lied about the Iraqi incubator deaths
  • Msm lied about Hussein still having weapons of mass destruction
  • Colin Powell lied to the UN about Hussein still having weapons of mass destruction
  • Msm lied that Dr. al Assad was responsible for the chemical weapons attack in al Ghouta.  That the terrorists admitted that they were the perpetrators after they incompetently killed many of their own, msm did not mention. These US/EU backed savages received the chemical weapons from Saudi Arabia, and said that Bandar should have taught them how to use them
  • The US and its skank “civilized allies” genetically altered the bioweapon, Clostridium tetani, and used it to massacre at least 50 Syrian Arab Army soldiers on 24 April 2014

No one has ever been brought to justice for these any of these crimes against humanity, as noted by Syria’s UN ambassador, Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, on 30 April 2013, forty days after the terrorist chemical weapons attack against Khan al Asal. Syria’s request for a UN investigation was sabotaged by UK, France, and then Israeli media.

The tweets throughout the day were beyond reprehensible, reaching feverish pitch, gluttonous demand for yet more Syrian blood.  The rabid dogs of war were unleashed, and barked Havoc!, one after the other.

Wicked Alloush is granted a seat at the table, with His Excellency, statesman al Ja’afari.  Alloush’s dead brother moderate rebel was behind the atrocities against Adra, December 2013, when nurses were decapitated, their heads hung on pikes, when the entire police department was slaughtered, when Syrians were baked in industrial ovens. On the anniversary of the foreign imposed terrorist war against Syria, demon Alloush celebrated with twin explosions in Damascus.


Amnesty International‘s UK Campaign Manager tossed a sarcastic, malignant challenge, at the White House. Amnesty was founded “to mobilize world opinion…effectively.”


This tweet is from UK terrorist illegally in Syria, Shajul Islam.  Quite early on Tuesday, he decreed GB (whose origin began in Jerusalem, with a press briefing by Ret. Brig. Gen. Bruin, of whom NYT reporter Sanger complained — after writing a missive the length of the bible — offered no evidence).  Islam claimed that the bodies were piling up, everybody was dead, and by the way, he was available for video interviews.

War criminal msm never marvels at how terrorists in Syria are the only ones always have electricity, internet, and water.

Brit terrorist illegally in Syria setting up video interviews in the midst of mayhem

Terrorist and illegal alien Islam was charged in the UK for kidnapping while on a previous incursion into Syria. Charges were dropped when the prosecutions witnesses could/would not identify him.  In March 2016, the NHS revoked his medical license, upon which he returned to Syria.

Courtesy Prof. Tim Anderson

In this undated screen grab, UK native, illegal alien in Syria, Islam, is interviewed by NY merc terrorist illegal alien in Syria, Bilal Abdul Kareem.  Kareem recently filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration to get him off the “kill list.”  Treasury still does not have him listed as a Specially Designated National.

The discredited Islam supports the war propaganda of the discredited Lancet.

Brit terrorist whose medical license was revoked, is interviewed by American terrorist

American terrorist Kareem was hailed for his ‘bravery,’ by CNN’s frequent illegal in Syria, Clarissa Ward of Death (who also Twitter-blocked this author), and interviewed by CNN as the last western journalist in Aleppo.

CNN’s Clarissa Ward, right, has illegally entered the SAR multiple times, embedding herself with takfiri
CNN loves terrorists in Syria

Here is the tweet from the psychic who planned to report on chemical weapons attack 5 hours before they were announced.

Tweet of the Psychic

Why would Agence France-Presse do any research on any chemical weapons, when lying exudes a more dramatic fragrance?

AFP hypes drama with lies

War criminal Netanyahu, the butcher of Gaza, demands that the world destroy Syria, because of “cruel and outlawed chemical weapons” used “on children.”

Israel has been al Qaeda in Syria’s primary air force, since 2013 (the US became the second air force of al Qaeda in Syria, last year).

War criminal Netanyahu sadistic demand

It is unknown how many Gazans were slaughtered by Israel’s “cruel and outlawed” P4 bombings.

Corpse of Gaza baby killed by Israel’s P4 bombings
Another Gazan victim of Netanyahu’s “cruel and outlawed” P4 chemical weapons

SyriaNews reminds our readers that during the night of 26-27 May 2013, the takfiri surrounding Damascus attempted to upgrade from the primitive chlorine chemical weapons, to the slightly more sophisticated P4.

SyriaNews also reminds our readers that CNN and all msm now lying that Syria has attacked Syria with chemical weapons, were mute on 5 December 2012, when al Qaeda FSA used VX on two rabbits — from a lab-like facility in Erdoganstan — while threatening the Syrian people.

There was mutism, again, after al Qaeda FSA threatened Alsinn Spring — Latakia’s main water source — with poisoning.  Again, two rabbits were sacrificed to demonstrate how quickly the poison worked.

CNN did not report on the 21 December 2012 threat to poison Alsinn Spring, the main water source of Latakia
Cute rabbit was forced to ingest poisoned water
Cute rabbit taking its last, agonal breaths

[Update: The above channel was erased from YouTube.  Below is a copy from another channel.]

Tekkim is a Turkish chemical company

The moderate human garbage armed and funded by the civilized US, and the civilized US’s civilized allies, have brought a depravity to Syria, never seen before.  The entire world has colluded in the most obscene conspiracy in the history of humanity, to destroy one country.  They have committed cannibalism. They have kidnapped a child from a hospital and cut off his head with a kitchen knife, ignoring his last request to be shot, instead.  They have slaughtered entire villages, kidnapped women and children, and murdered some to use as anti-Syria propaganda tools. They have raped and beheaded and baked in ovens.  Yesterday, the neocon and the neolib MSM joined together to lie about chemical weapons, to demand more Syrian blood.  They have been diligent in attempting cultural genocide.

Savage media provides free advertisements, making the terrorists the victims, and the victims the terrorists.

Idlib is under terrorist control.  Though these sociopaths have used chemical weapons in Khan al Asal, in al Ghouta, in Damascus, there is no way to know if they used them in Idlib, Tuesday 4 April.  It is highly unlikely that they did, given that no fake first responder was stricken, that these human beasts continued tweeting all day, that they had time to set up their perfect photos, with perfect symmetry and nice splashes of color. Moon of Alabama, in June 2016, published 44 of their best choreographed fake emergency rescues.

They were busy, and yet able to do intense photo shoots, send them to international msm for immediate publication. They had no problems with internet connection, nor with electricity interruptions.  They even had power water hoses.

Barely visible on the upper right side of this ghastly  photo is a copyright, “Edlib Media Center Via AP.”

Dante could not have created the perfect bowel of hell for these monsters; how long did it take to capture such a perfect photograph, a photograph using the principles of classical art, rearranging the many corpses of the butchered?

Look, and you will see the golden mean; you will see perspective; you will see chiaroscuro;  you will see a bit of Fibonacci.

Such perverse depravity is beyond words.

Their most hideous propaganda photo, to date
Prior to the abominable staging of corpses.

Vladimir Suchan:  This picture/scene from the alleged chemical attack in Syria yesterday was clearly set up and deliberately and perversely modeled not only as a orgy, but also morbid, macabre pedophilia-cum-horror — by someone well versed in art and tradition of Western classical painting.  This photo has also been very popular with all the established fellow travelers and bedfellows of al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.  This is, indeed, true war porn. A psy-op served to the public in order to whitewash and promote al Qaeda or the genocidal war on Syria via al Qaeda proxy.

Edlib Media Center, sans via AP

— Miri Wood, RNc


In 2003, Donald Trump was interviewed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.  He sounded quite human, and called out the US criminals for destroying Iraq.

We have done a tremendous disservice not only to the Middle East — we’ve done a tremendous disservice to humanity.  The people that have been killed, the people that have been wiped away — and for what?  It’s not like we had a victory.  It’s a mess.  The Middle East is totally destabilized, a total and complete mess….  Donald Trump, 2015

Many may not know that President-elect Donald J. Trump’s acceptance speech was unprecedented in 28 years.  In it, he promised to be a good neighbor, and offered a respite from perpetual war, via entente.

In his inaugural speech, President Donald J. Trump promised that American carnage ends now.  Possibly breaking all records, 13 days later, Mr. Trump went from oath to war criminal, when he bombed two bridges in Syria. It is not enough; all msm are demanding more blood, still.

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