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Hollywood 5th Column Awards Oscar to CIA Death Squads in Syria


On 26 February, Hollywood flexed its powers of propaganda by giving an Oscar to CIA death squads in Syria, the White Helmets.  Both State Department and this death squad gang reported it received $23 million from the CIA, via its USAID front.

The elitist scum celebrities in attendance gave a standing ovation to Brit Orlando von Einsiedel, who illegally entered Syria, embedded himself with terrorists, and directed the fraudumentary.

Einsiendel’s short filmmaking history suggests a penchant for Muslim-majority countries; the two others were made in Nigeria and The Republic of the Congo.

There is so much misunderstanding about Muslims and people from the Middle East and film can help change that narrative,” he said during a moment on the red carpet…This is such an incredible platform to shout loudly.  — Operative Einsiedel

“This is such an incredible platform…” are Einsiedel’s only truthful words.

In August 2016, the Monastery of Mar Yakub in Syria uploaded a factual, short documentary on the CIA death squads, “White Helmets and Black Flags”:

Mayday Rescue, whose name shows in the above still, is a fake independent NGO with a $35,000,000 (thirty-five million USD) annual budget.  It is headquartered also in Istanbul.  It works closely with the CIA death squads White Helmets, for the destruction of Syria.  It attacks patriotic Syrians and investigative journalists.  It has plans to expand to other countries in the region.

The pre-Oscar crescendo of pathos launched by the wailing, NATO-driven MSM, may have contributed to the award, as there was much gnashing of teeth that the 21-year-old cinematographer, Khaled Khatib, had been banned from entry to the US (under bad Trump administration!).  AP and Fox used the opportunity to cleanse state sponsor of terror, Erdoganstan (formerly, ‘Turkey’) — specifically against Syria — by claiming Khatib had been detained there.

The real Syria Civil Defense was established in 1953, “some 63 years before the White Helmets were a glimmer in the eyes of CIA and MI6 operatives.”

Such an absurd claim was made to whitewash Turkey’s central role as a state sponsor of terror, particularly against the Syrian Arab Republic, as the CIA death squads of this gang are headquartered in Istanbul, Erdoganstan.  This gang was founded by the non-Syrian, British intelligence officer, and Blackwater wet-worker, James Le Meurier.

Non-Syrian, British intelligence officer James Meurier, founder of the fake Syrian White Helmets death squads

Fifteen years after 9/11, alQaeda wins an Oscar. — social media activist commentary

The first media promotion of the CIA death squads al-Qaeda White Helmets came when its fake leader, Raed Saleh, was denied entry into the US (April 2016, under good Obama administration!).  Saleh was supposed to have received an award by from the  NGO InterAction, whose sole work seems to be giving awards to other NGOs.  Saleh’s scant biography consists of him having been an ‘electronics salesman’ who fled Syria to the safety of the state sponsor of terror, Erdoganstan.

One of the perks of being in Istanbul is not suffering the effects of the draconian US/EU sanctions against Syria.  All kinds of monies can legally be poured into Erdoganstan; a nanosecond after Jo Cox’s brutal murder, her grieving husband used her death to raise funds for this murderous NGO.

The word “fled” is always essential in evoking empathy toward one in fear.  How soon he returned to Syria is unknown, but Erdoganstan worked its magic, doubly, as he returned completely intrepid and magically transformed into a highly skilled “first responder” – despite the lack of stethoscopes and the wanton ignorance regarding the essential use of spinal precautions when first on the scene to rescue the 50,000 or 60,000 or 81,000 Syrian civilians under rubble, hither and yon.

Uber dramatic fake rescue by CIA death squads White Helmets
C’est magique!

CIA death squad alQaeda White Helmets received more emotional war porn coverage with the FX production of dusty gray boy, Omran, fakely dug out of the fake rubble by the Oscar winners.

Omran’s “iconic photo” was taken by the probable meth freak (Captagon is methamphetamine potentiated with the broncodilator theophylline) M. Rslan, the White Helmets photographer who is also a supporter of the al Zinki faction of alQaeda FSA.

al Zinki is the gang who kidnapped 12 year old Abdullah Issa from a hospital and cut off his head with a kitchen knife, while he was still attached to his IV tubing. 

Mahmoud Rslan, WH humanitarian who took “iconic” photo, poses with terrorists who beheaded 12 year old Abdullah Issa
Rslan ‘selfie’ with human beasts who cut off 12 year old Abdullah Issa’s head.
FX transformation created by future Hollywood Oscar winners?

In August 2016, SyrianGirl Partisan compared the western media coverage of dusty gray boy Omran (the boy with 9 lives, apparently, as he has been re-rescued several times by the CIA death squads, including by the fake last catman of Aleppo) to the coverage given to the decapitated 12-year-old Abdullah.

The good Obama State Department had promised to look into this atrocity, but appears to have been unsuccessful.

al Zinki is also the gang who has been given media coverage by American foreign terrorist in Syria, Bilal Abdul Kareem.  Kareem is adored by CNN.  Illegal foreign terrorists, American Kareem, Saudi Mushaysini, Aussie Mahamed all cheered the alliance of the child-beheading al Zinki with the no-longer-alQaeda Jabhat al Nusra, now the alQaeda Jabhat Fath al Sham.  JaS claimed responsibility for Sunday’s hideous suicide bombings massacres.

Rslan was forced to shut down his Facebook account after social media activists screen-grabbed his support for child beheaders, an apparent triviality in the eyes of MSM.  He was last seen in a cameo appearance in a fake news story by al Khanzeera.

al Khanzeera is owned by the terror-sponsoring absolute monarchy, Qatar (pronounced ‘gutter’), and is an illegal foreign entity, in Syria.  al Khanzeera was part of the terror team that slaughtered men in the villages of Latakia countryside.  Women and their children were kidnapped, and held for more than 3 years.  Fifty-eight of these kidnapped Syrian women and their children were finally freed in early February, via the Syrian government’s exchange of them for incarcerated terrorists.  For those who may view al Khanzeera as honest news, shame on you; you support the slaughter of civilians, the kidnapping of women and children.

The fall saw the CIA death squads nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize; perhaps the Sunday Oscar was that of consolation for being denied the Nobel.

Courtesy of Professor Tim Anderson

Hollywood 5th column is cheering CIA death squads, and each other, for their fake principled, fake righteousness. The scum celebrities who have averted their collective gaze from true atrocities in Syria, now high-five each other for cheering death.

CIA death squads White Helmet with “ISIS” flag
CIA death squads al Qaeda White Helmets
CIA death squads stand on the corpses of slaughtered Syrian soldiers
War propagandist BBC reporting on White Helmets missed the photo of armed humanitarian al Salmo

They are without conscience, without shame.

FX productions are a double-edged sword that promotes some terrorists as humanitarians, and some terrorists as the cover story to war criminally bomb the Syrian Arab Republic. Like the war criminal bombing of Syria, FX productions are US-led.

CIA death squads are not new.  CIA death squads destroyed Central America, funding the destruction by dealing crack cocaine in US cities, which coincided with the shutdown of urban factories, outsourcing manufacturing to overseas, underpaid, labor.

CIA death squads crushed the democratically elected Allende government of Chile, slaughtering 10s of thousands of Chileans in order to return the country to foreign looting.

Once upon a time, liberals opposed CIA death squads

CIA death squads are not new.  What is new, is the neo-left, now supporting them.

“It’s not necessary to be an agent of the enemy to help them; it’s enough to be a fool.” ~ Imam Ghazali

— Miri Wood, RNc

For the emotional war porn consumers, some coupons for adult diapers to don, while watching the Oscar-winning CIA death squads in Syria, fraudumentary:

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