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Jarabulus Local Police Force or Thugs for Caliph Wannabe

image-Erdogan Police in Occupied Jarablus

Yesterday, 24 January, four hundred-thirty (430) ‘police cadets’ held a graduation ceremony in Jarabulus, a Syrian city within Syria, which is occupied by the terror state of Erdoganstan (“formerly ‘Turkey’’’), whose president aspires to be caliph, with chunks of Syria being his caliphate.

A benevolent-hearted Syrian understanding the vicious results of the malignant draconian sanctions against the SAR (by US/EU), described the ‘cadets’ as “poor young men who joined what they thought is a police force to earn their living but found themselves chanting for Erdogan.”  How these ‘poor men’ did not find it odd for basic training to have been 5 weeks in Erdoganstan-Turkey, then, remains a question for the minds of great philosophers to ponder.

Historically, local law enforcement groups are trained within their own countries, as national militaries are also trained by their own country (in winter ’09-’10, though, while the US San Jacinto was reputed to be chasing those Somalian pirates in the Gulf of Aden, the ship was actually docked in the Tel Aviv port in the Mediterranean, with US Navy newbies being trained by the IDF.)

Syria’s Jarabulus is 569km/353.56mi from Erdoganstan.  The cadets returned with nice jackets with the Turkish word, “polis” stenciled on them.  They also returned with leader Abdul Razzak Aslan, who had been given the rank of “brigadier” by the Erdoganstan government.

This non-Syrian ‘law enforcement’ gang has been named “Free Police,” and the Turkish graduates’ cheers were long live free Syria and long live Turkey and long live Erdogan.

This is the president of the Syrian Arab Republic:

image-Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad Talking to French Reporters
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad Talking to French Reporters

This is what Syria’s ambassador to the UN recently said of Turkey:

image-Syria ambassador to UN Bashar Jaafari on Turkey heading to Astana talks
His Excellency Bashar al Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN.

Watch the video:

NB  The word “thug” in the title requires definition for some persons in the US: “a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.”

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  1. Samua

    I think your honered President, Mr.Bashar al-Assad is beyond very inteligent, wise and blessed, very handsome, with all respect. He deserves such a pretty woman like his. Their kids are wonderfull. They are really an admirable family. I always thought that, in front of such beauty of all of them, God would prevent nothing bad could happen to them. Some malicius midia of the west once criticized Ms. Asma al-Assad for her elegance and happiness for mantaining a “normal” life, while the rest of the country suffered. What a hypocrisy and bad intention. Imagine if Syria’s cytizens felt offended or betrayed or insulted because of that words, and, perhaps, could hate them. That was the new’s intention. What a great mistake and injustice would happen. The most important thing regarding the governor’s family life shown is to be an example to the hole nation, in order words, they want their people to follow them in how to behavior, that is, the visual message for them is: be happy, as it can be possible! Have a “normal” life, as You can! The news also criticized their richness, as very great, in whatever meaning it could be. How hypocrites they can be! It’s unbelieveble. All nations in the world have such kind of people. Despite whoever amount of money available, if people have a dignified condition of life, what’s the problem of other’s amount of money? Everybody nows people very happy despite this. Only stupids and poor mind people are envious. Salam

  2. miri

    Colonialism is not genetic, but it does appear inherent in westerners.

    Consider the following scenario (any western country can be used in it): Canada invades the US, and occupies New York. Canada takes 400 unemployed NY men to Canada to be trained as a ‘police force.’ Canada returns them to NY, where their ‘graduation ceremony’ takes place. These 400 NYers then chant allegiance to Canada, and to Justin Trudeau.

    Who of sane mind would give this legitimacy?


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