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SAA Ambushes 10 ISIS Terrorists and Eliminates Them in Deir Ezzor Panorama

image-SAA Unit Ambushes 10 ISIS Terrorists and Eliminates Them in Der Ezzor Panorama

A group of ISIS terrorists sneaked in the night towards Panorama area near Der Ezzor city falling in an ambush by a Syrian Arab Army unit in the position and get completely terminated.

At 3:30 am and in the dense of the night a group of 10 terrorists from the US sponsored ISIS tried to sneak in a back line of the SAA units advancing in the cemeteries area to release the pressure off their fellows. The 10 members of the terrorist group were spotted by an SAA unit which carefully and quietly ambushed the attackers and engaged in fierce clashes with them that led to the total annihilation of the attackers by the heroes of the SAA.

The corpses of the ugly terrorists were scattered in the valleys in the Panorama area until next day morning. The following video clip shows the aftermath, note Graphic footage contained:

Syrian Arab Army protecting over 120,000 civilians in the city of Der Ezzor and providing them with food, medicine and other essentials through the city’s airport for 2 years of complete siege by thousands of ISIS terrorists who have the full support of the US air forces to the extent the US air forces carried a heinous air raid against SAA positions atop Thardeh Mountain massacring 82 Syrian Arab Army soldiers and allowing the strategic mountain top to be run over by ISIS, a collaboration so clear even dwarfing the hundreds of Toyota pick ups parades by ISIS coming from neighboring Iraq.

SAA not only withstanding the humongous attack by suicide bombers anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists but also winning the battles all over the country with these terrorists.

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