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‘Moderate Rebels’ Murder Farah Zein in Besieged Foua, She Was 3 Years Young.

image-'Moderate Rebels' Murder Farah Zein in Besieged Foua, She Was 3 Years Young

US-sponsored ‘Moderate Rebels‘ stationed in Binnish city, Idlib Countryside, released their hatred against humanity and shelled the besieged town of Foua from their positions.

Farah Zein was a 3-years old angel and now torn into pieces just flesh and skin no thanks for the ‘Friends of Syria’ coalition including the ‘Humanitarian Bastards‘ in the West and their regional stooges. These children would have lived a very happy life like all Syrian children without the ‘regime change’ plan in the sick brains of the evil empire.

Nothing is worth slaughtering people, not even for the empire’s G.O.D.: Gold, Oil, and Drugs. These crimes against humanity will never be forgotten even if the direct criminals start wearing suits and become political figures like what happened in nearby Lebanon, this won’t happen in Syria, they can live their some days but just will prevail. Same thing goes for their masters in the ICoCT, the ‘International Community of Criers for Terrorists’ in the West, in the region and even in far east like in Japan, you can see them cry at the UNSC and at all mediums for their terrorists when encircled by the Syrian Arab Army. Those crimes won’t just be forgotten, we will make sure all coming generations will remember each bullet spent in Syria who paid for it? Who sold it? Who smuggled it in? and who pulled the trigger..

image-'Moderate Rebels' Murder Farah Zein in Besieged Foua, She Was 3 Years Young
Martyr Farah Zein, she sacrificed her little soul so you can fill your souls with more evil (GRAPHIC unblurred image Click Here)

We have the oldest civilization in the world, we invented the alphabet to teach you humanity and your sick minds used it to create weapons to kill humanity. Each Syrian-born in Syria for Syrian parents have in their genes the accumulation of all the history of mankind on this planet, from the moment Adam and Eve dropped from heavens to Damascus, and will continue to accumulate until the last Armageddon battle fought on our ground and until the last living creature on this planet. You can depend on our gene’s memory.

You sent your mercenaries to destroy our heritage, you think our heritage is in some columns or some ruins, they are already ruins, but what your mercenary added is their fingerprints representing you, the Western taxpayer and those living in countries that finance these terrorists and send them to us, these fingerprints will be there and will never be deleted, just like how we remember each empire passed by our land with evil intentions and got doomed for that. We preserved our humanity, they all lost it.

The soul of this little angel Farah Zein will curse you and the soul of each Syrian killed will curse you, enjoy your ‘freedom of speech’, your ‘democracy’ and your ‘way of living’; it is you who elected your officials and it is you who finance these mercenaries with your tax money and the guilt is mainly on you. Farah Zein was murdered at the age of barely 3 years, a very beautiful angel, she will remain beautiful at the age of 3 years forever while her killers grow older and uglier.


  1. Samua

    I’m hungry. I need fisical food, not only intelectual ones, like challenges… Now I will confess you something that I will not allow you to publish: I really have some mental desease: it’s very difficult to me to stop talking… kkkkk


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