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Lebanese Suicide Bomber Arrested Before Blowing Up Costa Cafe in Beirut

image-ID of Lebanese Terrorist Suicide Bomber Omar Hassan Al-Assi

A Lebanese terrorist was arrested moments before entering a Costa Cafe in upscale Hamra Street, Beirut, Lebanon, he was wearing his suicide vest.

Seems that Lebanese suicide bomber was under the Lebanese version of the FBI the Information Division which alerted the Lebanese Army Intelligence Agency and led the latter to arrest the terrorist just in time and avoided a massacre in the cafe.

The terrorist wearing a suicide vest was identified as Omar Hassan al-Assi, Lebanese, born in 1992 and former member of an anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadist group known as Ahmad Assir Movement which was active in Sidon, south of Lebanon when current Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri was ousted from the government. The Assir Movement was sponsored and still, it seems, by Saudi Arabia, the mother of all terror organizations, which created this movement to restore the power and influence of Saudi in Lebanon through its dual citizen Saad Hariri.

Wahhabi Ahmad Assir
Wahhabi terrorist cleric Lebanese Ahmad Assir

Worth noting the Information Division which follows the Ministry of Interior works exactly in the same method as the US FBI as they find enthusiastic and mainly mentally unstable youth, ignite sectarianism and radicalism in their inner conscious, push them to carry out terror attacks and ‘heroically’ arrest them or cause their arrest just in time to save lives! FBI ‘successes’ are all when FBI set it up the terrorist that they then cheer themselves over..

Lebanese terrorist Omar Assi tried to force himself in the cafe and was stopped by the Intelligence force who was waiting for him and exchanged a few punches until they subdued and arrested him. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Update: While writing this report just now, breaking news on several mediums stating the Lebanese authorities arrested another suicide bomber in the north of Lebanon.

Lebanon, used to be part of Syria before the French decided it can be a country by its own, was one of the main incubators for terrorists smuggled into Syria from all sides of the world especially from Libya, most of the weapons smuggled to Syria were shipped in huge containers to Lebanese ports with the approval of the government officials headed that time by the current Saad Hariri.

The Lebanese Army requested the help of the Syrian Arab Army to end another terrorist movement in 2007 after terrorists under Shaker Abssi, a former al-Qaeda commander, occupied a few blocks in Nahr Bared Refugee Camp on the Lebanese Coast after 105 days of confrontations between the Lebanese Army and the terrorist group during which the Lebanese Army lost 127 officers and soldiers. The Syrian Arab Army also was the main supplier of weapons and training for Lebanese resistance militia Hizbullah which enabled Hizbullah to bring down Israel on its knees during the 2006 Israeli aggression against Lebanon. Half of Lebanese didn’t like their country to defeat terror or the mother of terror in the region and hated the SAA for that.

Hizbullah returning the favor and fought side by side with the SAA in several fronts inside Syria recently, the head of Hizbullah parliamentary block MP Muhammad Ra’ad praised the heroism and bravery of the Syrian Arab Army and downsized the Hizb’s role in the fights in an interview we covered earlier.

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