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The Heroism and Bravery of the Syrian Arab Army

SAA Soldier - Syrian Arab Army

In an interview on Al Mayadeen TV on 22 May 2015 with Mohammad Raad, the senior official in Lebanese Hezb Allah and head of the Hezb’s parliament bloc, Mr. Raad highly praised the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army in a way most of those who hate reality deny, or even can imagine as they were trying to refute all the time.


Watch the video on BitChute:

Transcript of the video’s subtitles in English:

Q: My question is: In your view at Hezb Allah would this war (Syrian Crisis) end? Would it last for years more?

A: When the US Administration and the West that orbits around it, and the regional guards and agents who are supporting the armed terrorists, when they take the decision to stop financing (the terrorists) & close the border crossings & prevent sneaking into Syria, the war will end in Syria, and the opportunity for national dialogue will open which was supposed to have happened since the beginning of the crisis.

Q: Do you mean by ‘the regional agents’: Saudi, Qatar, Turkey and Israel?

A: I mean all those who support the armed terrorists.

Q: There’s a view that says now Saudi, you always accuse, is still supporting (the terrorists) while other countries have stepped back like Qatar, or Turkey which is supporting (the terrorists) very largely..

A: Let’s talk in general to avoid miscalculations and leave the assumptions to who is interested.. In general: whoever supports, finances & facilitates the terrorists their sneaking into Syria to destroy Syria and sabotage Syria, should cease to do so.

Q: That means the war might last for years..

A: Yeah, the military option can take some time

Q: Today, after what was achieved in Qalamon and the great victory you presented in this difficult region where the fighting was fierce, but today as we understand that Palmyra might have fallen, yesterday Al Mastouma, and other areas, looks like the fighting is a win here then a defeat then a defeat then a victory, seems no one can resolve militarily..

A: Sami, now the media and the propaganda machine works on pumping accelerating news about partial matters that has nothing to do with the strategic movement or even to do with the battlefield which will define the results in which direction.

We have a situation evaluation about Syria; the military situation on the ground in Syria is in the favor of the ‘regime’ and in favor of tightenning the control of the areas under the regime control.

Q: How can you explain this to us? The image circulated now in the other media is that the state doesn’t have control over many areas, and there’s a new offensive by the armed terrorists under Fatah Army and others, and the armed opposition, or the rebels or the Takfiris or terrorists, whatever you may call them, are achieving big gains on the ground, how in your strategic evaluation you see that your side along with your ally the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad has actually started to achieve a strategic gain on the ground?

A: Before I answer your question, all the (previous) experiences talking about these terrorists & enlarging their achievements and their volumes, and their situations.. Isn’t it about time for the public opinion to realize that this inflated image about the (terrorists) situation is untrue?

Take what happened in Qalamon, how many were the terrorists in Qalamon? How long did they withstand their positions?

Q: Some would say also there are in Damascus countryside, in Jobar and in areas adjacent to Damascus, also in Aleppo..

A: Sometimes there are areas and positions the ‘regime’ ignores because it’s not important, and can contain it whenever he wants, but he goes towards the strategic areas which defines the preservation of the state’s structure, isn’t it strange, in the opinion of all international observers, that after 4.5 years the state’s institutions are still functioning in Syria?

Q: Excellent, this is a very good question as the Syrian Arab Army is still fighting for more than 4 years; Syrian diplomacy is still functioning and maybe more actively than before, now, i saw by myself there’s a head of a Syrian diplomatic mission in Egypt, Dr. Riadh Sneih, at an ambassador level and he’s an ambassador in fact, he was abroad..; and the state institutions are still paying salaries, to the Army and even to students scholarships and others.. this all is important..

A: Can you imagine a state suffering a devastating war like what is happening in Syria, and still you’ll find a traffic policeman issuing traffic violation tickets?

Q: It is said, for that Haj Mohammad Raad, if it wasn’t for the direct financial support from a country like Iran, maybe the state wouldn’t function until now in addition to the military support, of course..

A: This is not a shortfall in Syria’s ability to withstand.. Initially why alliances are forged between countries and forces? Isn’t it to benefit from when during crises and during difficult times?

Q: It is very emphasized now and there’s an abusing of this sensitivity that Iran is controlling Syria, and in Syria there is an Army that is still fighting for 4 years so far..

A: This is part of the misinformation image being distributed, first of all do not believe that anybody would fight on behalf of anybody else for free.. maybe there will be mutual strategic or tactical interests imposing on two parties to fight on the same field for the same goal, but each party defends its goal within this mutual interest.

Iran is supporting Syria also not only as a gratitude for the Syrian stance towards the Saddam imposed 8 years war against Iran, which was financed by all those who are now contributing in the war against Syria; Iran is standing by Syria because it’s in an alliance with Syria within the same strategic choice, but if it wasn’t that the Syrian structure is capable of preserving its choice in the stance against (Israel), all the support Syria is receiving wouldn’t be enough to save the situation.

Enough of simplifying the issues; now it is said that we (Hezb Allah) are helping the Syrian Arab Army, of course, we are carrying out an assistant role to the Syrian Arab Army in the areas we have the interest to be present in, either in defending the Resistance (Hezb Allah) or to preserve the Syrian positive position in supporting the Resistance, but, why the heroism and bravery of the Syrian Arab Army are neglected, the army that is holding on the keys of the battlefield struggle and manages the struggle until now?!

Q: Do you fight in the north (of Syria) Haj Mohammad Raad? like in Aleppo, are there fighters (of Hezb)..?

A: I’m not a fan of talking about details, but I can tell you: We fight where we have to fight.

Q: And this is what Sayyed Nasrallah (Hezb Allah chief) said.

He (Hezb’s chief) recently said that after the last Qalamon battle Hezb Allah lost 13 martyrs, can we know the total number of Hezb’s martyrs since the beginning of the Syrian war? Approximately? Some say they reached a thousand (martyr), is this correct?

A: I do not believe the figure reached this much, but it is nearing 500..

Q: 500 approximately.. – Nearing 500 – Less or a bit more? If it’s nearing it means less..

A: ….

Q: Did president Bashar Assad administrion survive falling? As now the talks are renewed ‘there is no solution with the Syrian president involved’.. And even some of the fighters factions, 13 of them, gathered in Turkey recently and raised this slogan again that by force he will fall, and since 4 years and now in the 5th year and he is still presence? Did president Assad administration survive?

A: Our believe is the solution in Syria depends on the existing and the partnership of president Assad in this solution.

Q: He in person?

A: He in person.

Q: Ok, can you tell us Haj Mohammad Raad why president Assad’s allies like Iran & Hezb Allah at the utmost, maybe Russia to the same degree as you or less, I don’t know, why do they hold on to president Bashar Assad in person? As some might argue if president Assad leaves maybe the situation in Syria would become better.

Is he (president Assad) in person the base for you?

A: No, we are holding on him because the matter is not about the person, it’s about the position and choice this person is committed to you might say there might be if there were other persons, and this person who defended Syria due to his commitment to this choice (resistance), why to replace him?!

Q: It is said that his presence on top of the current Syrian state has maintained this state due to his personal features, his nerves of steel, I hear about this even among your ranks, that his calm, that most of his allies have collapsed, the veteran ones and even in Lebanon, he remained..

A: This proves that he should remain in the partnership position to find a solution.

Q: But also he’s blamed by his foes inside Syria and abroad to be responsible for where we have reached.. I want to know if Hezb Allah and Iran, Russia will not state its position, are insisting on the person of president Assad in any coming solution?

There won’t be any solution found without president Assad?

A: First of all, as long as the Syrian people are holding on president Bashar Assad, we cannot overlook this Syrian public opinion..

Q: Half of the people.. More than half of the people are with president Assad?

A: Of course

Q: How do you know? How do we know? Who is measuring the Syrian public opinion for us to know who is with him and who is not?

A: Firstly, who said there’s anybody in the world who would accept his country to be destroyed?

The hesitating portion at the beginning of the crisis of the Syrian people now joined those supporting president Assad to stay in power, because they found the alternative is the destruction of Syria and the end of its position and role and make it a satellite in the orbit of and move it to become a satellite in the orbit of the West and subjugate to the Israeli conditions.

Q: So in your opinion president Assad is staying until the last day in his term?

A: And maybe beyond..

End of transcript.

Some radicals and fanatics counted on the supporters of Syria claim the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is a defeated army and if it wasn’t for the Hezb Allah and Iranian assistant Syria would have collapsed, this should serve as an awakening slap to the ugly faces of these fanatics.

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