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Breaking: Joe Biden, the US Vice President Has Feelings!

Biden has feelings.. somehow.

With lots of difficulty trying to avoid gloating this death, I couldn’t but be surprised from the news that came like a shock: The vice president of the United States of America has feelings and wept during the public memorial service for his son who died of an illness.

Joe Biden is the 2nd in charge of the very regime that stole billions of US dollars from his own citizens hard earned tax money just to fund, train, support, arm and sponsor hundreds of death squads of tens of thousands of terrorists worldwide to further the goals aiming to steal the money and riches of other people as well and to ‘de-populate’ planet Earth to pave the way for their evil New World Order where those surviving will live a better life!!

Biden has feelings.. somehow.
Biden has feelings.. somehow.

Nobody has plotted to kill Beau Biden, the 46 years old son of Joe who died of brain cancer, nobody can plot to cause cancer to kill a head of a state or any of their relatives, with the exception of the US regime itself of course and the rumours of the Latin American leaders who got cancer and Hugo Chávez died of it; however, Joe should be grateful that he didn’t see his son getting beheaded in a video shared widely on social media platforms.

Tens of thousands of Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Libyans, Algerians, Pakistanis, Philippinos, even US and UK parents and relatives witnessed the beheadings of their loved ones on such videos uploaded by the same death squads Mr. Biden’s regime sponsor.

One family saw their 18 years old beloved one killed then got his heart carved out and eaten by a Joe Biden’s regime sponsored FSA commander in Homs, Syria in front of camera. Beau Joe Biden’s organs were not eaten by anybody.

Thousands of women saw their husbands beheaded then their children raped then killed then they themselves enslaved for sex by a Joe Biden’s regime sponsored Nusra and ISIS terrorists. Beau Joe Biden wasn’t raped or chopped and his wife wasn’t enslaved for sex by anybody.

Hundreds of families saw their beloved ones grilled alive in ovens in Adra City, North of Damascus, Syria, when a Joe Biden’s regime sponsored terrorist group ‘liberated’ the city. Beau Joe Biden died on a hospital bed surrounded by his loved ones and was not grilled in any oven alive by anybody.

Millions were forced to leave their homes running with nothing on them towards safety fearing their lives and ended up as humiliated refugees when Joe Biden’s regime sponsored terrorist groups neared their towns and cities. Beau Joe Biden didn’t run anywhere and his family are still living in what the US citizens provide them and no threat for their lives came from anybody.

Hundreds of such horror stories are out there of horrific crimes committed by a Joe Biden’s regime sponsored terrorist group while none of any happened to Beau Joe Biden or any of his family members by anybody.

Not to mention the increasing US aid to Israel to butcher Palestinians and steal more of their lands. Nobody stole any land from Beau Joe Biden or any of his family members.

A friend wrote ‘No parent should ever bury a child’, I’m with her 100%, hopefully Joe Biden’s sudden feelings will help him repent the wrongdoings of his regime and his regime’s allies and help the countries they targeted fight the terror they inflicted upon them by sharing with them the information about those terrorists, cease immediately the funding, arming and supporting of the terrorists they created and ask forgiveness from the families victimized by him and his regime and his regime’s allies.

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1 Comment

  1. miri

    Thank you for this, Souri, as I have been struggling with complex conflicts, empathy and enmity for this terrible father.

    As for him possibly growing a soul, because of his own grief, it will not happen; he already buried a wife and child, decades ago, and no conscience grew from that grief.

    Instead, his war crimes grew, and his impunity of sex perviness, also grew.

    ‘Get a Shotgun’ Biden reminds me of Shakespeare’s much neglected “Cymbeline,” a phenomenal play in which virtually none of the characters, no matter how profound their own sufferings, ever cared about the sufferings they inflicted upon others.


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