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Developing: Wahhabism Terror Kills 30 Lebanese Army Soldiers in Saida

Wahhabi Ahmad Assir

Anti-Islam Wahhabism terror targets the Lebanese Army until they manage to dismantle Hizbullah or at least strip them from their weapons because it poses a threat to Israel’s safety and the hegemony of the Zionist entity and its expansionism ideology in the region.

Two officers and one soldier from the Lebanese Army were killed in an unprovoked direct attack by armed groups from the followers of the fanatic Wahhabi cleric Ahmad Assir, the imam of Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque in Abra, Saida (Sidon) south of Lebanon.

Wahhabi terrorist cleric Ahmad Assir
Wahhabi terrorist cleric Ahmad Assir

This is not the first time the Lebanese Army is attacked during the past 2 years of the Syrian Crisis, and the deliberate loose handling of the situation by the Lebanese government encouraged Al-Qaeda affiliate groups in Lebanon to further their goal in weakening any resistance to Israel in the region. Fingerprints of Saudi intelligence can be felt everywhere, especially since the Wahhabi movement in Lebanon represented by Ahmad Assir is sponsored by the Saudi de facto King Bandar Ben Sultan Al Saud aka Bandar Bush.

Wahhabi cleric calls on his supporters to rescue him and Lebanese soldiers to defect:

Former Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri residing in Saudi Arabia backs these groups directly in Lebanon and through Lebanon into Syria. The Wahhabi cleric taking women and children in his mosque as human shields issued a statement calling on ‘Sunni’ members of the Lebanese Army to ‘defect’ from the ‘Iranian Army’ as he called it.

It’s the same group which called for Jihad, or holy war, against Syria, behind training camps of Al-Qaeda affiliate terrorists inside Lebanon, arming, financing and smuggling them into neighboring Syria and clearing the wounded to be treated inside Lebanon.

The attack is still going on and the Lebanese Army surrounds Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque where the Wahhabi cleric is.

UPDATE 9:10 pm June 23, 2013 Beirut local time: Lebanese Army say total martyrs killed by the terrorist group of Ahmad Assir reached 6 including 2 officers, one row officer and 3 soldiers.

UPDATE 10:00 am June 24, 2013 Beirut local time: Lebanese Army say total martyrs killed by the terrorist group of Ahmad Assir reached 12 and the number of injured exceeded 50 from the army. Counts of civilian casualties not yet confirmed. Lebanese Army cornered thugs from the Assir’s group within the doors of the Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque, affiliated terrorists moving the battle to other places in Lebanon to divert attention and take further civilian hostages (see below video for a statement by a terrorist group in Tripoli, north of Lebanon threatening the Lebanese Army). Large numbers of people who can flee had fled already the areas attacked, larger numbers entrapped within their houses as snipers are sniping any moving object. Many universities and schools delayed the final exams scheduled today.

UPDATE 05:30 pm June 24, 2013 Beirut local time: Lebanese Army takes full control of the military compound of Wahhabi cleric Ahmad Assir, moving slowly to declare the area safe as the terrorists have booby trapped all the buildings FSA-style. Number of Lebanese Army martyrs are believed to have exceeded 30 in different areas of Lebanon as terrorists moved to support their cleric in a number of locations in Akkar, Tripoli and some of the Palestinian camps. More than 50 injured soldiers. A large number of terrorists have been killed, injured and arrested in total more than 70 of them, most of which are not Lebanese. There’s no information on the fate of the Wahhabi cleric and his follower, former singer Fadl Shaker Shamandar, some rumors said he was smuggled by Red Crescent ambulances, other rumors he disguised in women cloth and reached the Qatari embassy in the capital Beirut.

The terrorist preacher’s ‘media office’ ‘security square’ and ‘military council’ are among the quarters ‘liberated’ by the Lebanese Army.

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  1. truth

    I’m glad you distinguish between wahhabis and sunnis as these wahhabis are not sunnis .Always make the differece known.,same with the muslim brotherhoood who are wahhabi as well


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