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More NATO-Backed Wahhabi Terrorists To Flood Syria

NATO Islamists Declare Jihad

An anti-Islam Islamist coalition met under the name ‘Nation Scholars Conference’ in Cairo and declared Jihad, Holy war, against Syria today calling for all ‘Muslims’ to drop all their livelihood and head to Syria to fight on the side of ‘Nusra Front’ in all types of Jihad ‘in person, with money and with gears’. The conference comes to try to save the FSA fighters and their Nusra Front branch in Syria from falling.

NATO Islamists declare Jihad against Syria
NATO Islamists declare Jihad against Syria

The conference was attended and geared mainly by the ‘Muslims Scholars Union’ led by the Egyptian cleric Qaradawi, who resides in Qatar and known to be an outspoken NATO backer starting with his calls to destroy Libya then his support for the Muslim Brotherhood organization to take control of Egypt and then dedicating most of his time to issue fatwas against Syria. A statement read at the end of the conference called as well to boycott all countries supporting the Syrian state and named ‘Russia, China, Iran and others’, not mentioning how can someone boycott China nowadays?!.. This call for boycotting these countries came immediately in the statement after calling on the ‘different factions fighting the Syrians, their state and their army’ to unite and drop any differences or in-between fighting, which explicitly means the unification of Nusra Front fighters with other branches of the FSA brigades, as such inner-fighting has increased recently over bounties, stolen goods and kidnapped women.

This is not the first time Wahhabi clerics call for Jihad against Syria, their non-stop TV shows kept calling for Jihad since the very early days of the Syrian crisis, their last call was on April 23, 2013 in Lebanon (Wahhabi Terrorists Declare Jihad Against Syria), but only few accepted the call and were exterminated in Al-Qussayr battle. This time, it’s an attempt to stop the ‘Unstoppable Syrian Arab Army‘ in liberating Aleppo from the terrorists. Also comes one day after French minister of foreign affairs Mr. Fabius called on the SAA not to liberate Aleppo and to aid the terrorists to create a balance with the Syrian state to attend Geneva 2 accord with some cards in their hands. Some Syrian activists were wondering yesterday whether Mr. Fabius is working as a Syrian ‘oppositionist’ or a minister of a UNSC permanent member state?

Worth noting that the Nusra Front was added to the US list of terrorist organizations, created by the CIA..! Also worth noting that Wahhabism is an ideology presented by the Brits in Arabia and meant to distort and destroy Islam from within offering a very ugly image of the religion which is followed by 1.3 billion people worldwide at least.

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