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Wahhabi Terrorists Declare Jihad Against Syria

Wahhabi Ahmad Assir

Sweep attacks by the Syrian Arab Army against strongholds of the Wahhabi Sex Jihadists in infested border towns and cities across Syria yesterday Sunday, resulted in a real massacre of those terrorists and fast losing of their once barricaded strongholds in many towns in Damascus countryside, especially in Jdaidat Alfadhl, in Idleb countryside, and in Homs countryside towards Al-Qussayr, the last main concentration of terrorists near the Lebanese borders. See our post yesterday (SAA Advances in Al-Qussayr Countryside).

Putting aside NATO ‘strategists’ disappointment of the conduct of their best trained assets ‘Al-Qaeda fighters’ throughout the country and throughout the past 2 years, those most evil in NATO’s camp found it as an opportunity to inflict the strife long awaited, the Sunni-Shiite strife to cause the mass-killing of Muslims at the hands of their fellow Muslims, and orders were given to the Wahhabi clerics all over the region to go rabid, and they did. In Lebanon, and in Tripoli, Lebanon’s 2nd largest city in the north, a gathering of Wahhabi and Salafist clerics came out with the following statement:

Wahhabi & Salafist statement in Tripoli, Lebanon calling for Jihad
Wahhabi & Salafist statement in Tripoli, Lebanon calling for Jihad

In the name of God most merciful most gracious

A meeting took place today noon at the office of sheikh Salem Rafii in Tripoli with a group of brothers from all of Lebanese territories: Buqaa, Beirut, South, Mount Lebanon, Akkar, Tripoli, and the latest developments were discussed, and the following was decided:

Call for General Alert to support the Lebanese Sunna who are under assault in (Syrian) Al-Qussayr and its countryside, through offering all kinds of support to preserve them, preserve their existence and allow them withstand, as per the Sharia, moral and humanity duty, especially after the state has dropped its duties and responsibilities in defending its citizens.

Also we send an open message to the 3 presidents (heads of government, state and parliament in Lebanon), by your silence regarding the rogue and direct involvement of Hizbullah in assaulting the oppressed Lebanese and Syrians in Al-Qussayr, you are opening Lebanon’s doors widely for a sectarian strife endangering civil peace and co-existence.

And God is our supporter
22 April 2013 A.D. (they mistakenly wrote 2012)

The media office of sheikh Salem Rafii

Wahhabi & Salafist meeting in Tripoli, Lebanon calling for Jihad
Wahhabi & Salafist meeting in Tripoli, Lebanon calling for Jihad

The Wahhabi and Salafist clerics in the north, seen in the photo above were meeting at the same time their friend, a fanatic radical lunatic fresh cleric Ahmad Al-Assir in Saida (Sidon city in the south) made a gathering in the mosque of Bilal Bin Rabah where he leads the prayers and called it a Shoura Council (advisory council) and came up with a ‘fatwa’ (a religious advisory opinion) calling for his followers ‘who see themselves threatened by Hizbullah to form cells of 5 persons for each cell to prepare to defend themselves’.

Wahhabi cleric Assir's gathering in his mosque in Sidon
Wahhabi cleric Assir’s gathering in his mosque in Sidon

Assir, never heard of before Lebanese Saad Hariri lost his government after 11 of his ministers resigned at once in June 2011, made several shows of himself with groups of new-Islamist groups from his mosque in the southern calm city of Sidon, where many saw him as a Saudi answer to the Iranian backed Hizbullah to defend Israel from the threats the Hizbualla fighters present especially after the failure of the 2006 Israeli aggression against Lebanon.

Wahhabi terrorist cleric Ahmad Assir
Wahhabi terrorist cleric Ahmad Assir

FSA propaganda pages on social media reported the gatherings of thousands of ‘Sunni’ fighters in different locations in Lebanon answering the call for Jihad and ready to march towards Al-Qussayr city in Homs countryside, inside Syrian land. Nothing confirmed from normal sources.

The craziness wasn’t limited to Lebanon and the Wahhabis there, the godfather of the so called Syrian Revolution residing in Saudi Arabia and issuing orders for mass massacres and ‘mincing the meat of Alawites’ Wahhabi cleric Adnan Aroor went rabid in his talk show on one of the stations created by the Saudi regime to promote ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’ of that type. See him in this short video clip with English subtitles:

If such calls utilize and they manage to amass herds of little-brains to go fight NATO’s holy war in Syria, that would lead in all scenarios to real massacres of hundreds if not thousands of such brainwashed terrorists and civilians in cities and towns on their path, not only NATO would be happy, but Israel will be the happiest. News of Jordan opening its airspace for Israeli warplanes to attack Syria in addition to the training camps of terrorists inside Jordan and smuggling thousands of terrorists into Syria through across the borders, will cost the Jordanian king his throne, his kingdom split into a Palestinian state and a desert state, in either way the conflict ends. Turkey to the north led by the fanatic Muslim Brotherhood government of Erdogan will also meet a very bad fate considering the willingness of Iran to defend its ally Syria in the wake of foreign intervention, the readiness of Syrian Army to strike with thousands of missile any major targets inside Turkey and the long desire of Russian Orthodox to retrieve Constantinople (Istanbul) from Turkey, the Kurds in the south will definitely lead Turkey into division and an ugly civil war. The earthquake Syrian president Assad predicted 15 months ago.

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