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Unstoppable SAA all Over Syria

SAA are flushing FSA from the sewers

Nobody envy NATO strategists and the western ‘think tanks’ for the miserable failure and disappointment they are living, all their dreams of winning in Syria are being trashed before their very eyes, and those who were putting conditions and insisting on a full victory against Syria are trying to find compromises and mediation with the Syrian state.

From where did the SAA, the Syrian Arab Army, get all that strength? Well, we warned since the beginning, the SAA is not using its full power and only working with 20 – 30% of its might in the battles. In one earlier posts, I wrote the Syrian Armed Forces before the crisis were mostly around a quarter of a million soldiers, now they’re almost 1 million in 5 different armies fighting on all fronts all over Syria.

NDF added huge manpower to the SAA, Baath Brigades, Syrian Resistance mainly in the northwest of the country, not to mention the Syrian security forces including policemen evolving from regular security to real fighters in their capacities. Then due to the biggest fault of attacking and involving Palestinian camps in the fights in Syria, the Palestinian Liberation Army and a number of Palestinian factions loyal to the Syrian state are ready to assist at any time. Then you have Hizbullah fighters securing the border villages near Qussayr which are mostly inhabited by Lebanese families.

Northern Syria
Map of Northern Syria, in red circles: Qamishli, Qussayr & Rastan

Hasakeh: A Nusra Front commander with 6 of his cannibal terrorists were killed when a unit of the SAA targeted them in the school of Tal Hamiss in Qamishli countryside.

Aleppo: Rashidin neighborhood east of the city near the Aleppo International Airport road was cleansed from terrorists by SAA and the governor instructed municipal workshops to restore all services in the district asap.

Homs, Qussayr: An SAA unit near Shamsin killed 7 terrorists trying to flee from the city, an unidentified number more were injured. Syrian Arab Army finished cleansing the southwest district of the city, reached the Municipality building in the center and advancing slowly in the northern neighborhood. Worth noting the northern district consists mostly of higher buildings making it more difficult for SAA to advance swiftly maintaining the buildings, but nothing is stopping the SAA men.

Worth noting the successive requests by western powers, the UN and even one of the most hated Lebanese politicians and former warlord from the Lebanese civil war to allow a passage for about 400 ‘wounded men’ in Qussayr into Lebanon. Chameleon Walid Junblat tried to ask Hizbullah leadership in Lebanon to mediate for the terrorists free passage and was answered negatively: ‘There’s nothing we can do, you can discuss the matter directly with the Syrians’, and when he tried to do so via a mutual friend with a Syrian official the reply was: ‘The route out of Qussayr city is known, and it’s the same route used by civilians to leave [via SAA checkpoint]’.

SAA units killed a whole group of terrorists trying to sneak into Qussayr city near Dheirej village. The group seems trying to break the siege SAA places around Qussayr city.

The sudden craze by the westerns and their stooges about the terrorists in Qussayr proves there’s something very important they care for so much. Check our Qussayrgrad post.

The head of the Qatari formed Syrian opposition coalition Sabra begged the Lebanese parliament speaker in a video message to interfere with the Syrian leadership to allow the besieged to leave. Syrians on social media sites were wondering: If the FSA ‘Free from Syrians Army’ controls most of Syria and if they’re sending reinforcements to Qussayr as NATO-aligned media keep repeating, why begging everybody to allow whoever in Qussayr to leave? One activist wrote to Mr. Sabra: ‘Watch Al-Jazeera and you’ll see FSA is still reinforcing for Qussayr battle instead of begging here and there’.

While writing this post breaking news from local sources in Qussayr confirmed around 245 terrorists surrendered to SAA in Qussayr with their weapons.

The FSA umbrella for terrorists is being punched by SAA advances
The FSA umbrella for terrorists is being punched by SAA advances

Homs, Rastan: SAA units carried out a number of surgical operations in the city against terrorist command centers near the Sports Center, Security Building and Professional Training Center. Al-Qaeda FSA lost in men, weapons, and vehicles.

Rastan city could be the target after Qussayr for the SAA, it’s the city where the Nusra Front committed their first crimes in the Syrian crisis. It’s the actual ‘stronghold’ of the FSA (Nusra Front) terrorists.

Operations continue in Damascus countryside, Jobar cleansing is on track, terrorists in Barzeh are cornered more by the day especially with the discovering of their sewers they were moving through, Harasta in the countryside is recovering but very slow, the nearby Douma is the biggest concentration of Nusra Front in the populated city. To the south, Darayya should be declared officially safe for human beings in the coming days after it was infested by NATO mercenary Wahhabi Sex Jihadists.

In Daraa, the SAA is moving only in surgical operations, keeping an eye on Al-Qaeda’s biggest supporter to the south: Israel.

Graphic contents, a report by ANNA News on 04 June 2013:

SAA are flushing FSA from the sewers
SAA is flushing FSA (Free from Syrians Army) from the sewers

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  1. Mustapha!

    What's in Al-Qusayr??? Kindly do tell EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD that the 'Emir of Qatar' has a blood-relative trapped inside Al-Qasayr itself after trying to show his Jihadi bravery of eating /sleeping /fighting with the 'so-called mujahideens' of Islam along with a tv crew documenting his leadership qualities. Over a 3-Day window of grace, they were too late in leaving the city before the borders became a no-go area with death as a possibility. Satelite phone is the only link they have with intermitent power of solar energy as their lifeline.

    If ALL the militants who surrender are re-checked with what they claim, One will seem to look "Out Of Place" with his features of a well-fed body looking ragged as he hasn't had a proper shower for several days:-))

    Qatar has found itself mourning, Only the 'royal family' though, with a likelihood of death to one of their own family but it's the media blitz and shame thats horrifying them.. Surely the zionists' media will make him a martyr even if he commits suicide:-)))

  2. Calvin Word

    spread the word about suria is confusing due to the westerly become involved, in the virtual world itself has been disagreement about the issue suria, syria issues in the news and opinion on it over the affairs of the school, there is a conflict conflict sect wants to master syria, like the news that has been discussed by Wahhabi stream that suria in the causes for conflict because tyranny ruler and greedy positions of power and oppress the people working suria while Wahhabi considered as the savior of the country from the clutches of a Shiite, is this true, and if how true this saying is true because the news had not received our news directly or indirectly falls spaciousness


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