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SAA Arrests Tens of Terrorists in Barzeh, North of Damascus

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Syrian Arab Army forces expanded their presence in Otaibeh, Abbadeh & Qassimiyeh towns in Damascus Eastern Ghouta reaching Adra to the north, sealing the terrorists within, especially in the areas of Jobar and Beit Sahm. This comes at the time of other battles taking place in northern Aleppo countryside, Homs countryside and inside the infected neighborhoods of the city and elsewhere.

Jobar district, Damascus
Jobar district, Damascus

In Douma, Harasta and Barzeh towns in northern Damascus countryside, a special operation by the Special Forces resulted in the killing of 3 terrorist commanders and the arrest of tens of Nusra Front fighters and confiscated their weapons, some of which were Israeli made.

The following report by Mazen Salmo from Al-Alam TV station with English subtitles:

Meanwhile, in Idleb, north of Syria, groups of terrorists are fighting in between and fierce clashes were reported in the city of Maratmasrin in Idleb countryside resulted in the killing of not less than 4 commanders of Nusra Front and other groups in the area.

So you can understand why the US regime and their NATO friends are gone mad and trying to push as much as they can afford to stop the Syrian Arab Army from further advances to keep some negotiating cards with them in any future settlement. Syrian crisis was never a domestic one, and was never a ‘civil war’ like the west call it as it’s not between two different groups of Syrians, rather it’s between the Syrian people and their army on one side and NATO-backed terrorists brought from all sides of the planet to enforce a ‘regime change’ in the country that witnessed the miserable failure of a ‘color revolution’ that would bring a puppet regime to the west. And why the sudden call for ‘Jihad’ against the Syrian state by the Wahhabi clerics in Cairo and their call for terrorists to unite and stop any inner-fighting.

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