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400 Villagers Return to their Liberated Al Vgeh Town North of Daraa

image-SAA Soldier with Syrian Flag

Al Vgeh is a small village in the northern countryside of Daraa province south of Syria, near the old Damascus – Daraa highway 35 kilometers to the north of Daraa City, it lives mainly on farming. The village was infested by terrorists who used the houses in this village as their base to launch attacks against other villages and against state institutions.

The Syrian Arab Army after its successes all over the country and mainly after the terrorists backbone was broken in Eastern Aleppo, has managed to add lots of gains in the battles against terrorists all over the country and especially in formerly terror hotbeds like Daraa’s northern countryside, and Al Vgeh village is an example.

Terrorists seeing the collapse of their dream preferred to take advantage of the presidential clemency act which will expire 27th of January 2017, dropped their weapons and some even joined the ranks of the SAA to battle their former colleagues especially that the plot is exposed beyond any doubt to be a destruction war and was never a just cause, even to the simplest villager in the most remote town in Syria.

400 villagers from Al Vgeh who had to abandon their town when the terrorists aka ‘Moderate Rebels‘ visited them are now back to their homes after years in internal displacement in other cities.

Active Syrian farmers already managed to plant around 100 hectares of their lands with wheat, barley, and some vegetables, the state was fast in rehabilitating the infrastructure of the vital facilities and restored electricity power, yes terrorists don’t like light, drinking water and the village school.

image-Al Vgeh Map - Daraa Northern Countryside near Damascus - Daraa Old Highway
Al Vgeh Map – Daraa Northern Countryside near Damascus – Daraa Old Highway

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