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Who Needs an Army of 350,000 Wahhabi Terrorists?

Foreign terrorists in Syria are being moved into Ukraine to fight with Nazis.

What to do with an army of 350,000 anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists who believe in ‘Sex Jihad’ and consider everybody else as infidels and should be killed?

The Syrian crisis is about to be over as it’s completing its 6 years, its 6th anniversary is on 15th March 2017, in less than 2 months. Today (27 January) is the last day in the Syrian presidential clemency decree and then the door will be closed for terrorists to repent and will have to face the might of the Syrian Arab Army.

On the ground, there’s only one small predicament: What to do with an army of 350,000 anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadist from the world’s filthiest filth?  This number is the population of a whole city, in some cases the size of countries’ armies.  Syria Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said that at the end of 2015, the Syrian Arab Army had fought with over 360,000 FOREIGN terrorists imported from over 100 countries on the planet during the past 6 years. The SAA killed 95,000 of these foreign savages, 120,000 went back to their homes or to other countries, more were smuggled back in under the cover of the US-led coalition from Mosul and thousands more augmented the deminishing numbers trhough Turkey.

In August 2011, fake news CNNs Anderson Cooper accused Syrian Ambassador Bashar al Ja’afari  of lying when he said that foreign terrorists had invaded Syria and were slaughtering its people.Some of the famous and infamous American illegal aliens who sneaked into Syria from Turkey’s borders and didn’t step on any of the 194,000 mines on the 915km (568.5mi) border:

U.S. Senator John McCain who is a staunch opponent of illegal aliens entering his country illegally entered Syria and met with terrorists and kidnappers in May 2013.

US loose senator John McCain in a memorial picture with the kidnappers of Lebanese men
US loose senator John McCain in a memorial picture with the kidnappers of Lebanese men

Fake news! CNN reporter Clarissa Ward was an American illegal alien in Syria so many times that she won awards for interviewing foreign terrorists that Cooper Anderson said didn’t exist.

image-CNN's Clarissa Ward
CNN’s Clarissa Ward, right, American illegal alien entered the SAR multiple times, embedding herself with foreign terrorists also illegal aliens.

American illegal alien Matthew VanDyke complained in 2013 that “if it wasn’t for the foreign fighters and Jabhat al Nusra we’d be in serious shit right now militarily.”  VanDyke won some awards for a ‘fraudumentary’ he made while an illegal alien in Syria.

American illegal Stephen Sotloff to American illegal VanDyke: “So the trick is to get kidnapped.”

Disabled veteran Eric Harroun (injured in US car accident) had enough money to be an American illegal alien in Syria where he threatened the life of President al-Assad, murdered Syrian soldiers and helped to blow a Syrian military helicopter from the sky.

American illegal alien Eric Harroun, armed with US weapons

American illegal alien Bilal Kareem was interviewed by fake news! CNN in December.  He was called the ‘last Western journalist of Aleppo’.

Fake news! CNN Hala Goran interviews American illegal alien in Syria, NYer Bilal Kareem
American illegal alien in Syria, Kareem, interviews Saudi illegal alien, Muhaysini, on US SDN terror list
American illegal alien in Syria, Kareem, interviews a suicide bomber.

The question again: What to do then with the remaining 350,000 of the world’s human garbagehuman beasts still remaining? By the way, they can be rebranded easily by the NATO propagandists and fake news media channels to any name you want and they can instantly become ‘grassroots movements’ for the best of any country needs to be destroyed, just saying.

Their sponsors are ready to go to the end to keep these retard criminals away from their borders, and in Syria, the SAA has a job to finish them, the response came from the dump who came to power recently.

Syria and the Syrian people have suffered enough fighting all these terrorists over 6 years who came from all sides of the planet, whoever wanted to get rid of their filth sent them to Syria and now can’t take them back and will not allow their return.

Turkey only yesterday 26th January 2017 listed Nusra Front as a terrorist organization, just 4 years after the US, the main sponsor and creator of all these terrorist groups listed it in December 2012. The crimes of Nusra Front with whatever they change their name, couldn’t be whitewashed and couldn’t be covered, except maybe by Erdogan of Turkey who kept using them until recently and after he cannot handle the terrorist attacks in the main Turkish cities. Now Erdogan is also building a wall to prevent his own children in the different groups to go back to his loving arms.

Europe, especially the Western part and especially Germany, France and UK, and most arrogantly and criminally France, do not want any of these super terrorists to go there at any price. European countries tasted a tiny amount of the poison they cooked for the Syrian people and couldn’t handle it.

Saudi, the motherland of Wahhabism, the religion of all these terrorist groups and the main danger on Islam by distorting the image of Islam and painting it as a criminal religion opposite to its peaceful stance. Saudi doesn’t want any of these anti-Islamic Wahhabi Terrorists to even visit its lands, they know exactly what they created. Al Saud would prefer to spend their people’s last cent on financing these terrorists to use them anywhere else especially against the Syrian state in favor of their ally in Israel, both religious entities Wahhabism and Zionism and both founded by the British more than a century ago, and to keep these terrorists as far as possible from the life style of the princes and princesses of Al Saud.

What applies to Saudi applies to Qatar, pronounced Gutter. Qatar and Saudi each one sponsors some of these groups ISIS, Nusra, Jaysh Islam, Ahrar Sham, whatever these FSA branches are called.

Russia at any price wouldn’t allow the 14,000 terrorists from Islamic republics within its federation to go back home after it allowed them to cross all these distances to be in Syria and target them there.  October 2015, Russia Insider published a “Great explanation of Russian strategy in Syria” by Russian scholar and Carnegie Fellow Andrey Sushentsov: Killing the terrorists in Syria is easier than killing them in the CIS and Russia got to assert as a ‘leading Middle East power.’

image-Russian Insider Great Explanation-Fight terrorists in Syria better than at home
Russian Insider Great Explanation-Fight terrorists in Syria better than at home

Chinese Uyghur Muslims are restive and no thanks to Turkey for that, the main danger for the Chinese provinces of Gansu, Xinjiang, Yunnan and Qinghai. China, the massive country if it has one province out of its control will find itself walking the same path as the former USSR. The Chinese will also do what is needed to get rid of thousands of their people who joined the terrorists in Syria. 11 January 2016 Ambassador al-Ja’afari explained to a press corps that doesn’t report his stake outs, new fabrications by Qatar’s al Khanzeera and Saudi’s part in flying Uyghur terrorists from China and then deploying them to slaughter Syrians.  An entire village of 3,000 Syrians in Aleppo governate was massacred by these Turkish and Saudi-run barbarians.  Syrian homes were then occupied by entire Uyghur terrorist families including grandmothers. 

Turkey (aka Erdoganstan now) has huge influence over the Muslim communities in the ‘stan countries except Pakistan and Afghanistan due to the US influence. Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan.. reaching Chinese Uyghur, many of them speak Turkish language in different dialects and have sent their imams there while the Saudis and its friends were concentrating on Pakistan, Afghanistan and Indonesia establishing the madrasas under US supervision.

Tunisia, one of the main exporter of the worst terrorists issued laws and discussing further laws to ban these terrorists from going back ‘home’. They have huge nationwide very serious debate on this matter.

Egypt, once their ousted Muslim Brotherhood president waged ‘Jihad’ (holy war) against Syria, are in security talks with their Syrian counterparts to find ways to terminate the Egyptian terrorists in Syria and not let them go back ‘home’. Egyptian president risked to severe ties with his Saudi patron to state he supports the national armies in their fights against terror and did mention Syria.

USA with its disconnected from reality leader now wants to create safe zones in Syria, the old French slogan, and the US is creating bases and sponsoring different sectarian groups in the country like the Kurds and trying to recruit the men in the Baggara tribe in Deir Ezzor.  Deir Ezzor has been a site of attempted genocide of the Syrian people since the beginning of the foreign-imposed crisis. In September the NATO war criminal coalition gave al Qaeda in Syria a second air force, when 83 Syrian soldiers fighting the terrorists were slaughtered by ‘coalition’ bombings.  Previously the war criminals focused their bombing on necessary Syrian infrastructure and massacring Syrian civilians, more than 200 in mid-July 2016 by US and France.

The US and EU with their Gulfies and Levantine stooges have funded armed and trained the savages they now want to contain inside Syria.  US has spent more than $2 billion tax dollars so that savages that murder and cannibalize our soldiers. They decapitate soldiers and grill their heads.  They kidnap children from hospitals and cut off their heads with kitchen knives. They blow up cancer hospitals, They bomb schools and universities.  They bake Syrians in ovens. 

They are suicide bombers, they don’t fear to get killed and they’re programmed to kill and cause most damage. one assumed to be armed with a gun and he was running away to avoid being caught, he was fearing the prison and these terrorists want to die, that Boston ‘terrorist’ kept the whole city of Boston on alert for 24 hours while all of the US local and federal law and semi agencies were man hunting him (and ignoring US Constitutional rights) until they wounded him and then killed him. Then theguy who blew up a cooking pot in Manhattan and America went mad until they caught him.

This is Syria every day for 6 years.  Paid for with American and European tax dollars.  This is Syria every day for 6 years with all of fake news! calling the monsters “moderate opposition”!

Imagine these are booby trapping armored vehicles like tanks and troops armored carriers and blowing by the tons of explosives stuffed in it in buildings and schools and hospitals in your city.

Why would Syria accept safe zones with this huge number of population who are the worse criminals on the planet on its land?! Why? And after the SAA achieved all these victories and withstood all the horror over the 6 years.  If US, EU, and Gulfies don’t want the savages they sent us, why not settle them in Israel?

If US, EU, and Gulfies don’t want the savages they sent us, why not settle them in Israel?  After all, Israel has given them free health care on the account of US taxpayers for all these years and brags about it. If these terrorists were really Muslims and not anti-Islam they would see Zionist Israel as their real enemy and can be able to do one thing right and rid the whole world of the last apartheid racist criminal regimes ever and the Palestinian cause will be solved and the world will defuse the most hottest spot. But ISIS and Israel have everything in common from foundation to ideology to practice to futuristic vision, that would be a very fetch.

image-Netanyahu visiting terrorists given free medical care in the Syrian Golan, occupied by Israel
Netanyahu visiting terrorists given free medical care in the Syrian Golan, occupied by Israel

This is Israel that threatens America’s new president in its media, while he threatens our country!

America’s new president trusts the caliph wannabe, Erdogan, supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood that late Hafez loudly denounced for their crimes of terror.

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”500″]

The crazed Erdogan committed a double war crime in shooting down the Russian jet in Syrian airspace.  He trusts the rabid Erdogan who had his special security policeman assassinate Russian diplomat Karlov shooting him in the back.  in Ankara!  America’s new president thinks it’s a great idea for insane Turkey to invade and occupy Syria’s Jarabulus!  Would such a smart man think it’s a great idea if Canada invaded and occupied New York and took 400 unemployed men to Canada to train them to be ‘policemen’ and then brought them back to New York for a ceremony where the American ‘graduates’ hail Canada and Justin Trudeau??

Smart new American president is president not yet one week and he announces his plan to be another US war criminal.  He wants to create safe zones in Syria, the old plan because nobody wants the terrorists out of Syria and they are ready to breach Syria’s sovereignty and keep these dangerous creatures in our country because they don’t want them.  The smart new American president isn’t so smart because a no fly zone is what they did to Libya and it’s the beginning of the real confrontation.

America’s new president isn’t draining the swamp. He’s already forgotten his promises of being a good neighbor in the acceptance speech. He plans to continue to breach Syria’s national sovereignty like he’s breached his oath to “not seek to impose our way of life on anyone…

If America’s new president were smart, he would drain that swamp by reopening the Syrian Embassy in D.C., by ending the ugly sanctions Obama imposed on Syria, by releasing Syria’s UN ambassador from the restrictions put on his movement by the State Department almost 4 years ago — to censor his successful meeting across the United States.

This was His Excellency Ja’afari’s first town hall meeting, Orlando Florida July 2013.  He spoke about the beautiful mosaic that is America and asked why America and its allies wanted to make Syria secretions of Sykes-Picot.

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”500″]

This was His Excellency’s most recent town hall meeting, en he said that Syria is fighting terrorism on behalf of the world.

And here is Syria’s diplomat telling the fake news! that ignores him that the Syrian Arab Army can destroy “ISIS” in three days if the west stopped giving them weapons and stopped facilitating their illegal invasion of his country.

~by Arabi Souri and Miri Wood.

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  1. Samua

    What to do with a number of *0000000000000000000 terrorists? PRAY OF COURSE, WHAT ELSE???
    Run is also possible. It’s not a shame. Hide…

  2. Marko

    A little “Color Revolution” in Iran would draw them like flies to shit , I bet.

    Trump’s team is full of lunatics that want to take out Iran.

    • miri

      Based on US history with Iraq, Libya, and Syria, the Obama – brokered colonialist ‘deal’ with Iran should have been named the “Death Takes a Holiday Treaty.”


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