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Tunisia: A Mayor Leading a Group Recruiting Terrorists to Fight in Syria

image-Tunisian Terrorists Recruiting Group Arrested in Tunisia

Law enforcement authorities in Tunisia arrested a group of 13 persons in Sousse including the mayor of a town in the province of the main tourist destination in the country for recruiting young men for terrorist groups.

A statement from the Minsitry of Interior added the members in the group arrested have confessed during investigation to conduct secretive meetings in a mosque in the town of Hargala, Sousse, East of Tunisia, and of sending 12 young men to join terrorists in battle groups abroad.

The detainees also revealed their connection to the ‘Uqba Bin Nafii’ terrorist group, active in Chaambi Mountain on the Tunisian-Algerian borders, and their connection to a ‘dangerous terrorist figure’. – Terrorists name their terror groups after prominent Islamic leaders to taint the image of Islam and to gain popularity for their cause among the less-fortunate uneducated youth.

A local newspaper mentioned that the mayor of Hergla was among the arrested adding that he was fired from his office by the governor of Sousse.

Tunisia, the cradle of western-sponsored ‘regime change’ in the region aka the ‘Arab Spring’, have been also the cradle for recruiting the worst anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadist terrorists sent to fight in Syria, with the least estimate of 5,500 of them fighting abroad, the number of verifiable and documented terrorists, it might be much higher as one of our reports in early 2014 put it at 4,000 in Syria alone. Terror groups blossomed in Tunisia after the toppling of the former strongman president Bin Ali and the takeover of the country by the Qatari-aligned Muslim Brotherhood parties led by Al-Nahda, which ‘surprisingly’ was the only group organized and prepared for the ‘Western democracy push’ in the country. The Al-Nahda Party after massive street protests and the toppling of their buddies in Egypt decided to become more moderate and less radical and is now part of the ruling coalition denouncing terror, too late? Very too late.

Arab Spring
Arab Spring Blossoming

The preferred tourist destination for European was the scene of deadly terror attacks targeting tourists, state security and the country’s infrastructure. French Nice attack and Berlin Christmas Market attack were also carried out by Tunisian terrorists.

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