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Number of Tunisian Terrorists Operating Abroad

image-Tunisian Terrorists

The creation of Tunisian Terrorists predicament. Tunisia was the first victim of the ‘Arab Spring’ and that’s when those who took over the ruling in this country under the sponsorship of Qatar and who controls Qatar took advantage of the new situation there and used the young Tunisians as their tools to kill other people especially in Syria, Libya, Iraq and other targeted nations.

Turkey and Jordan played an instrumental role in receiving terrorists from Tunisia and from wherever the anti-Islamic Wahhabi recruiters managed to reach. Numerous training camps in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and other countries were opened, command centers were established and western officers were brought in to supervise these groups, most of which now form Fateh al-Sham formerly Nusra Front aka al-Qaeda and formerly FSA, and of course ISIS, among tens of other head-chopping, cannibal, sex jihadist groups.

Taking their instructions from Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood who took over Tunisia post the ‘Arab Spring’, and their president Muncif Marzouqi who used to work for Qatari’s state media channel Jazeera, all relations with Syria were severed and the Syrian embassy in Tunisia was closed.

As a norm in international relations when even diplomatic ties are severed between countries, consular and security operations and channels remain open. However, in the case with Syria, retard leaders like the former and current French and those in Saudi and Turkey cut all these ties, and despite cutting the ties with their Syrian counterparts, the French security arrogantly and stupidly ignored a ‘FREE of CHARGE’ warning from the Syrian security agencies of imminent terror attacks in France, which happened during the past few years.

The hatred against Syrians and the extreme policies carried out by the West and their regional stooges to topple the Syrian government and hand over the country to terror groups like they’ve done in Iraq, Libya and elsewhere, pushed those officials to adopt terror as their mean of ‘regime change’ and whenever you raise a monster, it will definitely eat you, or in your best scenario: bite you.

image-Foreign terrorists in Syria end of 2013
A report issued on 03 January 2014 shows side of the documented foreign terrorists in Syria with the number of the ones killed or vanished among them

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