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More Weapons Found in Eastern Aleppo Left Behind by ‘Moderate Rebels’


In our report on 16 December 2016, we showed huge quantities of weapons and munition left behind by the terrorists evicted from the city by the Syrian Arab Army.

These terrorists had those quantities of weapons hidden in their warehouses while they along with their backers in the West kept lying claiming the siege the Syrian Army laid around them made them and the citizens starve and ill due to lack of food and medicine. Well, today’s discoveries dwarf the previous ones by many times.

We all remember the criers at the United Nations Security Council, especially by the French, US, UK, Canadian, Ukrainian and the Arabs for the bad humanitarian situation the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies have inflicted upon them. Where are these criers now? Or they’ll always find new stories to cry about temporary while fooling their own followers?

The Syrian Arab Army today discovered a new depot stacked with all types of weapons from hand grenades and guns to tanks, from laser-guided missiles to the latest communication devices. These weapons and munitions are worth billions of dollars, guess who paid for it? And were enough for a several years war. Watch side of these weapons in this report:

Who can stock all of these weapons and the huge quantities of food and medicine found, didn’t have a noble goal to ‘defend civilians from their government’ and to ‘spread democracy and free speech’. If we also notice the tens of thousands of foreign Jihadists imported from all sides of the world to fight the Syrian people, we realize the size of the conspiracy all these Western politicians and their regional stooges were working on to destroy the last secular country in the MENA region.

Western citizens especially those in the leading countries of the war of terror on Syria should start saving to compensate the Syrian people for the crimes they and their elected leaders have committed against the Syrians since the beginning of the crisis in Syria.

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