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SAA at T4 Military Airport – Rare Footage – Severe Weather

image-SAA Syrian Arab Army heroes defending T4 Military Airport from ISIS operating in severe weather conditions

The men and women in the SAA, the Syrian Arab Army, are far more than super heroes, history will have to open a special division just to talk about what these men and women, young and elders, have endured during the past years of the Syrian Crisis, what they have seen and what they have fought, and how they won and reserved their place in history books the legendary heroes they are.

Al-Ghadeer TV camera paid a visit to our soldiers in the T4 Military Airport near the ancient city of Tadmor (Palmyra) on 25 December 2016 and brought to us a rare footage on the conditions these men operate under and it’s not enough they’re being constantly attacked by thousands of the world’s filthiest filth the inhumane anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadist terrorists from ISIS, al-Qaeda, Nusra Front, FSA.. whatever name these NATO agents go by.

Watch and pray for these heroes to win all their battles on the ground, they have already earned our hearts and admiration:

T4 Military Airport is the biggest military airport in Syria and is stationed in the Syrian Badiya, the Syrian Desert, which adds harsh weather conditions even in the normal days of summer or winter or spring or autumn.

A report released by a UN body in April 2016, 8 months ago, stated that the Syrian Arab Armed Forces have fought over 135,000 foreign terrorist since the beginning of the Syrian Crisis until then. To understand the number properly just imagine one single terrorist suspect responsible for blowing up a cooking pot who ‘might be armed’ with a ‘pistol’ had a manhunt against him by the world’s most sophisticated security agencies and law enforcement: the FBI, NSA, CIA, National Guards, local police, state police and you name it, took them 24 hours to find him and shoot him then finish him at the hospital, in the manhunt process the ‘law enforcement’ breached all laws in the US and conducted a door to door raids in the city of Boston, causing more terror to the locked up residents than the terrorist suspect himself. Multiply that number: 1 individual 135,000 times, not tens, not hundreds, not thousands but tens of thousands.

Imagine that Boston cooking pot blower up terrorist suspect might be armed with a pistol who ran away for his life and even to avoid a lifetime prison put a whole city in the USA on its feet for 24 hours and compare him with these endless herds of suicide bombers wearing explosive vests, coming loaded with the latest in the US arsenal of machine guns, night vision goggles, communication devices, NATO generals as their commanders, wealthy countries as their financiers, riding 60,000 Toyota’s latest pick up trucks mounted with machine guns and missile launchers, and attacking the Syrian Arab Armed Forces continuously for over 5 years.

Just for your info, the 135,000 foreign terrorists invading Syria from all sides with the help of all of the West and their regional stooges, reported by the UN report, was the number the UN officials could verify. Our estimates confirm they were already 80,000 foreign suicide terrorists back end of 2013 with proven figures not counting terrorists from China, Turkmenistan, actually all the ‘stans’.. pre-ISIS who came in hundreds of cars from neighboring Iraq, or let’s say when ISIS was still the FSA.

Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al Assad with an SAA unit
Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al Assad with an SAA unit

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