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New Grisly Reports from Liberated Aleppo

image-Human Butchery Run by Syrian Opposition - Organ Trafficking

Graphic media included.

Horrific reports coming from Aleppo neighborhoods that have endured more than four years of terrorist occupation, continue unabated in bottomless depths of depravity.  A deal brokered by Russia and Turkey – requested by UN Spec op diplomat Stefan de Mistura – allowed an unreported number of takfiri savages to leave Syria’s second capital …leaving countless sadistic gifts behind.

To date, depots of massive weapons, school rooms turned into hidden battlegrounds, a slaughterhouse in which 100 were massacred have been uncovered.

‘Bombs, not books’ found in schools in liberated Aleppo.

Forty-five booby-trapped buildings and 16 hectares have had their explosive devices neutralized by Russian sappers.  Safe detonations in one Aleppo neighborhood are reportedly being heard every 10 minutes.

Now, reports are surfacing of mass graves of tortured victims who had their internal organs stolen.

Theft of organs is not new in the Syrian crisis.  It was first discovered in 2011, by members of the Syrian Arab Army, who found a human butcher shop in Homs (when all of the moderate rebel terrorists were of the FSA cannibals and killers of teachers, children, and mailmen).  Butchers are much tidier; in the following video it looks like the Dr. Mengele surgeons did “smash and grabs,” and left behind unneeded body parts, like much detritus requiring a diligent maid.

Your discretion is advised, the footage is Gruesomely Graphic:

Syria’s Permanent Representative, Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari – still under State Department democratic restriction of mobility – has, on countless occasions, brought the theft of organs of Syrians in Turkish and Jordanian refugee tent dumps, to the UN, which in turn, ignored all documented evidence.

In December 2015, Turkish media did a nice little limited hang-out over the arrest of one Boris Walker, a.k.a. Boris Wolfman, an Israeli indicted for human organ trafficking, who “managed to flee” while awaiting trial.  Israeli media also did a nice little limited hang-out report on the arrest, politely noting that Israel was anticipated Walker/Wolfman’s extradition, because he was a very very very bad man who was buying spare body parts – so cheaply! – and not warning his client base of potentially devastating side effects from surgery!

Unfake msm – all of whom flunked the “Aleppo Quiz for Mike Barnicle” – are dealing with their traumatic grief over the liberation of Syria’s second capital via use of destructive mechanisms such as emotional war porn pimping of Erdogan’s new little friend, ‘Bana,’ the 7 year old tweeter who appeared, magically, in September, to call upon humanity to launch WWIII.

American English writing 7 yr old tweets for WWIII, without internet

On 21 December, Bolivian actress and filmmaker Carla Ortiz told CNNterrorists most trusted name in news, and friends of child beheaders — “it is impossible, there is no electricity, no internet.”  ‘Bana’ has probably been sitting on caliph-wannabe Erdogan’s lap, since September, while her terrorist daddy remained in Aleppo, murdering Syrians, and helping to rig explosives throughout the city, before his unfake BBC report of his walk down the Turkish red carpet.

Bana’s terrorist daddy, locked and loaded.
‘Bana’s daddy with other armed terrorists in Syria

This rare photo of an unarmed Bana’s daddy, was in Ankara, where last week, Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov was assassinated by Turkish special forces policeman assigned to the diplomat’s security detail, Mevlut Mert Altintas.

“Bana”‘s terrorist dad received by state sponsor of terror, Erdoganstan

Solely for this reason of complicated grief, have the unfake msm honestly not noticed that US officials and their regional stooges who promised that ‘Aleppo liberation is not the end of the war,’ are keeping those promises, as now the terrorists are entering new realms of atrocities while lamenting the reunification of Aleppo:

The Syrian Arab Army will liberate every inch of the homeland, will rid Syria of the terrorist human garbage heaped upon it, in the most heinous international conspiracy in human history.

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