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Aleppo Quiz for Mike Barnicle

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US media has again found a new fixation:  The gaffe of Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party nominee for president, who appeared on an MSNBC morning program.  When asked what he “would do about Aleppo,” he responded with the now infamous question, “What is Aleppo?” Interviewer Mike Barnicle smugly retorted, “You’re kidding,” and then claimed that one of the oldest, and continuously inhabited, cities in the world is the “epicenter of the refugee crisis.”

As msm obsesses over Johnson’s faux pas (despite him saying he ‘blanked,’ and thought Barnicle had used an acronym), and uses the story line to repeat its anti-Syria propaganda, it falls upon SyriaNews to wipe the pompous from his faux ignorance.

Despite Barnicle being an award-winning journalist with a career spanning multiple decades, he seems to be unaware that the UN publishes refugee statistics, and last year noted that Syrians comprise less than 20% of the world’s refugees.  Despite the horrors inflicted upon them by terrorists funded by the NATO countries and their Levantine and Gulfie underlings, most Syrians prefer to stay in their homeland.  More than 8 million Syrians are Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), moving to safer areas of their homeland (generally under the protection of their military).

The history of Aleppo (حلب) dates back to the 6th millennium BCE.  It was hub of the Silk Road, the ancient network of trade, development, and culture throughout the Asian continent, over many centuries.  Barnicle attempted to reduce this cultural history to a lie — a lie unchallenged by the media that fixates on the blunderer.

The dignity, tolerance will and humanity of the Syrian people are like Aleppo Castle.  The barbarians and all other extremists and forces of darkness will never be able to destroy it. — a Syrian citizen of Aleppo

aleppo citadel
Aleppo Citadel, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Soon after the media frenzy was launched, Barnicle partook of the advantage the opportunity of Johnson’s mistake afforded, and penned an emotional war porn piece in which he does not blame the presidential candidate for “not knowing.”

war porn aleppo
War porn follow up to Johnson’s error

Mr. Barnicle, are you a cretin, or has your friendship with John Kerry made you a war whore Vichy urinalist? You bleat over “Omran,” yet ignore Abdullah?  Are you not embarrassed to use the GrayBoy as emoticon, knowing that the man who took his “iconic” photograph is a terrorist who supports the terrorist savages who cut off 12-year-old Abdullah’s head, 12 year old Abdullah Issa, whose last request was to be shot, instead?

You’re kidding.

kareem-zinki-white helmets-aleppo
Rslan ‘selfie’ with human beasts who cut off 12 year old Abdullah Issa’s head.
Al Qaeda FSA/Zinki branch kidnapped 12 yr old Abdullah Issa & proudly videoed themselves carving off his head.

Mr. Barnicle, you made your colonialist outlook known when you talked about “going along with keeping [President] [Dr.] Assad in power for a while,” but were you actually titillated by the many US diplomats wanting to bomb him?

us-diplomats-call-for-war against syria - aleppo
You’re kidding!

Mr. Barnicle, why did you ask Mr. Johnson about Aleppo, instead of Syria?  Why did you sever the city from its country?  Is that an insidiously subtle way to promote balkanizing the SAR?

Mr. Barnicle, do you know that in August 2012, the terrorist FSA threw mailmen from the roof of a government building in Aleppo?

Mr. Barnicle, do you know that in November 2012, the terrorist FSA stole 1,000 Aleppo factories, and delivered them to Turkey?

Mr. Barnicle, do you know that on 15 January 2013, eighty-two students were martyred when two FSA mortars hit Aleppo University?

Mr. Barnicle, do you know that in February 2013, the terrorist FSA burnt down the ancient souks of Aleppo?

Mr. Barnicle, do you know that in March 2013, the terrorist FSA kidnapped and beat the Yellow Man of Aleppo, a senior citizen and local celebrity?  And that he was not seen after this video was uploaded?

Mr. Barnicle, do you know that in December 2013, the terrorist FSA turned the al Kindi University Cancer Hospital in Aleppo to rubble?

Video can also be downloaded from Google Drive:

Mr. Barnicle, do you know that in October 2015, the US bombed two electrical power plants in Aleppo?

Mr. Barnicle, do you know that on 22 July, two mortars were fired into Sebil Park in Aleppo?  It was a Friday afternoon, and 8 people were murdered, and 30 more wounded?  And that this attack was perpetrated one day after a bomb was remotely detonated in a tunnel under a police station in the al Hal neighborhood (death toll was undisclosed)?

An afternoon in the park was interrupted by moderate mortars. These two Syrians were among 8 murdered in Sebil Park, 22 July.

Mr. Barnicle, does your concern for Aleppo only extend to terrorists?

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  1. ArabiSouri

    They’re paid by the same masters leading the mercenary terrorists. It’s a complete industry of regime change and destruction of countries that includes terrorists, weaponry, intel gathering, propaganda and even humanitarian relief for further propaganda. It’s their job to serve their pay masters in achieving their goals, even if they have to lie and fabricate stories similar to incubators, mobile WMDs and alike, he was just doing what he is paid for, no need for logic, fact checking or even analytical thinking.


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