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US Should Charge Clarissa Ward with “Aiding the Enemy”

by Miri Wood

As we approach the anniversary of 9/11, we might ask if giving a Public Relations makeover to a “global terrorist” of al Qaeda is protected under the First Amendment.

On 8 August, Ambassador Samantha Power thanked the UK, France, New Zealand, and Nazimaidan Ukraine for hosting the most recent UN anti-Syria propaganda event.  Speakers at the fête were two members of the grassroots NGO Syrian American Medical Society ($15 million budget in FY 2015), CNN‘s Clarissa Ward, and — by phone — a head of “Syria’s” White Helmets, the grassroots NGO founded by a British intelligence officer, headquartered in Turkey.

Neither SAMS nor Power has released the fraudumentary shown at a secret meeting at the UN, April 2015
[1] Neither SAMS nor Power has released the fraudumentary shown at a secret meeting at the UN, April 2015
Humanitarian White Helmets stand on Syrian corpses while making the "victory" sign
Humanitarian White Helmets stand on Syrian corpses while making the “victory” sign [2]
Mahmoud Rslan, WH humanitarian who took "iconic" photo, poses with terrorists who beheaded 12 year old Abdullah Issa
Mahmoud Rslan, WH humanitarian who took “iconic” photo, poses with terrorists who beheaded 12 year old Abdullah Issa [3]
Rslan subsequently lied that the savage beheading was of a 19 year old.

The dichotomy of criminal propaganda against the SAR — involving smarmy war porn (and which inherently includes this UN meeting) — is meticulously brought to light by SyrianGirlPartisan, in this video showing the viralization of the photo of the Gray Boy, and comparing it to the relative media silence on the beheading of 12 year old Abdullah Issa (This video does not show his ghastly beheading, but does contain his last words, requesting to be shot, instead).

Power saved her best, for last:  Finally, we welcome CNN Senior International Correspondent, Clarissa Ward, who also recently returned from Aleppo and whose reporting throughout the Syrian conflict has helped the world see the brutality of this war up close.  

Perhaps Power has a special affinity for Ward, based on their commonality; in the early days of her career, Power also engaged in pimping war, from Yugoslavia, launching the colonialist concept of “responsibility to protect [sic]” as humanitarian cover for destroying entire nations. It should be noted that Power’s opening statement to the deranged attendees, gave a bit of a whitewash to a terrorist gang in Syria:

On Friday, opposition groups — joined by members of the terrorist group Jabhat al Nusra — launched a counter-offensive [against the Syrian government protecting its people from foreign funded and armed takfiri].

Samantha Power UN 8 August 2016.jpg

Power’s subtle meld of terrorists not on the US terror list, with a terrorist gang that is actually on the terror list, fighting to destroy the SAR, sounds as though the US may be considering its removal.

At the very least, her words were a weighty complement to Ward’s recent interview of a foreign terrorist in Syria, a leader of this terrorist gang which abruptly changed its name.

Ward addressing the UN meeting of criminal liars
Ward at the UN

Contrast the above photo to how Ward dresses when illegally in Syria, to meet with her terrorist friends occupying part of Aleppo and Idlib.  Note the difference between her UN assertiveness, and her submissive bend, hands bordering on supplication.  Note her professional sense of style at the UN, and contrast it to the foreign niqab she dons during her times spent with terrorists (and also the dramatic aura of obedient servitude, as she walks behind the terrorist she is interviewing).

liar clarissa ward

On 1 August, CNN, Terrorists Most Trusted Name in News, launched its campaign to rehabilitate al Qaeda in Syria, by giving an international audience to Australian terrorist Mostafa Mahamed *.  In its headline, CNN criminally lies by calling the Jabhat al Nursa savages “Syria’s” and then anticipates that its viewers will not notice that its Australian leader is not Syrian because he is Australian.

This murderer — who was unsuccessful in mediation among other foreign takfiri gangs engaging in some fratricide, in Syria — is presented by CNN as polite and jovial enough to be mistaken for Santa Claus, were his beard dyed white, and a red cap placed upon his head.

CNN gives foreign terrorist an international audience
Dressed for success in international interview.  The semi-automatics are nowhere to be seen.

Here is the true face of the foreign invader and killer of Syrians:

Not Santa
Not Santa
not santa claus.jpg

Ward has stated she has illegally entered Syria “about a dozen times” since the beginning of the foreign funded and armed crisis began, in 2011.  She once entered under false pretense, claiming to be a tourist.  This is called lying.  It should therefore be no surprise that Ward has won multiple awards for criminally lying about the SAR and the Syrian people.  Ward embeds herself with foreign terrorists, in Idlib and Aleppo, and delights in interviewing Americans and Dutch, also illegally in the country, murdering Syrian people and destroying their country’s infrastructure.

Mahamed, by the way, bragged about being in the SAR for the past five years, which makes CNN‘s Anderson Cooper either a criminal liar, or criminally stupid:  In his interview with H.E. al Ja’afari, five years ago, when the diplomat stated that foreign terrorists had invaded his country and were slaughtering his people, Cooper arrogantly retorted, that’s not true! [4]

Ward calls JaN among the most “feared rebel fighters,” and neglects to mention a single atrocity this gang of serial killers has committed — while noting the killer Aussie is a “cleric.”  She is emphatic that Mahamed states neither he, nor his renamed savages, has any plan to launch atrocities outside of Syria .  She tells the world that these malignant sociopaths plan to “usher in a new chapter, announcing it would break ties with Jabhat al Nusra and change its name…”.  Et voila! perhaps the old terrorists with the new name will raise the age of grotesque child beheadings from 12 to 13.

She does not ask why he has traveled 11,978 km (7,443 mi) to butcher Syrians.

As almost an aside, Ward notes that Mahamed was named a “global terrorist” by the US.  This burp, along with some seconds of a Pentagon spokesman saying the name change is meaningless, gives both Ward and her editors at CNN the facade of an impartial news report.   By giving the Wahhabi foreign leader of the most feared beheaders, bombers of schools and hospitals, destroyers of homes and infrastructure this international audience (“reaching more than 420 million households around the globe,” according to its own 9 June 2016 report), the intention seems that Ward and her bosses are on a campaign to cleanse the blood from these al Qaeda hands.  [5]

On 19 May Mahamed was added to the Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs) list.  “Treasury remains committed to taking aggressive action against ISIL and al Qaida’s financiers and facilitators [emphasis added], said Adam J Szubin, Acting Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.

Treasury terrorist designation.jpg

The Treasury statement referred to Executive Order 13224, signed 23 September 2001, which defines terrorism as

an activity that (1) involves a violent act or an act dangerous to human life, property, or infrastructure; and (2) appears to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion, or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, kidnapping, or hostage taking.

Though announced in 2001, this description covers the atrocities the Syrian people have suffered, and continue to endure, since March 2011, including kidnappings — of bishops, women, children, and soldiers of the SAA.

The Australian, on 12 June 2016, reported that Mahamed is on the US targeted assassinations list.  Though this author has not found the actual list, international msm support the notion that those on the SDNs list are also on the non-judicial hit list.

The Australian 12 June 2016

This appeal is to both the US Military Court** and to the Department of Justice, to charge Ward and her CNN employers with aiding the enemy and with treason — respectively, and is based legal precedent (regarding non-journalist US civilians).

On 21 December 2001, John Yoo issued a memorandum regarding civilian John Walker, stating he might be charged in “assisting a terrorist organization,” and could also be court-martialed for “aiding the enemy” (Walker took a plea bargain from the government).

Department of Justice intent to charge civilian
Department of Justice intent to charge civilian

On 11 October 2006, the Department of Justice indicted civilian Adam Gadahn (nee Pearlman) for treason and other charges (Gadahn was reportedly killed in a US drone bombing, last year).

DoJ charging US citizen with treason.jpg

The DoJ‘s press release stated he acted “as a propagandist for al Qaeda.”

Ward gave an audience of over 400 million, to a pleasant-looking al Qaeda terrorist with a charming Australian accent, so that he could tell the world he is no longer al Qaeda — and will contain his terrorism to within Syria’s borders.

Does this also not describe acting “as a propagandist for al Qaeda”?

Yesterday, Ward extended her support of terror against Syria, by reaching out to US/UK 5th columnist, Bilal Abdul Kareem, for his “brave” lying report on those pesky chlorinated, flying IEDs, at the vegetable-less vegetable market, in the terrorist-controlled area of Aleppo.

cheering merc bilal kareem.jpg

Kareem, yet another non-Syrian member of the “Syrian rebels,” is a New York city born and reared propaganda mercenary, another illegal alien in the SAR.  He was deployed to Libya to hold a video camera, for which he received awards in faux journalism from Channel 4 reporters.  His journalism history includes an English-language Saud-based television show in Cairo.  Last year, he put out a call for the Turkish navy to ‘rescue’ the Rohingya boat people, and bring them to colonize Syria (the plight of the Rohinga was replaced with the myth of the external Syrian refugee, one year ago).

In his “brave” war pimping, Kareem claims that no less than four of the chlorinated, flying IEDs hit the neighborhood; he complains that he will have to soon move, because of the odor.  He offers an immediate cough, as evidence, after which the camera pans to a woman in black wearing an expensive gas mask, and a man on the ground with a handkerchief over his mouth.  This man is subsequently shown in the car driven by Kareem, rushing to the hospital, as the ambulances are all overwhelmed.  Kareem announces the man is having difficulty breathing.  On cue, the man screams a couple of times.

There is a sacrosanct law of healthcare:  If you can scream, you can breathe.

Here, it is important to mention that the sadistic humor apparatus of the 5th column is implicit in this Wahhabist-merc news ‘source,” On the Ground News TV (OGN).  A Google search of OGN yields no results to Kareem’s “news” channel, but to the South Korean cable station “that specializes in broadcasting video game related content and esports matchesOGN was originally named ongamenet.

This popped during a search for OGN's twitter account
This popped during a search for OGN’s twitter account

Kareem divides his illegal alien status in Syria, embedded with terrorists in Idlib, and with terrorists in Aleppo. Despite the claims of starvation, he appears to be able to maintain his robust physique, as do all the takfiri and their mouthpieces.  Msm ignores this, along with the miracles of the terrorists always having good internet connections, and no problems with electrical shortages, nor with gasoline to run their vehicles.

Media reports commemorating the upcoming Fifteenth Anniversary of the 11 September terrorist attacks have begun; what better way to honor those killed, than by the DoJ indicting Ward (et al.) in acting as a propagandist for al Qaeda?

This request to the US Military Court and Department of Justice is quixotic — and not because Ward and CNN mixed the bleaching of this bloody monster Mahamed with enough of a sprinkling of objective news as to be protected under the First Amendment; the DoJ can bring charges whenever and wherever it wishes.

This request is quixotic because it is unlikely that Ward and CNN would have given the “global terrorist” such a monstrous stage, without a wink and a nod from the perpetual war criminal US government.

* Subsequently interviewed in sky News and reported in other UK media.  sky‘s headline — very subtly — exuded an air of reverence while attempting to legitimize the savage:

sky interviews him.jpg

** In May 1951, Congress enacted the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which “defines the military justice system” and lists “criminal offenses under military law.”  These laws are generally used against members of the US military.

[1] SAMS Annual Report 2015 (pdf file)

[2] Short video clip of the neutral White Helmets stating they throw the corpses of Syrian Arab Army soldiers into the “trash”:

[3] On 20 July, international msm used the occasion of the heinous beheading of 12 year old Abdullah Issa by another terrorist offshoot of the terrorist FSA to give legitimacy to the fascist coalition’s illegitimate daily bombings of the SAR.  Quite impressively, not a single msm engaged in pimping the human interest story of the WH photographer of the iconic Gray Boy, took a moment to look at Rslan’s Facebook profile, which contains a selfie he took with the beheaders, after this atrocity.  He lauded them as “leaders in the first grade.”

Mahmoud Rslan, WH humanitarian who took "iconic" photo, poses with terrorists who beheaded 12 year old Abdullah Issa
Mahmoud Rslan, WH humanitarian who took “iconic” photo, poses with terrorists who beheaded 12 year old Abdullah Issa


[5] Mahamed tweeted out a transcript of Ward’s softball questions and his answers.  In #5 his claim that his priorities are to the Syrian people, is particularly sadistic; the Syrian people have been fighting this killer and his cohorts for more than five years.

[6] Two hundred thirty-two media executives control the information provided to 277 million US Americans with a 2010 revenue of 275.9 billion USD.

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