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Syria: Who Coordinated Monday’s Terror Attacks?

by Miri Wood

Segue la traduzione in italiano. 

On Monday 5 September, in the morning, six takfiri bombings murdered 4o Syrians, and wounded dozens more.

Twin bombings struck Tartous countryside, which suffered the largest casualties.  A car was remotely detonated on Arazona bridge and was followed by a double tap suicide bomber to kill those who rushed to help the wounded.  In al Hasaka, a motorcycle was remotely detonated on the roundabout, killing 5 and injuring 2.  Another car bomb was exploded at the entrance of Bab Tadmur neighborhood in Homs, martyring 4, wounding 10.

The west does not ask the “moderateterrorists to stop bombing Syria.

sana (3).jpg

Courtesy SANA
Courtesy SANA

The double suicide bombers in al Sabbounoura (Damascus) only killed one, and injured 3.

These six bombings come one day after Israel launched three missiles against Syrian Arab Army military sites.   Israeli media reported the breach of Syrian sovereignty as “retaliation” for a mortar landing in the Israel occupied Syrian Golan, from the non-occupied Golan.  Though Israel is not specifically a member of the fascist coalition bombing the SAR on a regular basis, Israel has independently bombed the SAR on more than one dozen occasions since the crisis was launched in 2011.  It is no secret that Israel has frequently come to the rescue of the terrorist al Qaeda factions against Syria.

Netanyahu visits al Qaeda terrorists getting free wound care in IDF units in the Occupied Golan
Netanyahu visits al Qaeda terrorists getting free wound care in IDF units in the Occupied Golan

In her report from Syria, Afraa Dagher notes that the new spike in terror is related to recent and significant gains made by the Syrian Arab Army (committed to liberating all of Syria from the terrorists).

Lunedi ‘5 settembre, al mattino, sei bombardamenti takfiri hanno ucciso 4o siriani, e ferito decine di altri.

Il duplice attentato ha colpito la periferia di Tartous dove sono state registrate le maggiori perdite. Una macchina è stata fatta esplodere a distanza sul ponte Arazona ed è stato seguito dopo poco da un attentatore suicida per uccidere coloro che si erano recati li per aiutare i feriti. In al Hasaka, una moto è stata fatta esplodere a distanza sulla rotonda, uccidendo 5 persone e ferendone 2. Un’altra autobomba è esplosa all’ingresso del quartiere di Bab Tadmur a Homs, 4 martiri, 10 feriti.

Ma l’Occidente non chiede ai terroristi moderati che smetta di bombardare la Siria.

Altri attentatori suicidi ad al Sabbounoura (Damasco) hanno ucciso una persona, e ferito 3.

Questi sei attentati succedono il giorno dopo che Israele ha lanciato tre missili contro siti militari governativi siriani. I media israeliani riportano la violazione della sovranità siriana come “rappresaglia” per un atterraggio di mortaio in Israele cioè nel Golan Siriano  occupato. Israele ha bombardato l’esercito siriano più di una dozzina di volte a partire dal 2011. Non è un segreto che Israele è spesso giunto al salvataggio dei terroristi delle fazioni di al Qaeda contro la Siria.

Netanyahu visits al Qaeda terrorists getting free wound care in IDF units in the Occupied Golan
Netanyahu visita terroristi di al Qaeda che ottengono anche assistenza gratuita per i feriti

Nel suo video dalla Siria, Afraa Dagher rileva che il nuovo picco di terrore è legato alle recenti e significative conquiste effettuate dall’esercito Syrian Arab Army (impegnato a liberare tutta la Siria dai terroristi).

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  1. David Upton

    There are a couple of burning questions I’ve always been curious about in relation to the mess that is Syria. First are the JAN and FSA, who appear to be enemies of the Syrian regime, at times enemies with each other?
    Secondly, after following the the misery associated with the Refugee exodus out of Syria – I’ve never heard a reporter ask any refugees who they support in Syria. I mean are these refugees who vastly populate parts of Europe now, especially Germany must have some allegiances relating to their country. Are these mostly Sunnis who reject Assad and are therefore welcome in Germany or do the Shiite and Alawite sects get separated and sent to countries/camps friendly to them?
    It seems to me that with the way the sides are becoming so hostile toward each other in Syria, that emotion of hate may affect the refugees as well and produce skirmishes. Or do these displaced people unite in the face of shared destitution setting aside their religious or political differences?
    Can someone please explain to me the above curiosities which plague my mind and perhaps others too who have not had these issues clarified and may adopt a new perspective about the very perplexing situation in Syria.

  2. Marlene

    To learn the opinions of Syrian refugees, you need to demonstrate your concerns for their reality and find out by yourself their history and how they feel. This blog is providing information on the reality of the people of Syria, by a journalist who is currently living in Syria.

  3. miri

    Please excuse the delay of my response; I did not receive notification of your comments.

    First of all, David, the word “regime” has been affixed to the *government* of the Syrian Arab Republic, as part of the demonization propaganda campaign which the western colonialist powers launch prior to their bombing campaigns.

    Though the terrorist FSA was the original gang of savages, it self-procreated as more than 370,000,000 foreign takfiri — “human garbage” — have been dumped into Syria, since 2011. Jabhat al Nusra is one of its offspring, among something like 200 others. Most of the time, all of the terrorists engage in various destructive activities against the SAR. Acts of their savagery include, but are not limited to, beheadings, blowing up schools and school buses, grilling the heads of murdered Syrian soldiers, throwing mailmen from rooftops, baking people in ovens, kidnapping senior citizens, rape. Occasionally these savages engage in fratricidal fights, but most of the time their joint focus is to destroy the country, and to balkanize it, on behalf of the west, which funds, arms, and facilitates their transportation.

    The myth of the Syrian external refugee was created as an attempt to strategically depopulate the country. According to the UN, less than 20% of the world’s refugees are Syrians. Most Syrian refugees (more than 8 million) are Internally Displaced Persons, forced to flee their homes, escaping to safer places in their country.

    Some of those claiming refugee/asylum status have been shown to be foreign terrorists. Italian national, Haisam Saqar, was Italy’s courted “opposition specialist.” In 2012, he left Italy, and was next seen in a NYT article, as one of the FSA members executing Syrian soldiers, in Idlib. Early this year, Saqar was arrested in Sweden, where he had sought “asylum” status. The “refugee” who was given international fame upon being kicked by an Hungarian journalist, was also outed as a terrorist. Similarly, the dad of the drowned baby whose corpse was shamelessly used as an *emoticon,* was not fleeing Syria, but fleeing Turkey, where he had been living for three years. He also happened to be the captain of the over-crowded boat that capsized; *he* was the human trafficker.

    There is no way to ascertain how many refugees are actual refugees, and how many are terrorists who aren’t even Syrian. Keep your eyes on the photographs in articles about “Syrian refugees” and notice how many are men, and how many are men with children and without wives and mothers of these children (though it is known that many Syrian children have been *kidnapped* to be used as props when seeking refugee/asylum status, information about this particular type of atrocity has not been released by the Syrian government.).

    Syria is a country of minorities. In Syria, there are only *Syrians.* Sectarianism is another propaganda tool of the west.

    Let me recommend three of our reports, to help you understand the Syrian crisis, and to further answer your questions:

    The Final Battle of Armageddon massively documents the most horrific international conspiracy against one country, in the history of humanity.

    Persuading the Multitude: The Myth of the Syrian Refugee

    Precise Language: The Separatists Are Ziokurds

  4. Miri Wood

    Marlene, this website originally had only Syrian contributors, but has since acquired writers who are neither Syrian, nor living in Syria. I am a US American, who speaks to Syrians in their country, on a daily basis.

    Thank you for commenting.


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