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NATO Moderates: Massacre, Syrian Soldiers Beheaded

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Western media is too busy drying its tears for the Daraya terrorists to report on the new moderate massacre by the moderate opposition.  The moderate FSA joined with another moderate gang called Jund al Aqsa to massacre 90 civilians in Hama countryside.  After kidnapping two Syrian Arab Army soldiers, they beheaded them and shared their video with the world.

by Afraa Dagher


Syrian soldiers brutally murdered for defending their country
Syrian soldiers brutally murdered for defending their country

Jund al Aqsa means “al Aqsa soldiers,” however this country is Syria, not Occupied Palestine.  We Syrians refuse such hideous crimes to be committed against even our enemy.  Such crimes should bring the world’s attention to stop supporting these cannibals and bring them to The Hague court — along with those who back and sponsor them. Instead, the double standards of terrorism hypocrisy is permitted to continue; what was a black day for Brussels is five years of “Arab Spring” for us Syrians.

Cannibal romanticized as 'allegory of war'
Cannibal romanticized as ‘allegory of war’*

These terrorists insult Islam by claiming they are committing their crimes in the name of Islam, and Sharia.  They slaughtered civilians and soldiers and also the head of the village in Hama.  Their victims were Muslims.

Their actions are therefore not about being Muslim.  Their atrocities are against our choice to support our country and to stand with our government.  The Syrian government is secular, as is our President Dr. Bashar al Assad.

The religion is for God; the country is for all.

These takfiri try to legitimize the the crimes against their victims by insulting Islam.  In the recent video the takfiri says to his victim before slaughtering him, “by the name of God and the Islamic Sharia I slaughter you for your stands with non-Muslims,” referring to our secular government (a genocidal irony:  These “moderates” receive weapons and funding from the US, France, and UK).

Heinous beheadings, slaughtering of human beings like sheep, we see almost daily punishment in Saudi Arabia, the terrorist monarchy that has that has been the main culprit in supporting these gangs against my country.  Saudi Arabia uses “sharia” to chop off people’s hands, and their heads.  Saudi Arabia freed more than 1,200 criminals awaiting for their own beheadings, and sent them into my country, and murder my people.

Cologne:  Sexual, and Principle, Assaults
Cologne:  Sexual, and Principle, Assaults
Cologne:  Sexual, and Principle, Assaults

Saudi Arabia is the best friend of the west.  It also commits crimes against the Yemeni people, and the west again shows shameful silence.

If you in the west had your soldiers murdered in your own countries while they are defending you, would you imagine the rest of the world calling such terrorists “moderates” normal?  Then why do you accept such savagery committed against us, with your taxes?

Do you not see that your terrorists with such a mentality are a real danger to all of the world?  Their masters can use them against any society they wish to destabilize.

For Syrians, we do not accept this, nor the suicide bombing terrorism.   Such acts are not human, even in war.

We face our enemy and fight in an honest, not a savage, way.

Why do you refuse to see this?

Every person has two homelands…His own, and Syria — Andre Parrot, Former Director, Louvre

* Abu Sakkar/Khalid al Haimed was wooed by western MSM.  British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was thrilled to give a human mask to this demon.

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