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Syria: Cannibal “Abu Sakkar” Threatens to Commit More Worse Crimes

Cannibalism Syria Abu Sakkar / Khalid al Hamad

Many people who are following the conflict in Syria and the reports about the situation in the Arab nation since a while will probably remember the video and pictures of Abu Sakkar, a founder of the Farouq Brigade, which is a group of very militant religious fanatics, carrying out horrible crimes within Syria.

The footage of Abu Sakkar was published online on May 12 and showed the militant fighter with a knife in his hand and slicing parts of the torso of a dead Syrian soldier. Afterwards, Abu Sakkar turned to the camera and put the organ of the dead soldiers in his mouth.

As stated, many certainly will remember the picture and probably the footage of this person from May 12. It is so far not known whether Abu Sakkar (Khalid al Hamad) ate a part of the organ or just licked at this internal part of the dead Syrian soldiers. The “cannibal” himself says, of course, that he only licked at it.

BBC conducted an interview with this militant person and, as already stated in this article, Abu Sakkar has threatened to commit more horrible crimes and murders in Syria in this interview with BBC and it seems that BBC has no real problems with such threats of a known “cannibal” and religious fanatic.

Abu Sakkar said that his gang of murderers and jihadists “will do worse than this (his act in May)” if they do not receive the help of the West and more weapons. In addition, Abu Sakkar wants a no-fly zone in Syria implemented by foreign powers. Khalid al Hamad, known by his nom de guerre Abu Sakkar, showed his true colours in the interview with BBC and stated that he “did not want to do this but that he was forced” – forced by whom? He seemed to have even fun in the footage from May 12.

Abu Sakkar / Khalid al Hamad reportedly believed that he was eating the liver of the dead Syrian soldier at the time of the recording of this horrible footage from May, which was put down by YouTube later.

Cannibalism Syria Abu Sakkar / Khalid al Hamad
Cannibalism Syria Abu Sakkar / Khalid al Hamad

But another person who saw the video said that the organ was actually a lung. It is probably a bad sign to read about such threats of this person who seems to have no problem with his “acts”. This could probably mean that more of these horrible things have already happened and were carried out by him and his militant followers and fighters in Syria – just without footage that was leaked online.

Many people, as well as the staff of PressTV, are convinced, that the video with Abu Sakkar / Khalid al Hamad is one of the most horrible videos since the beginning of the conflict and proxy war in Syria.

There is some more background information in the latest report about the questionable interview and acts of the “cannibal” Abu Sakkar / Khalid al Hamad by PressTV. It seems, the BBC staff or some authorities outside Syria have no problems with people who have committed such crimes and even threat to do more worse crimes and inhuman acts in future, while knowing that these people are the same jihadists and fanatics who would not hesitate to attack an European country or to carry out acts of terrorism in Britain, France or Germany. What a world..

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  1. Sweetpotatoathi

    I ,myself, could not bring myself to watch the video. I agree that the fact he ate the man’s organ, is messed up. What I do not agree with though, is how you made the rebels seem like some religion-crazy-jihadist Alqaeda members or something. Nobody could ever know what these people have been through. What they’ve seen. What they’ve experienced. War does terrible things to us humans. War damages us. “Those to whom evil is done, do evil in return.”
    These people are being continuously bombarded by the regime they so trusted. That same regime is being helped by Russia, China and Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon.Who’s helping the rebels? Nobody. You expect them to wait there for the help that was supposedly promised to them, like sitting ducks? It is really sad that we, us humans, are just sitting back and having all these unbelievably useless meetings which don’t even produce any type of solution. ..other than coming up with another date for another useless meeting. Where is our compassion for our fellow humans? Are we really so blind towards all of this suffering? We sit back judging them for what they have done, instead of actually comprehending what has been done to them. Sitting here and letting this terror go one for 2 years. We, as a race, are doomed.

    • M. Klostermayr

      I agree that we are doomed, so or so, thats certainly true.. however, you read too much propaganda by Western media or Gulf State papers and channels. These are not rebels and they are not secular humans and never have been. They are partly radical jihadists, uneducated human ressources sent to Syria from Arab jail houses and a lot are even not Syrian so they cannot be Syrian rebels, can they? In addition, there are so many reasons and evidence why the Western propaganda is false.. that it would need too much time to write down everything. Of course, everybody can have its opinion, no question. However, listen to both sides and read both sides, then compare and think about both presentations. Just as we always should do it.. in the middle, there is often the real truth. :)

      • Sweetpotatoathi

        You do somehow have a point. I do disagree with you in other points though.The real pproblem is with our leaders. I wouldn’t want to argue with you right now, ’cause I know there is really no point to it. We could argue all day and we still wouldn’t come up with an agreement. Even if we did, we wouldn’t be able to change a thing. Would we? I do respect your opinion though, the same way you respected mine. If only we had love and compassion for each other, terrible things wouldn’t have been done.If only all the leaders of the world were like Nelson Mandela. :)


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