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Syria – Damascus Countryside: Army Made Gains in Hujaira

SAA image

Several units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have made gains in the battles against the foreign-supported militants and religious fanatics in the region of Hujaira, which is near the Syrian capital Damascus.

According to Syrian media reports, the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) conducted further mop-up operations in the countryside of Damascus and were successful in their recent battles against the foreign-backed gunmen and militants in the several areas of the Damascus countryside.

In addition, the battles in the Western area of the city of Homs are continued and the urban warfare seems to be very intense in recent days. At least, the good news about the battles in and around Homs is that the Syrian army units are making progress and the religious fanatics and al-Qaeda thugs have no real chances anymore to stay in the occupied areas any longer.

Although the so-called “Syrian opposition” wants to help the terrorists and murderers in Homs soon, while it is said that the external staged opposition already has a plan to support their militants on ground in Syria, it seems actually impossible for the external powers to further support the religious radicals and terrorists in the Syrian city of Homs.

The most acts by this so-called opposition are nothing else than propaganda shows for the brainwashed masses around the globe and also happen to serve the orders of their masters in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Europe and the United States. Not to mention Israel.

It is still quite funny (if it would not be so sad) that these foreign states are working hand in hand with the jihadists, al-Qaeda and other militants and uneducated thugs to implement a proxy regime in Syria and to overthrow the current President Bashar al-Assad and the government in Damascus. Of course, all this happens due to economic reasons – it is all about money, isn`t it? Oil, gas and pipelines.

While parts of Saudi Arabia are still occupied by Israeli forces, there are still Arabs around, and it’s probably even the majority of Arabs, who trust the Saudi royal family and believe in their stances against the Zionist powers?

Of course, due to the events in Egypt, it is to hope that more Egyptian people wake up and see through the propaganda lies of their media and all the other media agencies from the Gulf States. Same applies for Tunisia, Libya and other African and Arab states.

Syrian Arab Army
Syrian Arab Army

Beside the battles in the area of Hujaira and other areas, all located in the Damascus countryside, there were further battles between the Syrian army and the foreign-backed terrorists today. Some battles took place in the countryside of Lattakia (Latakia) and near Hama.

Of course, the battles in and around the strategically important city of Aleppo (Halab) continued and it is to hope, that the blockade can be destroyed and that the residents of Aleppo receive water and food again.

The so-called “democratic rebels”, in reality very dangerous militants, religious fanatics and thugs, have imposed a blockade on several main streets to Aleppo and thus, no deliveries to Aleppo (food, medicine) could be carried out after the foreign-backed jihadists and gunmen implemented these blockades around and in parts of Aleppo.

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