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Saudi Arabia is a lackey of Israel

Did you know that Israel occupies a part of Saudi Arabia since 1967? Yes, it’s a pretty well-guarded secret. It is about the islands of Tiran and Sanafir at the strait that connects the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea, between the southern tip of Sinai and Saudi Arabia.

The two islands are located at a strategic important place and were conquered by the Israeli army in the Six Day War. Since then, there are Israeli observation posts on the islands who control the vessel traffic. Saudi Arabia has not yet demanded the withdrawal of the Israeli army from their territory until today. Why?

Why is that? It´s because the royal family of Saudi Arabia are just lackeys of the United States, Britain and Israel.

Actually, there is an agreement, which was agreed in the times of Henry Kissinger under President Nixon with the Saudis, and in this agreement it is stated, for example, that as long as the Saudis sell their oil for the U.S. dollar and also care about this situation within the OPEC, the royal family in Saudi Arabia is held in power.

This may also explain why Saudi Arabia can be the worst and most brutal dictatorship in the world and the West is just silent about it. But the West is not only silent about it, but it also does the biggest business with this criminal regime and supplies them with tons of weapons.

In Saudi Arabia, women are not even allowed to drive a car, but the German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Saudi Arabia and and kisses the feet of the Saudis. The main thing is that they buy tanks and other equipment , which can be used to quell some riots. The majority of the Saudi population is without rights and is treated like dirt.

Whoever has control of these both islands also controls the Gulf of Aqaba and the southern entrance to the Suez Canal. They are just as important as, for example, Gibraltar, the entrance and exit of the Mediterranean for the seafaring.

It remains a mystery why Saudi Arabia leaves these strategically important islands unhindered to Israel, the supposed arch-enemy. However, the hostility is just a show for the gullible world audience.

Riyadh has even given the Israeli air force the overflight rights for a future attack on Iran. Just like that time when Israel bombed Iraq. On 7 June 1981, eight F-16 fighter jets flew over Saudi Arabia to Iraq and bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor located in Osirak. The nuclear reactor was under construction at this time. Although it was a reactor to produce electricity and it was controlled by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Israel has carried out this attack against international law.

There is also a cooperation with the Zionist regime in terms of Syria. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and Israel are jointly supporting the terrorists who are raging in Syria and are guilty for the worst crimes against the civilian population. Some provide weapons and money, Israel bombards the Syrian military installations from the air and drives into the Golan Heights with tanks.

Osirak attack
Osirak attack

Just as the Wahhabi dynasty betrays the Islam by destroying the whole historical buildings from the time of Muhammad in Mecca and Medina and building supermarkets and hotels above them, they are also traitors to their own home country and to the Arab cause, by their amicable cooperation with the Zionists.

What can you expect from nomads who crawled out of tents only 100 years ago and who then were made to a “royal family” by the Britons? Without oil, they are nothing anyway, and their wealth is only stolen from the nature.

Source: alles-schallundrauch

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  1. karin

    i read an article early last winter stating that these islands give isreal a straight shot at firing nukes at US.

    The article hinted at some ‘conspiracy’ as to why they were allowed to have the islands. Nothing was mentioned about the islands having belonged to saudi’s tho, if memory serves me right.

    I’ll try to remember to look for that article again.


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