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SAA Restores Al-Qaboun Industrial Zone in Damascus Countryside

Syrian Arab Army soldier

Following our yesterday’s article on the advances of the Syrian Arab Army in Jobar and Al-Qaboun, the Syrian state media officially stated Al-Qaboun Industrial Zone as a ‘Safe Zone’, meaning SAA troops managed to clean the area from terrorists, tens of mines and IEDs planted and snipers.

This zone adds splits a strategic concentration of ‘Al-Qaeda Wahhabi Sex Cannibal Jihadists’ working under the FSA umbrella into two parts, especially it oversees 6th Tishreen highway, one of the main roads connecting the capital with northern provinces and Damascus northern countryside. It stretches 1.5 kilometers south of Al-Qaboun.

Al-Qaboun Industrial Zone - Damascus Announced Safe by SAA
Al-Qaboun Industrial Zone – Damascus Announced Safe by SAA

In addition to the torture chamber we showed in the video embedded in yesterday’s post, head quarters of terrorist groups, many tunnels one of which fits a car, mortar shells, machine guns, Israeli made LAW missiles and a map showing locations of terrorist snipers and tasks assigned to each group.

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