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Syria: SAA in Jobar & Al-Qaboun And Disturbing Discoveries

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Syrian Arab Army (SAA) determined to cleanse the country from terror disease imposed on it by ‘humanitarian’ western powers, moves on in their task to eliminate the filth of the world’s filthiest filth airlifted from all sides of the world to spread ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom of speech’ in Syria with abundant amounts of money and resources that would have been more than enough to rescue entire countries like Greece & Italy from their miserable credit crises, but killing innocent people is more worth than helping others, remember ‘The price is worth it‘?

Units of SAA finished phase one of liberating Jobar, the suburb where terrorists were gathering before launching their numerous attacks against the Syrian capital Damascus from the east due to proximity to one of the Abbasid very important roundabout and entrance of the city.

The following report by Al-Alam TV filmed from inside Jobar, the crew embedded with the SAA and their station was just taken off satellite air by ‘freedom of speech’ lovers in the US and the EU:

North to Jobar and inside the northern extension of Damascus connecting Barzeh & the main highway linking the Syrian capital with the entire north of Syria is Al-Qaboun neighborhood.

SAA during its military operations in the area made very disturbing discoveries in what is called a ‘Sharia Court’, a literally torture chamber where interrogations, trial and sentences are carried out. Bodies of 12 civilians were found and passages and tunnels dug through buildings and underground.

The future that was planned to Syria had the Syrian president fled the country and the army dismantled as the planners of this chapter of the ‘Arab Spring’ were hoping.

Jobar & Qaboun near Damascus
Jobar & Qaboun near Damascus

The following report by ANNA News translated to Arabic and then to English tours in the location and in the ‘Sharia Court’ of Nusra Front. Before watching, it’s worth reminding you that the western officials, their allies & regional stooges along with their propaganda machines like to distinguish between Nusra Front and the Free Syrian Army or FSA, but in fact, Nusra Front is the leading part of the terrorists working under the FSA which serves as the umbrella where all these Wahhabi Sex Cannibal Jihadists operate under, get financed and armed. US taxpayers alone contributed to these groups with more than $520 million in cash as US officials ‘bragged’ more than once.

Maybe now you understand why about 1.5 million Syrians chose to take refuge outside the country, around 4 million were displaced inside the country out of the 19 million left who decided to stay and defend their existence, their families and loved ones, their country, their heritage and their culture.

Frenimies of Syria: Enemies disguising as Friends
Frenimies of Syria: Enemies disguising as Friends

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  1. miri

    It’s like the entire world’s criminally insane have all been dumped into Syria. There is no end to their depravity.

  2. Blowback Winds!

    The reality is that these foreign mercenaries were lured into a Massive Trap by the US/Zionists hegemony with the help of Muslim Emirs of KSA & Qatar with untold wealth & free sex with unlimited women as long as they are based in Syria, AWAY FROM AFGHANISTAN where the plans of building a pipeline north/south has Always been the real reason for the invasion. If anyone is old enough to remember, in 2001 dec, the only interview on radio given by mullah Omar, he stated categorically that the taliban will Never Allow the building of any pipeline thru Afghanistan. 99% of the world didn’t know what he was talking about. After 12 years of insurgency, the evil empire plotted to dry the resistance away from the Real battlefields into the killing fields of Syria knowing the SAA to be Very Brave but could be shaken to the core with multiple plots- Both scenarios is to the advantage of zionists in israhell:- If the SAA defeat & kill most of these sex-jihadists, it’ll be peace & bravo for the US troops elsewhere. And if they achieve the chaos, as planned, Syria will be removed from the resistance front,, hence Peaceful Stay for the occupiers of Palestine. What a foolish plan.. Only death is guaranteed to these killers by the SAA And insurgencies hasn’t receded in Afghanistan as the taliban are able to replenish with multiple births of children:-)))


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