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egypt tanks outside palest protests fridays prayers

Egypt - It could be so beautiful..

While the Egyptian Army has deployed several tanks outside the presidential palace in the Egyptian capital Cairo in front of upcoming demonstrations in support of the ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, the membership of Egypt in the African Union was suspended finally – due to the successful actions and the performing of the Egyptian military to overthrow the so-called president Mohamed Morsi.

According to reports, a senior official from the African Union (AU) has already stated that the African Union has suspended Egypt membership after the Egyptian army overthrew ousted president, Mohamed Morsi. This step by the African Union (AU) is no surprise although it is to put into question.

In contrast to several Western media reports, the former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi never was responsible and also never was equate with democracy within Egypt and the overthrow of this Islamist president by the Egyptian military is no act against the implementation of democracy in Egypt, to be honest. The overthrow of Mohamed Morsi was about time, although it is questionable whether this step will bring Egypt a brighter future without the machinations and influence of Western powers.

The deployment of the tanks and armoured vehicles by the Egyptian military came after the gathering of thousands of Islamist supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in the area of Nasr city in Cairo. Of course, these religious fanatics gathered there in protest against the overthrow of “president” Mohamed Morsi and his so-called government in Egypt. The angry crowd chanted against the intervention of the Egyptian military and demanded the reinstatement of the ousted Muslim Brotherhood president.

As stated, a president who is also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood will never be equate with democracy or complete human rights of the people. Not to mention topics as education and economy or even a hopefully better future of Egypt and its people.

The gathering of an angry mob of members of the Muslim Brotherhood is no second “Arab Spring” within Egypt. It is just what it is – the gathering of poor educated people who are brainwashed by many sides since years and believe more in religion (probably even in a radical implementation of it) than in knowledge.

Of course, the situation in Cairo and Egypt is not the best and there will be more protests and probably clashes, but this also depends on the upcoming acts of the Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood. In addition to the steps taken by foreign powers as Washington, Israel and Europe.

According to Egyptian state media, arrest warrants were issued for a total number of 300 officials of the Muslim Brotherhood and this is, although it sounds very harsh, probably not the worst step for Egypt as country. Of course, many will not and do not want to understand this, but that`s life.

Egypt - It could be so beautiful..
Egypt – It could be so beautiful..

The calls by the Muslim Brotherhood on its partly radical supports in order to hold nationwide gatherings and protests after the prayers today in the country are further threatening the poor security in Egypt. In addition, the rest of officials of the Muslim Brotherhood are not interested in the upcoming political process in the country and already stated that they will boycott any upcoming political progress / process.

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