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GRAPHIC: Syrian ‘Rebel’ Practices Cannibalism – Video

Cannibalism Syria Abu Sakkar / Khalid al Hamad

A Syrian rebel opens the chest of his victim, takes out the heart and the liver and eats from them while threatening to do the same to all Bashar’s men. His men and fellow terrorists chant “Allah Akbar”.

The cannibal was identified by some activists as Khaled AlHamad one of AlFarouq Battalion leaders, known as “Abu Saqqar”. He is mainly active in Homs, famous for kidnapping bus passengers, releasing some of them later for hefty sums.

Watch and learn what the world leaders are calling a revolution, and who the media is glorifying under the name of rebels.

This was not the first incident of cannibalism by the glorified Syrian rebels, won’t be the last (FSA Decapitate then Grill Their Victims).

FSA are proud over those achievement, they’re widely publicized over their websites, FB pages and on their youtube channels, the Arabic ones that is. Meanwhile most of the foreign correspondents and MSM try to ignore these atrocities, classify it as individual events.

They try to tell us, that some, not all “rebel” groups are Islamists, like AlFarouq Battalion or AlNusra Front, both famous for inhumane atrocities. Even though all the “freed lands” are turned into Islamic Emirates and placed under a Caliphate reign.

This table is of Raqqa’s new government, and right on top we have a Caliphate and Qaeda’s flags, lucky us.

Even with Libya’s downright fall as a land of the free, still the western powers are more inclined to turn Syria into a Qaeda land, endangering world peace and their own people in the process, than declare defeat and let us Syrians be.

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