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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Commits Suicide


At the age of 59 and after 19 years in politics, the Muslim Brotherhood  Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Commits Suicide, politically. He ended his political life by shooting his feet excessively until he succumbed to his wounds. The Islamic world would remember the Caliph wannabe for his play act at The World Economic Forum in 2009 in front of his close friend the Israeli president Shimon Peres when he felt disappointed after opening Turkey’s doors widely to him and his Zionist state, Erdoğan invited Peres to address the Turkish parliament in 2007, an opportunity the Turkish juntas before Erdoğan never accepted.

The Muslim Brotherhood organization ties with the Zionism movement are no secrets, both share the same ideology of extremism, built on hate speech and sponsored by the same western powers. Replacing the current sovereign states in the region with only 2 was the old renewed goal of the international coalition of evil, led by the British empire with local tools, one would be the ‘Jewish’ state Israel under the leadership of Zionists, and the other would be a Wahhabi Caliphate under the, well they didn’t decide yet as there are 3 contenders: Turkish Erdoğan, any Saudi monarch survivor or the Emperor of Qatar Hamad. While the ‘Jewish’ state of Israel will be a single coherent ‘pure’ of non-Jewish people one central government state, the other Wahhabi caliphate would be enclaves of small emirates, sheikhdoms and fiefdoms separated with hate, based on sectarian lines. Each one of these three is working hard to prove to his enablers in the west he’s more worthy of the throne in a repetition to a similar situation when the Arabian Sherif Hussein of Hijaz was competing with Al Saud from Najd, the Arabian desert, to serve the British bigger Sykes–Picot Agreement to divide the Arab world in the Levant. Al Saud won for being more brutal.

A rare shot of Turkish prime minister.
A rare shot of Turkish prime minister.

Turkey, a member of NATO and under the duo Erdoğan & Abdullah Gül tried their best to enter the EU and failed because Turkey is seen as a Muslim country by the ‘secular’ European countries. When totally failed and in order to help the Turkish people boost their potentials and gain them to where they belong, the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad opened the East gates to the Turks, leading to a huge presence of Turkish firms throughout the region, boosting Turkish economy and befriending the people where they belong. The Muslim Brotherhood government in Turkey led by the same duo rewarded the Syrian president and the Syrian people by getting deeply involved with the major plan to establish the Wahhabi Caliphate and the Jewish state on the account of all the people who helped them, including their own. Turkey hosted, trained, financed, armed, sponsored and smuggled into Syria thousands of Alqaeda terrorists labeled ‘Free Syrian Army’ to conceal their real identity, the identity exposed by the UN envoy 2 years after the crisis started in Syria when he said: 40,000 foreign fighters are fighting the Syrian state. We believe there were more than 125,000 foreign fighters and thousands were killed already by the Syrian Arab Army.

It’s worth noting that the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood government led by the duo Erdoğan – Gül tried to pressure the Syrian president at the very start of the Syrian crisis to form a new government in Syria where it would be led by a majority of banned Syrian Muslim Brotherhood members in exchange to stop the crisis, they dispatched the Turkish minister of foreign affairs Mr. Zero Problems aka Davutoğlu to get a Syrian response and that was at a time mainstream media was claiming that the central Syrian city Hama has come out of the Syrian state control. Of course the reply from the Syrians was ‘get lost’ or something worse as some officials put it in private talks, taking note the already involvement of the Turkish intelligence in facilitating an attack against a Syrian security post by hundreds of terrorists killing 82 Syrian security and policemen in the infamous Jisr Shoghour massacre. Then hell gates were opened against Syria from the Turkish side. After opening hell gates a large number of Turkish army, navy, air force, intelligence and chiefs of staffs resigned in large numbers protesting the involvement of their country in a Zionist plan and entering a useless criminal war against neighboring Syria.

Few days ago witnessed clashes between members of the Jihadist terrorists in the same Reyhanieh town with local residents and tensions escalated when members of the FSA burned Turkish flags in a show of ‘who controls the land’. The same city voted 68% in favor of the Erdoğan AKP party in the last elections before having their town turned into a base for these Mujahideen in their holy war against the ‘Kuffar’, the infidels. Economic and social tensions also increased as families of the Jihadists opened shops in the town selling stolen goods from Aleppo at very low prices.

Yesterday, May 11, 2013 the city of Reyhanieh was the scene of bombings of at least 2 cars killing at least 43 and wounding over 100, of course we cannot get further and reliable information as the Turkish government has enforced a total media blackout on the events where ironically for over 2 years it was criticizing the Syrian state for not opening up sensitive locations for western media..! Using this media blackout the Turkish state is able, or think it’s able, to market its version of the events which was immediately conveyed by a swift accusation against the Syrian state involvement in the events, though Erdoğan tried to add an option that it might be people opposing the recent peace deal between PKK and Turkish government in addition to accusing the Syrian state.. Fast accusations have become a trend throughout the Syrian crisis, but seems the people on the ground who know better than the Caliph wannabe and expressed a different point of view accusing Erdoğan and his government for the bombings. Excuse the nasty language but what do you expect from people victims of continuous terror by a NATO member state:

In the same context, this report by Al-Jazeera, the Qatari ministry of foreign affairs mouthpiece was significant to show what Turks really want and who they support, such reports made the Turkish PM Erdoğan edgy and imbalanced seeing his personal foe more popular than him despite billions of dollars spent on a systematic international media campaign to demonize the latter:

Obviously, the Turkish PM has lost politically all what he has gained by the open borders Syria has provided him after he faced shut doors to Europe. He’s now losing on the streets and unless NATO jumps to his rescue, he has no more political future, he killed his own political future and that of his party and that of the entire anti-Islamic ‘Islamist Spring’ duped Arab Spring. Committing such suicide proves not only to be short-sighted, disconnected and easily manipulated but also a criminal.

Arab 'Spring' Found
Arab ‘Spring’ Found

NATO, the evil organization based in Brussels and responsible for tens of atrocities worldwide and millions of victims, stated it’s waiting for an official Turkish information regarding the bombings, a diplomat in Brussels put it, hinting to an option of further NATO intervention in the Syrian conflict. Meanwhile Turkish officials are busy trying to give a sectarian dimension to the bombings in case NATO only shows solidarity as usual and rejects to have troops invading Syria, remember the biggest goal of sectarian based enclaves?

We can’t ignore the link between these bombings, the Israeli raid against chicken hens and a weapons depot near Damascus last week and the mass defeats their Alqaeda Nusra Front Jihadists are facing all over Syria at the hands of SAA, AlQussayr battle is one major battle, and the total collapse at Khirbet Ghazaleh in the south is another, in addition to other gains throughout the country.

Syrian official response to Turkish accusations in regards with the Reyhaniyeh bombing was by the Syrian minister of information Mr. Omran Zo’bi who reminded Turkey of its role in turning border areas into centers for international terrorism. In other words: you reap what you sow. Mr. Zo’bi’s comments were during a press conference in Damascus today Sunday 12 May 2013.

Reyhanli old woman cries at the site of explosions
Reyhanli old woman cries at the site of explosions

I personally call on the Turkish government if it really seeks to find who was behind these bombings to call on the UNSC to condemn these bombings, and hopefully the USA will not ban such condemnation as it usually does with similar bombings in Syria, and ask for an international investigation committee with unlimited authority. Anything less than this would prove the Turkish government involvement in this and hundreds of other terror acts.

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  1. miri

    Thank you for another riveting piece, Arabi Souri. I did not know that Erdogan asked that other slithering snake, Perez ("always the president, never the prime minister") to speak in Turkey. I also didn't know that this slime mold (Edrogan) wanted to be part of the EU. Has he not a *map*? Well, let's not let him near Berlusconi's [map]; I think he was the one who said it was his dying wish to have Israel a member state of the EU (ok, the "dying wish" part was *my* wish. Sorry for projecting.). Any idea why the sociopaths started their destruction in the Turkish occupied section of Syria, instead of, say, Edrogan's home, or the Parliament? Might it have been simply to terrorize the people who live there, as they would invade Syria proper in search of the 72 elusive mermaids?

    As for this marvelous photo of Erdogan with those massive horns. I was asked by a friend of Mephistopheles to tell everyone that he is too subtle and too classy to provide any of his minions with such ostentation, and that these are the horns of a cuckold , horns that grow based on numbers of infidelities.

    • Arabi Souri

      The day: Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2007 will stain Turkey forever when the first Israeli mass murderer spoke before legislature of a Muslim country.

      The previous juntas ruling Turkey were always demonized for lack of 'democracy' and 'free speech' in the country, but they would never accept such a humiliation to their country, and note how Erdogan and his Muslim Brotherhood party the AKP's image was polished after this in mainstream media becoming the example of 'democracy' and 'free speech' where in reality they're the worst sectarian fanatic radical party to ever exist. The country had bad economics and suddenly when the MB's reached power, money poured in from nowhere then Syria's Assad opened the East gates to them trying to remind them where they really belong. As for 'free speech', Turkey under the Muslim Brotherhood ruling have more political journalists inside prisons than those outside, enough said.

      They consider having the foothold in Europe, part of Istanbul, as being Europeans and they did change their Alphabet to Latin from Arabic based, they write left to write now after thousands of years from right to left..


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