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SAA Super Victory in Khirbet Ghazaleh, Daraa

Kherbet Ghazaleh

The decision was taken, enough is enough and terrorists will not get the usual corridor for a second chance thinking they used to get in all previous confrontations any more, it’s either surrender or die.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad issued 6 presidential amnesties within the past 2 years covering all sorts of anti-state acts to the dismay of many Syrians, yet, there are those determined to oust his rule and destroy Syria at any cost to serve the enemies of humanity worldwide. Khirbet Ghazaleh is where the Syrian Arab Army proved its superiority, and its determination to cleanse the country from the lesion of Wahhabi terror.

Kherbet Ghazaleh
Strategic town Kherbet Ghazaelh cleansed by SAA from terrorists

Media reports in the past few months confirmed US training about 2,000 Alqaeda terrorists in special training camps in nearby Jordan in addition to the Le Figaro’s article of Jordan granting 2 corridors for Israeli fighter jets to attack Syrian targets within Syria, President Assad in a previous interview with Syrian Ikhbariya News TV mentioned the Syrian leadership dispatched one top diplomat then one top security official to Amman, Jordan to ask the Jordanian officials about information obtained in this regards and Jordanian officials weren’t frank as it seems.

Last month a large number of terrorists were smuggled into Syria by Jordanian security officials and a large number of those were killed, some reports put the numbers of those smuggled into Syria around 1,600 terrorists, similar to the numbers reported killed by SAA troops around the same time.

Another group of terrorists coming from Jordan and others from sleeping cells Daraa in the south of Syria mainly stationed in the town of Khirbet Ghazaleh near the Damascus – Amman international highway threatening civilians using the road and cutting it off at many occasions.

Yesterday, the Qatari mouthpiece Al Jazeera channel reported that terrorist groups in the town managed to kill scores of SAA units attacking the town taking advantage of the total internet blackout and trying to confuse the public, an old trick that didn’t work as Syrians abroad vowed to relay news they get from within the country via their relatives and friends got the news right, and later this following video appeared online:

Locals confirmed that the terrorists losses were in hundreds, some said around 650 terrorists were killed, we couldn’t until this minute get a confirmation from the SAA and don’t think the army that works professionally, decisively and silently would pass the exact information the media is hungry for until the entire crisis is over, leaving us depending on local sources and activists close to security and army officials.

However, the number 650 killed is not a large number comparing with the media craze created by the terrorist propagandists themselves around the fortified stronghold they had in this strategical town.

SAA Removes FSA
SAA Removing Al Qaeda FSA
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