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SAA Controls Entire Aleppo’s Southern Countryside

Aleppo Souk - Once beautiful and peaceful.

News stations are reporting at this moment breaking news that so called Abu Muhammad Jolani was injured in Damascus countryside by an SAA targeting, he’s allegedly the head of al-Nusra Front, the terrorist group that Obama’s regime listed on his list of best receiver of ‘non-lethal’ aid amounting to $510 million of US taxpayers’ dollars, covertly of course and through stooges in Turkey. How did news stations know that Jolani was injured? Nobody knows, they usually quote each other until the news is either confirmed materially or subconsciously! The news come at the same time a better news arrived from Aleppo southern countryside being cleansed from all groups working under the FSA umbrella.

Hussein Murtada, the famous Al-Alam TV reporter accompanied the Syrian Arab Army units which raided the town of Tal Assafir and the Military Housing Foundation factories, leading the way to the SAA’s full control of  the entire southern countryside reaching Aleppo city. Details in the following report with English subtitles:

Syrian Arab Army is moving fast throughout the country to end the 2 years wave of terror that caused the killing of at least 70,000 human beings per UN reports in an unprecedented international coalition of aggressors against a single sovereign country. We reported Khirbet Ghazaleh’s Al-Qaeda’s huge loss in the south of the country, and news are very encouraging in Qussayr countryside bordering Lebanon after first units of SAA managed to carry out surgical operations inside the city the SAA besieged totally.

Syrian Arab Army Badge
Syrian Arab Army Badge

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