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Al-Nusra Front Terrorists Falling in SAA Ambushes – Qussayr

SAA Removes FSA

Want to know why US Secretary of State John Kerry suddenly became interested in solving the Syrian crisis based on Geneva’s accord taking him to Russia to visit Putin and didn’t complain when he was kept 3 hours waiting?

Simply, the Israeli foolish air raid against Damascus backfired with Syria not retaliating immediately instead of opening the Golan front for popular resistance, exchanging the non-response with top weapons the Russians were hesitating to give earlier and still preserving the right to retaliate which never gets announced publicly but always carried out effectively.

Adding to that, the collapsing of the terrorists backed by Obama and Cameron regimes on the ground and on almost all fronts at once: Entire Aleppo’s southern countryside all the way to the International Airport is cleansed from al-Nusra terrorists, hundreds of NATO’s finest bad ass terrorists trained in Jordan were wiped out in strategic Khirbet Ghazaleh town in Daraa countryside where they were cutting the Damascus – Amman highway, 3 failed attacks in Idleb countryside one of them the ever failing to capture Abu Dhohor military airport, and this early morning in Qussayr countryside, video report with English subtitles:

Warning Graphic Images:

Now you know why US regime is suddenly interested in a peace accord in Syria and the announcement of a Russian – US agreement was cheered by the stooges all over Europe, what they failed to gain militarily, they try to get in politics and they’ll fail again.

Not only that, there’s a huge price to be paid by those directly involved in arming, financing, training and smuggling terrorists to kill tens of thousands of Syrians and destroy their country, that price will be paid politically, financially and physically by the rats that run between elephants legs. The US is infamous for selling its agents, so you can imagine who they’ll sell in the region in the coming settlement.

Kerry: We tried all methods and failed. Lavrov: I warned your predecessor you'll fail.
Kerry: We tried all immoral methods against Syria and failed.
Lavrov: I warned your crazy predecessor you’ll fail.

Image Source: Reuters

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  1. chris

    NATO and Israel is now trying to save face, they are looking for safe passage out of Syria for their mercenaries, they have lost the war there. Anything less than unconditional surrender of all mercenary forces is a victory for NATO, only the Syrian state and people have a right to pass judgment on these international terrorists.

    The Iraq army got no mercy when leaving Kuwait under agreement with the same terrorists states, Gadaffi got no quarter or safe passage from NATO, nor has there been any elections, or even talk of them in Libya. If these people are given safe passage it is a victory for NATO, has anything been said about payments from NATO for rebuilding Syria ??


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