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Syria: Current Map on the Situation in Homs

Syria - Current Map of Homs

The mass media propaganda agencies from the “Israel-friendly” NATO countries called the Syrian city of Homs the “Center of Resistance” and the “Capital of Revolution” less than two years ago. Almost nothing is left of this.

On the short-message service Twitter, the Zionist and “FSA / Nusra-friend” with the pseudonym “Markito0171” has evidently proudly published some maps about the terrorist-infested areas in Homs.

But for some time, the terrorist-infested areas in the Syrian city of Homs only develop in one direction – regressive.

February 2012:

April 2012:

August 2012:

February 2013:

March 2013:

Since then, he has published no more alleged current maps about the situation in and around Homs. It probably makes no fun anymore to only document new defeats.

The Syrian radio station (state radio) Sham FM has now published a new map of the current situation in in the Syrian city of Homs:

Syria - Current Map of Homs
Syria – Current Map of Homs


That is all what is leftover for the quisling of Israel, NATO and the GCC countries in the Syrian city of Homs.

They have almost nothing anymore in Homs and they are surrounded in a very small area, which is almost divided already in the middle.

The Syrian Arab army has soon the chance to finally restore the public security also in the small remnant of the area in the Syrian city of Homs which is still infested by the NATO/GCC extremists, thugs and jihadists.


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