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short commentary reyhanli


Just a quick comment. The Turkish Minister of the Interior has announced that the attacks (Reyhanli) have somehow something to do with the “Syrian regime and its intelligence agencies“. Thus, they have understood Erdogan’s allusion quickly.

In every crime, its motive is of interest, of course. An attack, that emanates from a state or government, is referred to as sabotage or generally as a diversion. Thus, an action, which was planned wisely and has a specific task, a specific goal.

But it is completely incomprehensible what should have been the role of the Syrian intelligence services by letting some bombs unmotivated go off in Reyhanli.

Unless Syria has decided that the Turks have now been suspiciously quiet long enough and that it is now the time to bring them back into the arena and into the gossiping. If that has been the task, then they have succeeded.


Such a rapid reconnaissance of the attack (in Reyhanli) by the Turkish authorities proves that they have found the appropriate order for the act, personally stamped and signed by Bashar al-Assad, on the place of the attack.

Thus, that the Turkish security service really do not really start to fall into doubts about it. But they won’t do it anyway.

(The last part is pure ironic, of course.)

Source: apxwn

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