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Syria Responds to Israeli Raid

Golan Heights

On May 05, 2013 and based on the usual CIA & Mossad’s non-credible information and analyses, the Zionist entity and its western friends miscalculated and carried out a raid against a chicken hen and a weapons depot near Damascus, the Syrian capital. The raid was to deliver a decisive blow to the Syrian morale and help Al-Qaeda terrorists in their coordinated large scale attacks against Damascus hoping the SAA would fall and the Syrian Government would collapse, another Damascus Saga. In the media addressing their audience, the Israelis and their western sponsors gave the same lame reason of ‘stopping a missile shipments intended to Hizbullah’.

The raid failed in helping the Wahhabi Sex Jihadists from Al-Nusra Front working under the FSA umbrella to achieve any gain on the ground in the coordinated attacks that took place at around 2 am, minutes after the raid, against 19 different army checkpoint surrounding the city in an attempt to take the city.

The Syrian Response

Just like each Syrian and Syria lovers worldwide, I wanted to see an immediate very strong retaliation by the Syrian Arab Army against the Zionist entity of settlers, but that’s not how the Syrian leadership works, they managed to disappoint all the speculators, planners and analysts so far during the past 25 months enabling them withstand an unprecedented war of attrition led and financed by tens of countries against a single nation, and using not the usual troops or honorable fights, rather herds of Alqaeda terrorists trained by CIA’s finest trainers, equipped with NATO’s state of the art weapons and financed with abundant amounts of monies from some Arab ‘Gulfies’. If western strategists put plans from A to Z covering all reactions, the Syrians would use unexpected counter plan AB001! So how did the Syrians respond?

* The Israelis claimed they targeted a shipment of weapons from Syria to Lebanese Hizbullah. If this raid was to prevent shipments of weapons to Hizbullah, then what weapons Syria was refraining from handing over to Hizbullah will not refrain any more and would furnish the Lebanese resistance movement with whatever weapons the Syrian Arab Army has.

Nobody was more excited than Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah, in a televised speech on May 9, 2013, the chief was ‘thrilled’ and ‘ready and capable to receive, store and use the weapons offered by Syrian leadership’. Check the below photo for the widest smile on Sayyed’s face.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Excited About Receiving 'Unique Weapons' from Syria
Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Excited About Receiving ‘Unique Weapons’ from Syria

If you’re interested in seeing the full video with immediate translation click here, after you finish reading the rest of this post.

* Post 1973 October war, the Syrians and Israelis were practically at war and only signed a disengagement treaty. The raid breached the terms of that treaty, yeah I know it’s not the first Israel with a US cover raid against Syria, but it’s the first time Israel admits it. Syrians will not do a tit-for-tat reply and only harm some Israeli infrastructure or target some chicken hens, they went far ahead and opened the Golan Heights front for resistance groups wanting to launch attacks against Israeli targets within the occupied heights, as far as we know so far and could be further within occupied Palestine as well, under the UN commissioned right to resist foreign occupation.

Sanctioning resistance through the Golan Heights is the biggest nightmare for the Zionist entity, no more peace talks. The best part is the will expressed by Hizbullah’s leader in assisting the Syrian resistance with all their experience they gained fighting the Israelis, which means in other words now Israel which was having a nightmare with one Hizbullah will be facing a double Hizbullahs on a very larger frontier. Yet, if that’s not yet frightening, the Syrian leadership decided to turn Syria, the whole country, into a resistance country putting resistance (fighting Israel) at the top priorities for the nation.

The Golan Heights
The Golan Heights

* The raid worked as a wake up slap to many of the misguided in the Arab and Islamic worlds and the Islamist regimes that came with the ‘Arab Spring’ were exposed before their own people. Rearranging the distorted compasses back to Al Quds ‘Jerusalem’, the heart of the Islamic world, the second most holy place for Muslims and drawing back the attention to the Palestinian cause and the Palestinians suffering. If there’s one thing the Israeli raid managed to prove is the strong relation between Israel and Alqaeda especially the elements dominating the Syrian oppositions, which also explains why Alqaeda terrorists never targeted any Israeli target or interest since its commencement.

* Syrian leadership gave instructions to the Syrian Arab Army units to retaliate to any further Israeli aggression directly and without returning to the chain of command. In other words, any future aggression would be dealt with immediately without double thinking and to be more precise: the bank of targets inside the Zionist entity is already set and it takes a field officer to recognize any raid to react with full assault without any warning or precaution. The Israelis wanted to drag Syria into a war at their time, Syria reserved her right to retaliate gave the commanders on the ground the liberty to respond the way they want, and I promise you, hundreds of missiles will be pouring over the Zionist entity and tens of thousands of settlers will have to face the repercussions of their stupid leadership miscalculation.

* One of the reasons for the raid is to release some pressure off Alqaeda FSA terrorists fighting the Syrian Arab Army all over Syria and especially in Al-Qussayr city in Homs countryside. The timing of the raid coincided also with the announcement by the SAA that they completed a ring around the city of Qussayr and there’s no option for the usual corridor they used to give the terrorists for fleeing and reconsider, this time there’s nowhere out: surrender or die. This raised many suspicions of an extremely valuable asset for NATO and their stooges to risk a regional and even a wider war to save them. We were told of about 3,400 terrorists surrendering to the SAA in Qussayr itself and providing invaluable information on who’s inside the city and what to expect making SAA drop leaflets over the city insisting on the options of no negotiations..

* Obama gave Syria, Iran and any other country in the world the right to attack any shipment of weapons they deem as a danger against their national security anywhere on the planet. He did say “Israel has the Right to Defend itself” commenting on the raid..

The raid meant to weaken the Syrian Arab Army, the Syrian state, the Syrians’ morale have actually and totally worked the opposite due to the smart handling of the matter by the Syrians.

Russia, the reluctant ally of Syria trying to play a balanced role in the world vs a mad dog diplomacy and warmongering by the western countries, announced it would provide Syria with advanced weapons to defend Syrian sovereignty against any aggression that are ‘no more a fantasy option’, then retracted its statement then modified it to be limited to previous contracts, but at least the Russians decided to provide weapons to Syria they only confessed they were withholding back to please Israel. That’s a huge step forward, even though stopping an air raid or a missile attack is not that feasible, but it does give Syria the right to retaliate for any new aggression and to keep the floating of weapons, even they’re officially the old ones, to Syria.

John Kerry rushed to Russia calling for a political settlement for the Syrian crisis, the very next day UK’s prime minister David Cameron is at Moscow for the same, the Turks were ‘never against dialogue in Syria’..! All going in the same direction, but would that stop the mad dogs in the west? I don’t bet on that, they’re ‘pragmatic’ to the extent of double-standards, double-face, and evil thinking, and they’re capable of acting evil as well as proven so many times already, and as the news were leaking a news the Prince of Jihad, the former US ambassador to Syria Robert S. Ford paid a visit to a ‘Turkish border cross point meeting operatives’, the very same day at least 2 explosions occur in Syrian Reyhanieh (Reyhanli in Turkish) town in the occupied Iskandaron strip killing scores of civilians and injuring more. This man is bad news wherever he goes terror waves follow, could be a coincidence? Terrorists don’t detonate a number of cars in certain areas and explode them at once, Turkish Muslim Brotherhood government immediately jumped to the conclusion that these bombings were done by the Syrian state or elements related to Syrian intelligence!

The Syrian crisis has set so many new standards in the international relations when any country is allowed now to arm, finance and support oppositions of other countries and sponsor these oppositions to carry out suicide bombings against their own people, the only thing considered as a benefit to the west in this is their foes are not evil as members of NATO and stooges camp are, but still, all options are open. I invite you to read a deLiberation article titled ‘Syrian Aircraft Attack U.S. Naval Station

Anybody can become a president, rare are those who become leaders, rarer are those who can handle their countries during crises, and exceptional are those who win over a coalition of 110 countries.

Syria's president Bashar Al-Assad
Syria’s president Bashar Al-Assad
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  1. miri

    Thank you for another important report on Syria, Arabi Souri. Our society has become one of "immediate gratification," and though it's perverse to imagine bombing someone back as "gratification,' I think pretty much we all wanted some immediate response, not as mere bloodlusting revenge, but to show Israel and their fascist cohorts it may not have impunity, that there *will* be consequences to murderous actions that stomp all over International Law.

    Thank you for pointing out that *we* are *not* the military strategists, and that 'tactics' tend to be short term, where actually strategy can win the war, and your country, this amazing place that is named "Syria," has been under siege for more than two years, with much of the world involved in its destruction, yet being able to remain on its feet.

    Another thing I remain confused about: The very first report on the bombings of pre-dawn May 5, was published by an obscure blog, on April 29th (one day before Dr Jaafari's historic press conference in which he noted that it had been FORTY days since the Syrian government had made the formal request to the UN for a formal investigation into chemical weapons being used against Syrians near Aleppo, on March 19). This obscure news was picked up and cascaded by all kinds of media, with most reports surfacing on May 3 and May 4, before the bombings using DU, that were coordinated with the barbarians mortar attacks, in pre-dawn May 5.

  2. zephyrwhispers

    just one thing I disagree: russians will provide syria with "old contract" weapons. but part of the old deal is the modern s-300PMU2, the second best air defence system in the world (after the s-400). so "old" means from 2005.



  3. Linda H Badr

    soon you'll hear lot of Breaking news, made by the real men of Resistance, btw they are from everywhere, they will fight against the zionists agenda!

    Syria, become now the real land for every free man to come and fight for the Humanity and Dignity!


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