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The Damascus Saga – Israel and Alqaeda Alliance

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Westernerss, some Syrian long time expats, and masses of Arabs blown away emotionally by the ‘Arab Spring’ chapters in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere except Libya, only believed the Syrian crisis was a real ‘spontaneous public uprising‘, while Syrians inside Syria and Syrians abroad knew all along it was one more dumb evil attempt by the US and its allies to install a puppet regime in Damascus using former Syrian corrupt officials turned into oppositions, outlaws and tens of brainwashed simple people in rural areas of the country.

The Syrian state and real Syrian activists, those who do not receive money from the NED (National Endowment for ‘Democracy’), and many smart foreign analysts in addition to Syria’s allies sensed the plot and tried to explain to the rest of the world but to no avail, even the Damascus Saga recurring for the umpteenth time with clear as a day light finds it difficult to Sheeple brains, yet we can’t stop explaining as tens of Syrians are falling each day at the hands of the ‘humanitarian NATO – Saudi – Qatari – Israeli – Alqaeda alliance’.

The night of 5th of May 2013 and just after Syrians were receiving the great news of their SAA troops sweep gains all over the country, the masters of the plot behind the scenes had to intervene directly to try to save what they can save from a plot that cost tens of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives to see another sovereign country collapse under the US & friends hegemony. An Israeli air raid, whether from inside Syrian borders or from within Lebanon, was carried out against a number of targets near the Syrian capital Damascus. Huge explosions with terrifying sounds meant to cause a ‘shock and awe’ effect on the residents of the capital and especially Syrian Arab Army units in and around the city with coordinated attacks against SAA checkpoints and bases by sleeping cells activated for this mission and terrorists remnants from battles they lost around Damascus countryside. The result? A total failure military and strategical wise and one more clear evidence that Israel is the mother and its friends in NATO are the fathers of the ‘Arab Spring’, Syria’s chapter.

Damascus Bombing
Damascus Bombing

The following report by Lebanese Al-Manar TV (banned in most western countries that support free speech) details some of the findings in that night, a night supposed to be horrible on the Syrians and a turning point against them and their government, turned out to be a night horrible on the aggressors and a turning point against them, the report with English subtitles:

The video is also available on BitChute as YouTube is not a reliable unbiased platform. YouTube Deleted our library of hundreds of video reports with English subtitles without any proper justification.

You can add the above report to hundreds of previous evidences provided by those who really love Syria against tens of thousands of fake reports by  NATO’s propaganda machines aka Mainstream Media that are always there to promote NATO as a humanitarian organization spreading love and peace worldwide using charity agencies like the CIA, Mossad, MI6, DGSE and others directly with direct invasions ‘Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya..’ and indirectly using ‘colored revolutions’. Think for once: If Alqaeda Jihadists are fighting Syria because it didn’t fight Israel in their view for 40 years, why they never fought Israel or carried a single operation against it or at least called for Jihad against the Zionist state?!

It’s quite odd that who uses the proverb ‘Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’ are those who’ve been fooled into evil wars by their crazy bloodthirsty warlord leaders for the past many decades and in each time they fall for the same lies by the same ‘elites’ they only elect to power ‘democratically’.

‘They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable’ -Arabi Souri

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  1. miri

    Arabi Souri, this excellent piece surpasses your extremely high standards in journalistic integrity, and I would be thrilled to share it, several times, were it not for the contaminant "The Real Reason…" video as addendum. I was very curious as to who its author was, but was unable to find out, and I was quite disappointed that there was not "about us" hyperlink to the "Storm Clouds Gathering" website.

    The announcer is practically breathless, throughout, acting as though everything he says is breaking news. He starts with the claim that Israel attacked a Syrian convoy on Friday 3 May 2013, but kept quiet about it until the Syrian government released its statement, at which point Israel was "forced" to say that it was preventing a shipment of weapons to Hezbollah (when has Israel ever been "forced" to do anything?).

    Actually, it appears as though the original story on the attacks on Syria, by Israel, was published on 29 April (see for details).

    His claim is that attacks on Syria are just a foot in the door to war against Iran. Surely, these past two nightmare years have nothing to do with Syria not collapsing, nothing to do with Syria being a secular nationalist country. Nope, it's destruction is simply an excuse to steal more oil from Iran (I imagine Hussein and Gaddafi are resting more comfortably knowing this)….BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THAT THE US ET AL FOLLOW INTERNATIONAL LAW WHEN IT COMES TO WARFARE.

    The guy's other "breaking news" is the 'chemical weapons cum red line' thing, and he's got up all these newspaper headlines, with very recent dates showing. I guess he was still in utero on 23 August 2012, when Obomba, Hollande, and Cameron did a musical trio, crooning about Assad and chem weapons and red lines. I seem to remember, also, a story involving some ambulances coming from Saud occupied Arabia, which were carrying some chem weapons that were to be given to the scum terrorists, to blame Assad and the SAA, and then the ambulance was going to bring some folk to Turkey, for treatment, but that scenario got blown because it somehow got leaked.

    But, this nameless guy seems not to have read the papers, last August.

    He bleats about Russia's "warnings" to FUKUS et al. as though this were a really big deal, considering Russia's been alternating doing its bear bleat with writing "objective" RT news stories, including the interview with a fake Syrians army terrorist, on 20 March 2013.

    The speaker also quite absurdly claims that part of this cover story — that Israel bombed to keep weapons from leaving Syria — was blown because of the UN "investigation," which the voice in the video suggests has culminated in del Ponte giving an interview on 6 May 2013 in which she stated some idiocy about the existence of "strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof" that the invading pathogens calling themselves "freedom fighters" used sarin against the Syrian population…which unfortunately has the desperate among us thrilled, despite her words being doubleplusgood newspeak, for which del Ponte probably is going to receive a medal from Brun, for tossing in the word "sarin."

    Meanwhile, nobody seems to remember that Dr Jaafari held that news conference on 30 April, to let the world know that 40 (FORTY) days had passed since the Syrian government submitted a formal request to the UN to investigate the use of chemical weapons on 19 March, a request that was almost immediately countered by the demand of France and Britain* for an authorized fishing expedition into Syria.

    What kind of miracle allowed the UN representative to launch a secret investigation between 30 April and 6 May, which seems to include only "witness testimony," which is impossible, as there would be no witnesses, unless they were emergency responders prepared for a sudden "sarin" attack?

    **The video of the sociopaths killing the rabbits with chemical weapons from Tekkim appear to be using VX. I state this based on the research I have done on chemical weapons, and being a professional nurse specializing in neurology.


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